Kizomba Dance Class

The Angolan partner dance taking the world by storm

Genevieve Rogan

Genevieve Rogan

20+ years experience in dance. Holistic teaching methodology to get anyone dancing freely.

4 x 4 hours 1 to 30 label $80 or 4 payments of $20 Afterpay

Kizomba hails from the streets of Angola. With addictive music and hypnotic movements Kizomba has taken the world by Storm. Teachers Adriano and Genevieve are 2 of Australia's leading Kizomba instructors who specialise in both Kizomba and fusion styles. Kizomba is all about connecting with our partner, sharing a harmonious and creative dance and having FUN !

Everyone is a beginner at some stage so it is never too late to start. Adriano e Genevieve will take you through all the basic movements, get you comfortable dancing with a partner and soon you will no doubt be adicted to this special dance. Think of moving meditation meets an awesome freestyle jam in your home. This is the feeling of Kizomba! Its a hug and a dance at the same time :)

The deal is $80 for 4 sessions. Each week has 2 sessions. 2pm-3pm, and 3pm-4pm :) Come and join us for 2 Saturday sessions and see how you like the class:)

Knowledge Required
What to bring
gentlemen avoid pointy work shoes
wear comfortable footwear eg, sneakers , socks, vans etc
heels optional for women

Session repeats

This class series runs for 4 consecutive weeks, at the same time each week


DUTI Studios, Enmore Road, Newtown NSW

Your teacher
Genevieve Rogan
Genevieve Rogan

20+ years experience in dance. Holistic teaching methodology to get anyone dancing freely.

Genevieve became entranced by the world of movement at age 3 when she started classical ballet. In 2011 she completed her full time performance studies at ED5International (Aus). Genevieve's travels to South America and Africa have allowed her unique training and performance opportunities in the styles of samba, salsa, axe, sabar, djembe, cabaret and burlesque. Later her travels to India and Nepal sparked a fascination with alternative movement modalities, dance healing practice and meditation.

In 2015 Genevieve moved to Bogota, Colombia where she danced with Afro contemporary company Zarabana, and discovered her passion for Kizomba. She danced with Light Dance Project in Bogota, specialising in Kizomba and Semba. Since 2015 Genevieve has taught and performed in numerous Kizomba festivals across Australia and Colombia. She is currently based in Sydney teaching Kizomba, Semba and Urban kiz with her dance partner Adriano Raiola. Genevieve wishes to express and teach the healing magic, and creativity of Kizomba in her classes and performances.


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