Landscape Painting Class

Learn to paint the landscape

6 hours 1 to 10

label $125 - $210 or 4 payments of $31.25 - $52.50 Afterpay
($125 for 1 session, $210 for 2 sessions)

This workshop is designed to help you understand and develop a method for painting the landscape.

This full-day class is suitable for beginners as well as for those individuals who want to improve their work or to learn more about the subject.

Although the class is in oils, the content is also suitable and applicable for other media such as acrylics. During this first session we will cover the following topics:
- Landscape composition and design. Simplifying the subject
- The use of value and tonal sketches
- Colour palette and mixing
- The use of value and colour to create the illusion of light
- The use of value to greate spacial depth in a painting
- Linear and aerial perspective
- Direct and indirect method

During this first session, we will focus on indirect painting and first we will complete a monochromatic tonal painting.

In the second part of the class, we will also paint over an underpainting in full colour, matching colour to the right tone. We will use techniques such as glazing and scumbling. We will cover topics such as mountains, trees and sky.

All materials are included and you will take home the work you do during the day.

Session Two will be held on Sunday 22nd March 2019. During session two we will focus on direct painting method. We will be focusing on painting water, lakes, ocean and water reflections.

You can attend any of the sessions or both at a reduced price.

Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

Knowledge Required
Beginners and intermediates
What you'll get
All materials are supplied. You will take home your own work.
What to bring
Food and notebook to take notes.

The Art Room - Building 7, Precinct 75, 75, Mary Street, St Peters, NSW

Your teacher
Chris Vidal
Chris Vidal
(Vidal Arts)

Traditional Drawing and Oil Painting

5.0 (6)

Chris is an artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. At the age of 6 Chris developed an interest in drawing and at the age of 13, he attended the School of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta, Malta. For 3 years he studies classical drawing and sculpture in an Atelier.

Vidal's style of work was developed through years of experience in drawing and painting. He considers himself as a contemporary realist with his preferred subject being the landscape. Studying classical arts mainly drawing from life helped him to develop drawing skills and a keen eye for detail. During his studies he was influenced by the works of the great masters especially by the works of Caravaggio. He is also influenced by the American landscape painters of the Hudson River School and by the Australian impressionists of the Heidelberg movement.
Chris is also a tutor and teaches drawing and painting to adults at various locations around Sydney and lower Blue Mountains. He emphasizes the importance of drawing as the foundation onto which you can build up a solid skill in painting as you progress. As part of his teaching methods he uses a combination of approaches based upon the classical art school curriculum starting from drawing from lithographs and other images, still life drawing and painting, portrait and figurative as well as landscape painting. The student will progress from one stage to the next upon successful completion of the initial stage. The teacher chooses various topics and subjects of increasing difficulty and complexity helping you to build up skill as you go along. ONLY advanced students will be allowed to choose their own subjects. The teacher will guide the student while working.
Ultimately the aim of the teaching classes is to guide you and help you develop a skill in a way that you will be able to draw and paint without any assistance and to also be your own critique.


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