Laughter Wellness Class

Learn to use laughter to improve your wellbeing!

Connie Costa

Connie Costa


2 hours 10 to 18 label $85


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If you still want to attend this class, please first consider government restrictions in NSW. If you are currently allowed to attend, but are later prevented from doing so, we will either postpone your booking, or refund you.

Laughter is a powerful tool that improves holistic health and wellbeing.

This workshop will introduce you to the Laughter Wellness method. Laughter Wellness is a process designed to create and sustain positive energy. Laughter reduces stress, boosts mood and strengthens the immune system.

Through this practical, interactive Laughter Wellness workshop, you will explore:
- How laughter and positive energy enhance physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing.
- Practical tools for managing stress, boosting mood and creating positive energy.
- How to put these tools into practice, to create more positive energy, in your everyday lives.

This workshop will be tailored to suit your purpose and group members.

It will involve:
- An introductory presentation about the benefits of Laughter for Health and Wellbeing, to set the scene.
- A Laughter Workout, which alternates between interactive clapping, breathing, affirming and laughter exercises.
- A Laughter Meditation, which is an opportunity for free-flow belly laughter.
- A guided relaxation, to ground the energy of laughter.
- A Wrap – Up, where participants will be invited to share any ideas and insights about their
experience with the group.

What to bring / wear:
- A bottle of water, if you like
- A yoga mat or beach towel to lay down on towards the end of the session. There will also be chairs available, if preferred.
- Clothes that are comfortable to sit, lay down and laugh in.

Laugh, Drink and Mingle:
People commonly feel relaxed, energised and positive after a Laughter Wellness experience. The final 30 minutes of this experience will involve an opportunity to laugh, drink and mingle, to savour the positive energy created and shared. Feel free to bring any favourite non-alcoholic drinks. Herbal teas and some snacks will be provided.

It would be wonderful to share the power of laughter for health and wellbeing with your group!


Bustle Studios, Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW

Your teacher can also travel within 35km of Sydney for private classes

Your teacher
Connie Costa
Connie Costa


Connie discovered the health benefits of laughter, after a prolonged period of work related stress, which impacted her ability to heal from an injury. She noticed the link between mind and body, stress levels and pain levels. Realising that laughter is a natural counter to stress, she explored therapeutic laughter and found the impact to be profound. She went on to be the founder of Laugh and Live Well, Australia’s leading provider of Laughter Wellness presentations, programs and workshops for corporate organisations and workplaces.

Connie is passionate about sharing tools for empowerment, a key theme in all her presentations, so that people have greater control over the way they feel, for enhanced wellbeing.

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