Learn Tik Tok Dances

Online dance class to learn your favourite Tik Tok moves

1 hour Class size 1 to 20

label $10 - $50 or 4 payments of $2.50 - $12.50 Afterpay
($50 per guest when you book for 1+ guests, $20 for 4+ guests, $10 for 10+ guests)

Learn your favourite Tik Tok moves with an experienced instructor, through a live online class.

See a dance you really like on Tik Tok? Learn while in isolation 1 to 1 or with friends and family.

Great time to learn and make Tik Tok videos while at home and of course get a little exercise and have fun while learning the moves.

If you like K-PoP or Hip Hop you can also learn the following styles below:
- The choreography of any KPoP Boy group dance
- A few KPoP girl group choreography (upon request)
- Your own unique Tik Tok urban choreography

Requests are always welcome

Looking forward to teaching you online.

Knowledge Required
What to bring
- Wear comfortable clothes
- Water
- Towel
Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 5 years old). Adult accompaniment is not required.

Your teacher
Mitchell Yee
Mitchell Yee

5+ Years in Teaching Kpop Dance

5.0 (5)

Hi my name is Mitch. I'm a Kpop and Urban Dance teacher. I have taught Kpop for over 5 years and Urban for 2 years. I now teach in Sydney at IMI Dance studio, C+ studio and on ClassBento!

I am very experienced in teaching complete beginners to dance having taught over 100+ beginner students in my dance career in NZ and Aus. I will always provide a safe beginner friendly learning environment for my students :)

Online Classes
Due to the virus happening at the moment I have moved my private classes online via Zoom! Classes can still be requested it will all be run online over the computer/phone.

Face-to-face classes
** I have my own PRIVATE Dance studio located in my Garage in Campsie, NSW, hire & use of this will be included with the lesson for FREE! **

I can offer you private classes in any of the following

- TIK TOK Classes
- Any BOY Group Kpop Dance Choreographies
- Some Kpop Girl Group Choreographies upon request
- My own Urban Choreographies
- Can learn Urban/Hip Hop dances e.g 1Million Dance studio
- Can possibly learn other specific cover dances upon request e.g Michael Jacksons Dangerous dance

• 2nd Place 2019 Kpop World Festival Sydney (Horizon)
• 2nd Place 2019 Sydney Kpop Festival (I.Krew)
• Finalist @ 2019 ARENA Singapore Competition (GVNG Crew)
• 2nd Place 2018 Kfest Kpop Competition (MDC Crew)
• 1st Place 2016 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)
• 1st Place 2015 HiTV Korean Competition (Ace Crew NZ)
• 1st Place 2015 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)
• 2nd Place 2014 K-Pop World Festival NZ (Ace Crew NZ)
• 1st Place 2012 NZ Kpop Cover Contest (New Beginning Crew)

• SKF 2019 (Sydney)
• ARENA Singapore 2019 (Singapore)
• IMI Showcase 2018 (Sydney)
• Korean Brand Expo Kpop Performance 2018 (Sydney)
• Duruje Guest Performance 2018 (Auckland)
• Happy Pull Campaign Performance 2018 (Auckland)
• AUDA Performance @Niesh (Auckland)
• Duruje Performance 2017
• Sika Crew Spring Festival Gala 2017 (Auckland)
• AESIR Streets of Asia 2017 (Auckland)
• Taiwan Festival 2017 (Auckland)
• World TV Lunar Festival 2015 (Auckland – Trust Arena)
• ANZ Netball Semi-finals 2015 Performance (Hamilton)
• World TV Miss China Pageant 2014 (Sky City Theatre)

Why I started dancing/history?

I first began dancing around 6-7 years ago, I joined my school Chinese and Korean modern dance group and loved dancing to Kpop and Hip Hop, from there I started my own Kpop dance classes in 2013 under "Mitch's Kpop Dance Classes" as I was passionate about Kpop and there was pretty big demand. In 2016 it started to become more popular and some of my students created a small Kpop crew called "MDC". More recently I have moved into Urban Dance, and have joined a local crew here in Sydney called GVNG. Now I am pursuing dance as a full time career teaching private classes to students and teaching at various schools and studios around Sydney.

Verified reviews

Dennis Lee • Oct 2019

It was fun & enjoyable lessons with Mitchell. As i am absolute beginner, he tailored to what i need and created an routine that made me feel confident and a bad ass in dancing. Highly recommend giving him a go!
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