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Stuartq Prime

Stuartq Prime

over 20 years of singing in all styles; now it's your turn!



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you will learn basic warm up techniques, a little bit of musical theory (not much, just enough to understand the basics), along with how to take care of your voice and keep it in tune. For beginners, we'll start with some simple singing tasks and become used to the idea of projecting and becoming familiar with your voice and then move on to more involved singing styles and start working on your personal music goals.

For the more experienced student, we'll be checking your technique and style preferences and work on improving or expanding on what you all ready have experience in.

This class is available on Request


Zen Recording Studios St. Peters, Talbot Street, Saint Peters, NSW

The teacher can also travel within 20km of St Peters


Stuartq Prime
Stuartq Prime

over 20 years of singing in all styles; now it's your turn!

Ever wanted to sing musical theatre, jazz or pop? no? how about rock and heavy metal? well I've done it all and now I want to teach you how to do the same.

I have performed musical theatre music since I was 10 years old and have since done everything else including having my own rock and metal bands and tribute shows and now am spending time becoming a club entertainer.

With the experience and techniques that I have been taught and learnt along the way, I have gained skills that I want to pass onto you so that you too can be able to sing whatever you want, whenever you want.

I can either visit you at home for private one-on-one sessions or you can come to formal lessons at Zen Studios in Tempe where I teach regularly. There's no price difference in my rates, so feel free to contact me and we'll work out what is best for you and get you singing like a pro in no time!

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