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Learn the basics of beautiful mindful Zentangle

2 hours Class size 1 to 30 (public dates), 2 to 100

label $70 - $80 ($70 for Class only, no box, $80 for Class and box)
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The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured, repeated patterns. It increases focus and creativity and provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal wellbeing.

Some benefits and uses include relaxation, simple and quick access to mindfulness, and it has been shown to help with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, self-esteem, panic attacks and improves fine motor skills, relieves stress, and is great for team building.

In this live online class, you will learn a brief history of Zentangle and then we will work through the eight steps of the Zentangle Method. As well as learning the basic terminology and techniques that are used in Zentangle, you will be introduced to several “tangles” (patterns) that you will use to create little pieces of art.

There are no mistakes in Zentangle so you will hopefully also finish up feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Add-ons available for this class
  • Sakura Micron 01 Pen ($5)
  • Sakura Micron 08 black pen ($5)
  • Pack of 10 white tiles ($9)
  • Pack of 10 black tiles ($10)
  • Pack of 10 grey tiles ($10)
  • Pack of 10 tan tiles ($10)
  • White Gelly Roll 05 Pen ($3)
  • White Gelly Roll 08 Pen ($3)
  • White Gelly Roll 10 Pen ($3)
  • Gold Metallic Gelly Roll Pen ($3)
  • Tortillion (Blending Stump) ($1)
  • Sakura Graphic 1 Black Pen ($5)
  • Sakura Micron 01 Brown ($5)
  • Sakura Micron 03 Red ($5)
  • Pack of 5 White Zendala (circular) tiles ($7)
  • Pack of 5 Black Zendala (circular) tiles ($8)
  • Pack of 5 Tan Zendala (circular)tiles ($8)
  • Pack of 5 Grey Zendala (circular) tiles ($8)
  • Pack of 10 3Z (Triangular) White tiles ($7)
  • Pack of 10 3Z (triangular) black tiles ($9)
  • Pack of 10 3Z (triangular) Tan tiles ($9)
  • Silver Metallic Gelly Roll Pen ($3)
  • White Chalk/Charcoal Pencil ($3)
  • Set of 6 Multi Coloured Micron PN Pens ($30)
  • Blue Pastel Chalk Pencil ($5)
  • Set of 6 Jewel toned Pastel Chalk Pencils ($25)
  • Zentangle Journal (beautiful hardcover, white paper) ($60)
  • Zentangle Journal - Shades (beautiful hardcover with grey/tan/white/black pages) ($60)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
No artistic ability is required. If you can hold a pen and write your name you’re halfway there!
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • A black Sakura Micron 01 pen
  • A pencil
  • A tortillion (smudger)
  • 5 paper “tiles”
  • Calico bag
What you'll need
Just yourself!
Your teacher
Niki Lawrence
Niki Lawrence

5.0 (383)

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). I have been tangling for about 8 years and teaching for over 5 years. Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing repeated structured patterns. No artistic ability is required. If you can hold a pen and write your name you are half way there. There are no mistakes in Zentangle, so you can’t get it wrong. Zentangle increases focus and creativity as well as providing simple and quick access to mindfulness. I love sharing my passion for Zentangle. I love both for the beauty of the artwork itself and the added benefits of relaxation, reducing anxiety, helping with insomnia, helping manage chronic pain, ...... the list goes on!


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Ecushla Linedale May 2022

Fabulous 2 hours spent! For someone with zero artistic talent, it was great to see the final product and smile. Niki is terrific at breaking it all done and putting the Zen in Zentangle. Looking forward to creating my own and doing another class. Great way to unwind.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Ecushla Linedale

Jane Compton May 2022

loved it, time flew, niki is fabulous, goes very smoothly, very well organised, I Zentangle therefore I am

Patricia Palella May 2022

This was a well paced and instructed class. I enjoyed it very much. Lovely teacher whom was very helpful and took the time to explain each part of the class. Thankyou Niki

Molly Woodhouse May 2022

Niki was a fabulous teacher, and it was so much fun to get lost in the zentangle zone, that I couldn’t believe it had been 2 hours! The box arrived in good time and felt like a present before the class even started. I really recommend this class. I now feel armed with skills to continue on my own.;

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Molly Woodhouse

Karen Hofer May 2022

A small class size and an informative teacher made this a great class. It was a lovely set of techniques to learn - "there are no mistakes" and pleasing to come away with a couple of examples of what can be done. I look forward to future "zentanglements" and creating some unique cards.

Drawing workshop review by Karen Hofer

Megan Apr 2022

This class is really interesting because it goes into all the different sections that form the Zentangle world.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Megan

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Tracey Stapleton Apr 2022

Loved the class. Niki explained everything clearly. 2 hours learning a relaxing new skill. Highly recommend this class.

Jody Clooney Apr 2022

As always, the class was a dream and a wonderful way to spend a morning.

Drawing workshop review by Jody Clooney

Marguerite Kik Apr 2022

I really loved this class. I found it really inspirational and will continue this new hobby. It is enjoyable and before you know it 2 hours have flown by. It builds up your confidence in drawing shapes and the end result is stunning.

Drawing workshop review by Marguerite Kik Sydney

Melanie Scott Mar 2022

This was a fun and relaxing class. Niki was a great teacher and made it easy to follow along. The time zoomed (no pun intended) by.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Melanie Scott Sydney

Zowie Pateman Mar 2022

The 2 hours went so quickly. It kept my concentration - I usually get easily distracted. It was much easier than I expected and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would!

Drawing workshop review by Zowie Pateman Sydney

Masood Mehmood Mar 2022

Learned some amazing ways of using simple methods to reduce your stress and get into a calm world. Well done Nikki.

Jeanette Dawes Mar 2022

The two hours flew by and as a non artist ended up with two pieces of art I am quite proud of. Nicki was a great teacher clearly explaining and demonstrating the techniques and the kit that came had everything we needed.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Jeanette Dawes

Eric Clews Mar 2022

This is a great intro to Zentangle. I would definitely recommend this workshop for a beginner.

Hafsa Khalid Mar 2022

Excellent classNiki's instructions were easy to follow and the end product was amazing

Valerie White Mar 2022

Enjoyed the class and Niki. A bit blurry at times which made seeing her drawing a bit difficult but otherwise a very interesting and enjoyable class.

Melissa Maclean Feb 2022

Fantastic introduction to Zentangle. It was very practical and hands on and we produced two tiles in class. Thank you

Andrea Day Feb 2022

Niki gave clear and easy instructions to follow. The pace was just right and it was a fun class. Thanks
Andrea Day

Megan Feb 2022

Niki's fantastic, explains stuff sooo well & me whose done her other classes learnt heaps, especially love how Niki encourages you to use anything from just any old pen & paper right up to the professional Zentangle stuff. This class is totally for everyone.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Megan

Alice Coates Feb 2022

A little slow to start but Nikki a super job
I was dreading the zoom thing but it was very relaxed and easy to do my own art
She’s terrific and calm

Melissa Parsons Feb 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Niki gave clear instructions and class had great content. I’m not artistic really, but she makes you feel comfortable with your own creation. Relaxing and excellent as a mindful activity.

Rini Ismail Feb 2022

Niki started with history of Zentangle and basic pattern. But most importantly, gratitude first. As we progressed, we learnt abt shading. We learnt total of 7 patterns. Niki is an amazing teacher, very patience and walk us through the various methods of Zentangle and how to progress.

Drawing workshop review by Rini Ismail

Susan Pearce Feb 2022

Niki made me feel comfortable with how to zentangle with clear and easy instructions. I was able to feel happy with my completed tiles

Shayna Nov 2021

Fantastic class. Easy to follow and great presenter. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait to Zentangle some more.

Monika Dryburgh Nov 2021

It was really good to learn the basics from the beginning, and to hear a bit more about the history of Zentangle. It was also lovely to hang out with far-off friends while making art! Thanks to Niki for facilitating. :)

Drawing workshop review by Monika Dryburgh Sydney

Emily H Oct 2021

Niki was beyond amazing and she has definitely started a Zentangle obsession. She breaks down each pattern beautifully as well as creating such a mindful environment.

Drawing workshop review by Emily H Sydney

Nicki Powell Oct 2021

Really enjoyed this class. Niki broke it all down into achievable steps & was very easy to follow. She gave a great explanation of the history behind Zentangle as well. Niki is a wonderful teacher & I will definitely find time to do another if her classes in the future!

Lynne Lees Oct 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the class, looking forward to more Yentangling. thanks for the class Nikki L

Brianna Flynn Oct 2021

Thanks Niki! The class was a lovely and relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Laura Williams Oct 2021

What a great way to spend a couple of hours! Niki made the class easy to follow and not intimidating at all for those of us with less confidence. A lovely friendly manner helps to relax the class, and I've learnt so much. really inspired to keep going now! can't wait to work towards the underwater and botanical classes

Debbie Sharpe Oct 2021

Niki's style was very relaxed and informative. The kit was a great way to make a start with Zentangle techniques. Loved every minute!

Erin Oct 2021

Fantastic class! Niki was great to learn from, clear and descriptive. Cannot wait to do some more :)

Laura Currie Oct 2021

Niki is so knowledgeable and obviously loves Zentangle! I'm not an arty person but I kept up easily and am very impressed with what I have created.

Jared Araniego Oct 2021

Fantastic relaxing course and a great way to get into the Zen of things on a weeknight. Nikki was lovely! Can’t wait to try more classes.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Jared Araniego

Kate Crawford Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this class. The materials for the class arived well ahead of time. Niki is lovely and worked through the class at a comfortable pace. I was really happy with the content and came away with enough knowledge and skills to keep going with Zentangling. I'd like to do more classes with Niki.

Jennifer Gordon Sep 2021

An easy going and relaxed class. It was well explained and demonstrated. The teacher was responsive to questions during and after the class.

Leonie Gray Sep 2021

A great course. Niki gave clear explanations and the class moved along at a good pace. I learnt a lot in the two hours. I have ‘discovered’ a new hobby.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Leonie Gray

Filipa Ottley Sep 2021

Relaxing and enjoyable. I was amazed to complete my first two zentangles in two hours. So pleased with the results. Thanks so much.

Jasmin Lin Sep 2021

What a great way to spent a Sunday, the class was fun and relaxing. Nikki paced the class perfectly. Nikki, is a creative, passionate and imaginative teacher. I am not a good drawer and this has given me confidence to some drawing. Thank you.

Lauren Sargeant Sep 2021

Relaxing class with good quality materials in the kit. Great teacher, clear instructions and good pace.

Drawing workshop review by Lauren Sargeant

Lisa Jackson Sep 2021

Loved it - keen to do the China blue class next. I'd recommend this to anyone who just wants a break from the norm.

Lina Salvo Sep 2021

Fun and informative class
Nikki explained each step clearly
Looking forward to attend more classes

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Lina Salvo

Christina Sheers Sep 2021

Great class for anyone, great with emails, with the information thankyou so much for this

Annalissa Roy Sep 2021

It was different, and an enjoyable father's day gift.
some interesting techniques.
a fun time

Natalie Persky Aug 2021

Great class. Lovely teacher. Learnt more than enough to do lots by myself at home. Would be keen to do further lessons.

Sophie Pampakas Aug 2021

Loved the Zentangle class, hope there will be more. Very relaxing but wish it was longer.

Vanessa Mozayani Aug 2021

Niki was a fabulous instructor, clear explanations sharing her passion. Really enjoyed and look forward to exploring zentangles more with Niki.

Drawing workshop review by Vanessa Mozayani Sydney

Naomi Luck Aug 2021

This was a great course to do to relax especially during lockdown. I have never done Zentangle before and I was happy with what I created at the end of the class. Niki made the steps easy to follow. I really enjoyed the class.

Neeta Lal Aug 2021

Great lunchtime class. Would love to do other classes provided by this teacher. on class bento.

Jessica Douglass Aug 2021

Niki really is a fabulous teacher. This is actually my second class with her and I’ve booked in a few more. Fantastic artist! Thank you so much.

Drawing workshop review by Jessica Douglass

Magdalen Rozsa Aug 2021

A lovely and relaxing introduction to Zentangle. Also I am very grateful to Niki and Class Bento for this this lunchtime taster class in the middle of the day in the middle of the pandemic - very therapeutic. Niki is a lovely teacher and clearly very passionate and knowledgable.

Megan Aug 2021

This was the 2nd Lunch Break Session & it was really good fun, learnt a lot and it was more interesting than expected. The teacher was good, giving clear instructions & demonstrations. Really hoping to do a couple of the kits offered. Can't wait for the 3rd Lunch Break Session and hope that a lot more are offered in the future & that they also come Pre-recorded.

Naomi Urban Aug 2021

It was a great 30 minute session that covered the background and benefits of zentangling, the facilitator's experience and credentials and easy to follow instructions on 3 different patterns. This is something that I will happily continue doing and developing. Loved it!

Laine Fullerton Aug 2021

Such a relaxing way to break up the day and so interesting to learn about the practice of Zentangle and its benefits!

Courtenay Turner Aug 2021

What a lovely mindful activity to do over lunch! Loved learning a little more about Zentangle and will definitely experiment with it as a mindfulness technique. Thanks for the class!

Alicia Druery Aug 2021

I found the demonstration by Niki easy to follow and I really enjoyed the process. My artwork turned out really well and I’m looking forward trying out some more of her classes. Thanks so much

Erica Lacorcia Aug 2021

The Zentangle activity was fun, easy to do and relaxing. Niki made sure her instructions were clear.

Ann Dean Aug 2021

This is a very peaceful and relaxed class that is enjoyable to participate in.
Niki explains clearly step-by -step so it is a pleasant experience that teaches you a skill that is easy yet beautiful.

Kellie Maloney Aug 2021

Had a wonderful experience learning Zentangle with the fabulous Niki. This was such a relaxing activity and I'm excited to continue learning more!

Gwen Bard Aug 2021

Very clear instructions and good content. It's my first time doing Zentangle and, although I always feel I am hopeless with drawing, I have very much enjoyed this session! Unfortunately my Zoom connection kept crashing during the session but I managed to follow. Thank you Niki!

Tegan Webb Aug 2021

Thanks, Niki, for a great taster of Zentangle! Look forward to attending more of your classes.

Helen Orr Aug 2021

Niki Lawrence's Zentangle class was a very enjoyable introduction in the art. She showed us 3 different designs on the small card and we were able to finish them while online or later. The only thing which would improve the online course would be if she could use a darker pen because the image was a bit faint.

Linda Carmichael Aug 2021

A short sharp introduction to zentangle. Covered enough to get me started and it looks like a fun thing to continue with. Niki was clear in her instructions and the organiser was good to

Vicki Geraghty Aug 2021

Sorry I had a computer glitch with zoom and was unable to join in on this session. Would love to know if there is a repeat session I could do?

Marie Nalty Aug 2021

Such a nice way to break the day!
I am now ensuring that I take the time to complete my project without rushing the drawings. Lovely way to slow down and focus

Ella Madden Aug 2021

I loved this short lunch break class - perfect for lockdown and I felt so relaxed! I’m keen to continue my zentangle journey with more classes

Roxanne Phan Aug 2021

Thank you so much for the class!
It was great learning about the mindset behind zentangle and some patterns =)

Molly Riordan Aug 2021

This was a very calming activity and easy to follow along! Very enjoyable, lovely teacher.

Deirdre Riordan Aug 2021

Just as was promised. A tantalising introduction into the world of Zentangle. I shall definitely be signing on for more of this teacher's classes

Melisa Grech Aug 2021

Wasn’t sure what to expect before the class and was very surprised as I enjoyed it so much!
Made me stop, focus on the patterns and appreciate my artistic effort - which I thought didn’t exist

Gia Weightman Aug 2021

Great Zentangle Mindful lunch time class. Will definitely look at doing some classes with Niki. The choice of classes looks very exciting. Thank you so much.

Tanya Leigh Aug 2021

A great way to spend my lunch in lockdown. The presenter was excellent, well done.

Laura Currie Aug 2021

Thank you so muchloved this class! Was great and will definitely look for more classes.

Vanessa Hewitt Aug 2021

Niki was great! I really enjoyed the ZenTangle drawing, the process behind it and the patience she had with such a large group (over 85 participants!)
I will be keen to do a class with Niki via Class Bento in the future

Deborah Salomons Aug 2021

If that’s what we learnt in half an hour. How much more we could learn in a whole class. Loved it!

It is also nice to support local artists

Sara Napolitano Aug 2021

The Zentangle introduction was wonderful! Very interesting, well explained, and relaxing. Thank you so much, Niki and ClassBento!

Liz Illingworth Aug 2021

It was a bit slow starting so I had to leave before the end which was disappointing

Marlene Marte Aug 2021

Thanks for a great class!
Nice and relaxing especially during a time like this.
Would recommend!

Nicky Hall Aug 2021

Fantastic introduction to Zentangles. Thank you Niki for your clear instructions about the basics of Zentangle.

Rebecca Diepenheim Aug 2021

I have just found my new found hobbie!
Nikki was a great instructor and the two hours went so quickly. I could (and will) sit and do this all day.
Really fabulous workshop and HIGHLY recommend.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Rebecca Diepenheim

Maisie Minikin Aug 2021

Niki’s Zentangle class was perfect for a Sunday arvo. Relaxed, friendly, and Zen inducing. I loved every minute and created 2 incredible artworks to boot. Thanks so much.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Maisie Minikin

Annette Walker Jul 2021

What a great class! Niki was very thorough, explaining the background to Zentangle and taking us through step by step. Very relaxing to do. Was also great to get the materials sent prior to the class. Thanks Niki!

Drawing workshop review by Annette Walker

Heidi Froelich Jul 2021

Loved working with Niki. Great class and lots of fun and she's really helpful.

Alice Campbell Jul 2021

Absolutely loved this relaxed, encouraging and no-pressure class with Niki. She explained every step and allowed plenty of time for us to learn the techniques. Thanks so much!

James Dalton Jun 2021

Niki was amazing, and is just so personable. Her passion for Zentangle really just shines through. It was great going through it step by step with her. She gave me the history of Zentangle, taught me some techniques then pointed me in the right direction for further learning and how to top up with supplies.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Monday evening.

I can already feel an addiction brewing. After the class my wife looked at my work and wants to give it a go too.

Thank you again Niki for running the class even though it was only me tonight.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by James Dalton

Margaret Holz Jun 2021

Loved my first class and will be doing more. Niki explains and demonstrates clearly and patiently. I can’t believe I’ve created such beautiful designs in so short a time.

Vincenza Rocca Jun 2021

Loved the class. Very interesting class and I highly recommend it. Loved the final zentangles I did during the class.

Drawing workshop review by Vincenza Rocca

Barbara Meintjes May 2021

I loved doing this class with Niki. And felt honored to be the only student
Her instructions were so clear and easy to follow
a very relaxed class and I am keen to do another

Luke Lloyd Feb 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. I found it to be really relaxing and satisfying too.
Would definitely recommend.

Cathy Brigden Feb 2021

I had a great one-on-one class with Niki. I really liked that we worked together with Niki first explaining and then showing what we were to draw and that we then drew together. She was really clear in her instructions and provided lots of helpful advice and tips. I could feel the Zen aspect as it became a relaxed and engrossing 2+ hours. A thoroughly enjoyable class, which I highly recommend. Thanks Niki!

Drawing workshop review by Cathy Brigden

Anonymized Customer Feb 2021

A relaxing and enjoyable no stress art form . The teacher was lovely and encouraging. A lovely way to spend an evening.

Drawing workshop review by Anonymized Customer

Cassie Stankovic Feb 2021

Really loved this class! Definitely will be doing more ❤️ Highly recommend Niki. Made the steps easy to follow.

Kristen Barrett Jan 2021

Another great class from Niki, I really enjoyed it and learnt heaps! Thanks so much!

Drawing workshop review by Kristen Barrett

Melinda Nutting Jan 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed my first zentangle workshop and Nikki was great at explaining/demonstrating each step. Also really loved the zentangle kit Nikki sent before the class. Amazing value for money.

Cassie Lynch Dec 2020

Niki was an amazing instructor and teacher during our group session. We all thoroughly had a great time while learning something new. Highly recommend!

Drawing workshop review by Cassie Lynch

Lauren Kuehster Dec 2020

Thanks Niki! The two hours flew by. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Tegan Webb Dec 2020

This was my second class with Niki, and I loved it as much as the first! What an addictive hobby, explained clearly and patiently by Niki who values individual interpretations and mindful creativity. Definitely recommend :)

Drawing workshop review by Tegan Webb

Toni Medew Nov 2020

Nikki was a wonderful instructor, I thought I was a duck out of water but with clear instructions easy to follow I am happy with my results :)

Silvana Scalise Nov 2020

Wonderful way to spend an afternoon, the time just flew by. Definitely will do another class

Karen Nov 2020

A very interesting class that showed me how to channel my focus into the intricate details of the art of zentangle. I really loved the shading too.

Drawing workshop review by Karen

Emma Nov 2020

Had lots of fun. Lots of info and motivation to keep trying Zentangles after the class.

Drawing workshop review by Emma Sydney

Dianne Nov 2020

Niki was professional in her presentation, patient, and supportive to us novices. I absolutely loved the experience and will continue to Zentangle

Rosalie Nov 2020

Calmness and pace of class was perfect, as was the clear and detailed instruction.
Meditative, rewarding and useful.

Drawing workshop review by Rosalie

Carina Nov 2020

Hi thanks for todayl absolutely loved the class very relaxing and l actually made some art that looked really good.
l would love to continue to learn as there was only so much info that l could remember on the day & lm sure there’s so much more to learn. Great pack sent out toogratitude

Drawing workshop review by Carina Sydney

Marion Nov 2020

Niki was a fabulous zentangle teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was well paced and easy to follow. The kit was excellent and everything was presented so well.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Marion

Carer Vmch Nov 2020

Another wonderful class from Niki. Her instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the ladies loved learning how to Zentangle and about the many different designs you can do.
A quote from one of today's participants: "Loved the Zentangle class today, good little skill to use to refocus. Reminded me of how much I loved doodling as a child."
Thanks Niki :-)

Drawing workshop review by Carer Vmch

Romaine Moss Nov 2020

Very relaxing great instruction and well paced felt very satisfied with what I could achieve

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Romaine Moss

Trish Ke Oct 2020

Had a fabulous time, the two hours flew past. I am booked for another next month.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Trish Ke Sydney

Liz Cummins Oct 2020

That was terrific. Nikki explained everything really clearly and at an easy pace. Demonstrations / excercises were simple for beginners and then Nikki showed us more complex versions of the same thing. Techniques shown were useful and Nikki clearly revised everything after each part of the class. Nice small class - very relaxing and enjoyable. Would do more!

Rachel Nus Oct 2020

It was great . Explained things well . I enjoyed myself . I am going to Recommend to my teenage son and others

Drawing workshop review by Rachel Nus

Lisa Willis Oct 2020

I had such a great time today in Nikkis class leaning how to Zen Tangle. Nikki is such a methodical and thorough teacher which is something I really appreciate. I will definitely be doing another one of her classes again! Thoroughly recommend!

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Lisa Willis

Rick Priest Sep 2020

Had a great time tonight with Nikki as our teacher, she was very easy to keep up with and knowledgeable about Zentangle Thank you Highly recommend

Julisa Edwards Sep 2020

This was such a good class! Really enjoyed Niki's teaching style, awesome intro into world of zentangle, definitely made me keen to do more!

Drawing workshop review by Julisa Edwards

Susan Lawrence Sep 2020

Really loved the class and Nicki was brilliant. We all made some wonderful art together and was great to see the variations between us. Would highly recommend

Drawing workshop review by Susan Lawrence Sydney

Anita Mahoney Sep 2020

Great communication, easy to follow. Equipment delivered fast and easy to use .Positive encouragement. Loved the class!

Penne Dawe Sep 2020

Excellent teacher. Patient, flexible and great instruction. We had a great private lesson and really enjoyed Zentangle.

Cindy Rooy Sep 2020

Niki explained things well and took us step by step through Zentangling at a really good pace. I was really happy with how mine turned out and I'm looking forward to having another go.

Bronwyn Sheldon Sep 2020

Great class, Niki was an excellent teacher, very friendly and approachable, explained things at a good pace and I felt satisfied at what I could make at the end of class

Drawing workshop review by Bronwyn Sheldon

Suzie Vassallo Aug 2020

Great class! Niki explained the steps and techniques really well. I left the class eager to develop my tangling skills.

Jo Leech Aug 2020

This was challenging but was explained very well by Niki. My 11 year old daughter also joined in and did a great job. It was good to get the references at the end for further information and the contact details for Niki.

Elizabeth Webster Aug 2020

Niki was a great teacher and she thoroughly explained everything, it was a fun class!

Odelle Brown Aug 2020

Awesome facilitator Niki with some great live examples. Niki skillfully takes you through the steps in a lovely calm manner, there is no pressure for your drawing to be "good" and she has a fantastic way of making you feel that you have achieved! Thank you Niki :)

Linda Burrow Aug 2020

Wonderfully relaxing class. Clear instruction, warm personality, supportive, easy going and understanding. Loved the class. Thanks Niki

Noelene Weber Aug 2020

I knew a bit about zen tangle art . But now I know a lot more. thank you Niki I’m a bit slow these days. I will send you photos when I can. Well done Nols41

Holly Aug 2020

A well-planned class with a clear structure and content. Niki's class is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours of your day, and opens the door to more relaxing drawing time in the future. Friends or family would enjoy doing this together (especially in Melbourne right now), as Niki's teaching style creates an opportunity for people spend some quiet time creating together and as individuals. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills, Niki. :)

Teneille Palmer Jul 2020

Thank you my kids loved it and are very inspired. Keepin then happy and entertained in lockdown :)

Susan Tomlin Jul 2020

A really great class! I am absolutely inspired and I know that this will be a wonderful mindfulness activity. Thanks Niki for giving such clear instructions and for allowing time to practice. I am a "frequent ClassBento zoomer" and this was my favourite.

Leah Andrianopoulos Jul 2020

Loved this class, found this to be a fun mindful activity to continue doing. Great for a beginner as well. Very pleased with the teacher also.

Naomi Byrnes Jul 2020

Thank you Niki, I found your guidance so clear over Zoom and I am looking forward to continuing to play with Zentangles.

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Naomi Byrnes Sydney

Lorraine Lacey Jul 2020

Great class! Really enjoyed learning Zentangle. Nikki is an amazing teacher. Thank you I walked away smiling!

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Lorraine Lacey

Kerry-Ann Wainwright Jun 2020

Niki is an amazing teacher. Managed to squeeze a lot into the 2 hrs. She is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to doing another class with her soon.

Jen Jamieson Jun 2020

This was a great class - loved it. Thankyou so much
A simple PDF summary would have been brilliant!

Anita Tang May 2020

This was a lovely way to spend the afternoon doing an intergenerational activity across state borders. Niki has been really responsive from the moment we booked, helping untangle a booking error on my part, and making sure one of our kits was redirected.

This is a really convenient way to learn something new - everything needed was in the kit, and we were really pleased with what we were able to produce in a short time.

Highly recommend!

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Anita Tang Sydney

Rachel Smiles May 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The pace was great - slow enough so you could take it all in, and relax with, but fast enough so you could create some beautiful designs. Such a wonderful idea, and a fun class to do with some friends or on your own. The teacher was absolutely excellent and explains herself so well.

Drawing workshop review by Rachel Smiles

Rachel Smiles May 2020

Really enjoyed the class, relaxing and Nikki is a great instructor. Recommend it for all ages and abilities.

Kaye Albon Apr 2020

I really enjoyed this class. Niki was a great teacher, allowing us to ask questions and involving us in the process of learning about Zentangles and how to create them throughout the two hours. Kaye

Sophie Rushton Apr 2020

Fantastic class, thanks Niki! Enjoyed learning the technique and loved your very clear and warm style of teaching.

Karen Mackenzie Apr 2020

Niki is an excellent teacher. I loved this class and would recommend to others. I can understand why the practice would be meditative. Thanks Niki for sharing your gift of Zentangle with the world.

Drawing workshop review by Karen Mackenzie

Julie Gale Apr 2020

Absolutely loved it. Teacher is wonderful and so personable. It was excellently run and I am really pleased with the results. I definitely felt the zen!

Learn Zentangle® Art review by Julie Gale Sydney

Andrea Cook Apr 2020

Really enjoyed the class very relaxing! The teacher, Niki, was encouraging and gentle and helped us all create lovely zentangle art.
Learn Zentangle® Art: Lunchtime Tanglers

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (30)

Learn Zentangle Art: a Floral Tribute

date_range 26 May, 5 Jun



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (26)

Learn Zentangle Art: Tangled Buds and Berries

date_range 4 Jun, 6 Aug



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (7)

Learn Zentangle Art: China Blue

date_range Sun 22 May, 10am



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5.0 (37)

Learn Zentangle® Art: Underwater World

date_range Sun 29 May, 2pm



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4.9 (13)

Create Zentangle® Stacked Rocks

date_range Sat 28 May, 2pm



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (10)

Zentangle® Art: Black Beauty

date_range Sun 29 May, 10am



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (13)

The Lonely Arts Club: Zentangle® Hearts

date_range Your choice of time



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4.9 (7)

Zentangle® Art: Embedded Letters

date_range Your choice of time



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5.0 (24)

Learn to Draw Zentangle® Zenbuttons

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4.9 (11)

Learn Zentangle® Art: the Botanical Garden

date_range Your choice of time



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5.0 (22)

Learn Zentangle® Art at Home: Dingbatz Decorations

date_range Your choice of time



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5.0 (9)

Learn Zentangle® for Kids (6+ Years)

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local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (7)

Draw Zentangle® Christmas Art

date_range Your choice of time



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

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5.0 (27)

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