Brush lettering is a craft able to resemble the grace and precision of calligraphy, minus the mess of pen nibs and inks. Brush lettering pens, with their portability and flexibility grant freedoms such as greater line variation and ability to create larger letters compared to traditional calligraphy nibs. However, the two art forms ask of the same patience and practice of their wielders.

Based on two basic strokes, the calligraphic lettering for best results requires the artist to apply heavier pressure for thicker lines for downward strokes and the opposite for up strokes. Though the creativity of brush lettering isn’t limited to the thickness of the strokes and can be explored in staggering the placement of the baseline (where the bottom of the letter rests) for a whimsical look, slanting letters to create the feeling of movement, inserting spaces between letters for an airy feel or condense them together to fit into smaller areas.

Equip yourself with brush markers, notebook and personalised pencil case in a Brush Lettering workshop with Sydney-based graphic designer Alena. Exercise your patience in a craft relying on careful and calculated strokes. Bask in the expertise of Alena, who discovered her passion for cursive writing back in Russia under the hand of her mother. Her passion for the art echoes and encourages the belief that writing with our hands is a skill that should never be replaced by a typeface or font.

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