Mabel Li,  teacher

Mabel Li

3+ years in hand embroidery experience

5.0 (2)

Mabel is a self taught hand embroidery artist. When you take this class you will not be learning from an expert but someone who simply fell in love with this craft and can show you how YOU are capable of making just about anything with the most basic of stitches and knowledge on embroidery. You will be shown all the basics from the ground up and build your confidence as an amateur. Her lessons are engaging, step-by-step and filled with easy to follow tips so that you will feel like you can tackle any projects in no time.




Yueh-Hsin Lin Oct 2019

Mabel is a lovely teacher! The class was so much fun and interactive! It included different sewing techniques and I was able to design my own thing. She taught patiently even though I kept failing to do the french knots. If Mabel is going to open a regular class, I will definitely join it! Love it

Hand Embroidery the Basics and Beyond review by Yueh-Hsin Lin - Sydney

Tammy Lahey Sep 2019

Mabel was so welcoming and kind! We sat by a beautiful garden window where there was a table with all the equipment we needed including our little ‘starter kits’. Mabel walked us through the art of embroidery with extreme detail and patience; she explained what materials you need, where to find them, what they were, how to use them and what to look for in good quality materials. We were then shown how to start a stitch, basic stitches, how to tie them off, how to blend them together, how to design your own pictures and had time at the end to make our own. When we finished up we got to take our starter kits home which had all the basic materials in it so we could go away and add to it. I got so much more out of this class than I was expecting too, I feel like I really learnt something and was given the basic skills and knowledge needed to continue the craft myself, the sort of explanation and knowledge you can’t get from YouTube videos. So yes, value for money was amazing for so much knowledge, one on one time, and materials to take home! If Mabel was to do a ‘embroidery class for people with a beginners knowledge’ I would definitely go back again. Highly recommended!
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