Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal


With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Learn how to make a dreamcatcher and bring positive vibes to your life

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 10 (public dates), 2 to 30

label $128 - $150 ($150 per guest when you book for 1+ guests, $138 for 4+ guests, $128 for 10+ guests)

How it works
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Enjoy the online class - after booking, you'll get a link to join the interactive class.

Host your own dreamcatcher party with friends at the comfort of your home, join us in learning how to make a DreamCatcher at your own pace.

In this 1.5 hours workshop, we invite you to take time to practice mindfulness and do something creative for OURSELVES! In this process, you'll learn to 'let go' and 'focus on' the moments to create this beautiful art, inspired by your own choice of textures and colours of dried flowers and crystals. By the end of the workshop, you will be super happy with this decorative piece, which infuses any bedroom or kids room with a sense of happiness and tranquility.

You won't need to worry about how to get various dried flowers and tools, as they will be all packaged up nicely and delivered to your door.

All tools, 1 crystal, dried flowers, ribbon (optional) and a 25cm grapevine dreamcatcher are provided in a toolkit.

The online class covers how to lay out the foundation of the dream catcher, how to use real flowers to decorate the unique piece, and last but not least, how to attach crystals to the dream catcher.

It's a perfect birthday gift or special handmade present for your loved ones!

We will hand pick the crystals to be included in the box. The selection of crystals include the following:

  • Rose Quartz, the stone of love and emotional healing. It clears the emotional body of past trauma, helping one feel more open to receiving and expressing love.
  • Calcite, the stone of high spirit, it's used to activate and expand the higher chakras. It clears and calms your mind, promote insight and deeper understanding. It will also amplify the positive energy all around you.
  • Clear Quartz, known as 'Master HEaler', clear quartz emits a frequency of harmony. It brings physical body back into balance. Raises energy to the highest possible level.
  • Amethyst, the stone of Spirituality & Contentment. It raises energy vibration, enhances feelings of positivity and love.

It's also a great house-party activity to celebrate birthdays or 'just because I want to do something fun and beautiful' with my best friends.

Add-ons available for this class
  • Upgrade to 33cm grapevine wreath ($30)
  • Additional crystal ($10)
  • Additional 2 crystals ($16)
  • Additional 3 crystals ($22)
  • Express Post ($10)
  • Lace ribbon with wire ($8)
  • Floral scissors ($20)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
No prior floral knowledge is required.
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • All dried flowers you need for the dream catcher
  • 25 cm grapevine wreath
  • Floral glue
  • 1 Crystal
  • Cotton kitchen twine
  • If you choose 3 cystrals at the checkout, we will make sure 3 different types of crystals are included to deliver highest harmonious energy.
What you'll need
  • Phone to capture the beautiful moment of making!
  • Wet wipes for cleaning floral glue if on the table
  • Ribbon of your choice to add on the dream catcher
  • Old paper to cover your working table
Your teacher
Nikki Zeng
Nikki Zeng
(Peony Story)

Romantic European style florist

4.9 (150)

Peony Story is one of the very few European Style florists based in Sydney. It's renowned for its naturally wild, romantic and soft style to curate flowers to tell a story. Nikki, the chief designer from Peony Story has lived in London for two years and has developed her very own style in London and Paris from some of the world-famous florists. She believes that beautiful flowers will bring us joy and hope in our daily life, hence she's dedicated to bring flower experience to non-florists and aspiring florists through floral workshops and events.


ClassBento has verified that Nikki Zeng has a valid Working with Children Check clearance.

Verified reviews

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Zoe Haynes Sep 2021

Loved the class, perfect lockdown activity and the quality and the result was beautiful. Thank you Nikki.

Floristry workshop review by Zoe Haynes

Emilee Lay Sep 2021

Awesome class especially in lockdown. Nikki was lovely and so thorough! It was great to receive the kit in such beautiful packaging as well. Thank you so much Nikki for running these classes in lockdown, I now have a beautiful Dream Catcher at home to call my own <3

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Emilee Lay

Julie Roy Sep 2021

Nikki is passionate about what she does and she talks about flowers with her heart. It was the first time I participated in a class on how to create with flowers, and Nikki's explainations were very clear. I am really happy with my first Dream Catcher creation, and will definitely participate in Nikki's other classes in the coming future ❤️

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Julie Roy

Amour Mah Aug 2021

I loved this class - instructions were clear and the kit was so beautiful - i was so focused the time just flew away lol!

Alyssa Bugeja Aug 2021

My 9 year old daughter loved the class!
The teacher was very helpful, patient and gave great feedback.
I highly recommend Nikki!

Floristry workshop review by Alyssa Bugeja Sydney

Hayden Bugeja Aug 2021

First time doing a Bento class, this was a great experience, with a great teacher, really enjoyed it! :)

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Hayden Bugeja

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Sarah Russell Aug 2021

Such a lovely class! So informative and fun and I absolutely love my dream catcher. Definitely recommend, Nikki is so wonderful.

Floristry workshop review by Sarah Russell

Amanda Sekulovska Aug 2021

Such a great class and exceeded expectations. Nikki was wonderful and went above and beyond for us. Myself & 4 others had a private class with Nikki to celebrate my birthday (virtual party due to COVID) and the dreamcatcher class was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The finished product was gorgeous and something to treasure forever. Nikki put a lot of thought into the dreamcatchers and it truly shows. Highly recommend this class. Thank you Nikki!

Stephanie Molzan Aug 2021

Amazing teacher, patient and kind and a wonderful result I will be hanging up my beautiful dream catcher.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Stephanie Molzan

Tyra Martin Aug 2021

Nikki is just amazing in her teaching style. It’s more like we’re friends sitting and and creating this beautiful crystal dreamcatcher together. Cannot wait to do the wreathe class with my son and Nikki

Floristry workshop review by Tyra Martin

Catherine Landers Aug 2021

I absolutely loved this class! Nikki was a fantastic teacher. The at home kit came with plenty of time to spare and in perfect condition. The range of flowers and crystals provided were beautiful and made for a lovely dreamcatcher. The Zoom class was fun, and easy to follow. Great activity to do by yourself or with friends and family, to brighten up your lockdown. Can't wait to display my dreamcatcher!

Caitlin Wilson Jul 2021

This class was great, relaxing informative and have a beautiful dream catcher to show for it. Would recommend.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Caitlin Wilson

Molly Gordon Jul 2021

I loved this class. You can be really creative and add your own ideas to the dreamcatcher. Nikki was a great teacher and very supportive and encouraging.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Molly Gordon

Claire Bohlsen Jun 2021

Such an amazing experience! Nikki was such a good teacher, very professional and friendly. The whole night was very relaxing and so much fun, perfect choice for a girls night!

Vicky-Rae Renier-Clark May 2021

It was a great class with Nikki, and she is so personable and great to have a giggle with.
My dreamcatcher turned out absolutely beautiful as well.

Floristry workshop review by Vicky-Rae Renier-Clark Sydney

Vincenza Rocca May 2021

A great workshop. Nikki was very friendly and helpful. I never thought of adding crystals to a dreamcatcher before and I love my final result. Thanks Nikki!

Floristry workshop review by Vincenza Rocca

Melissa Sutton Mar 2021

Had a lot of fun, trying something new. With a beautiful dream catcher at the end, it turned out just like the photos.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Melissa Sutton

Linda Gabel Mar 2021

So happy with how my dream catcher turned out, everyone loves it. So glad with Nikki's guidance to find a craft I really enjoy.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Linda Gabel Sydney

Megan Vu Jan 2021

Nikki was absolutely amazing. She is a patient teacher and guides you through the process in a logical manner. She modified her instructions to suit myself and my friend. Prior to the lesson, a packaged arrived with the equipment required for the class. Honestly wish I found her sooner. Perfect for a hens party.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Megan Vu

Belinda Timms Jan 2021

The class was highly engaging and Nikki is a great, patient teacher. Such a creative workshop.

Floristry workshop review by Belinda Timms

Mikeala Wheeler Nov 2020

My class today with Nikki was AMAZING! She is so insightful and creative! She helped me make the most beautiful dream catcher and the flowers were stunning! The quality of all the materials were fantastic I would highly recommend Nikki’s class to anyone.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Mikeala Wheeler

Linda Gabel Oct 2020

The time flew and I enjoyed trusting my eyes rather than engaging my brain, very mindful, and the teacher, Nikki, extremely helpful, inspiring and patient. And I am left with something beautiful I created!

Floristry workshop review by Linda Gabel

Claire Cooke Oct 2020

This class is terrific fun! I enjoyed making my first ever dream catcher. This is a must try class!

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Claire Cooke

Tammy Hamers Oct 2020

Beautiful products and beautiful finished creation. Great class and Nikki is a great, friendly teacher.

Floristry workshop review by Tammy Hamers Sydney

Nettie Young Oct 2020

Loved the class and hearing Nikki's story of how it all came about. Dried flowers and craft items were of high quality, in generous supply and packaged beautifully. A wonderful experience

Floristry workshop review by Nettie Young

Ilona Prevedello Oct 2020

I'm in love with my dreamcatcher! Thank you to the lovely teacher Nikki for providing the high quality ingredients along with the fun and easy-to-understand class. Will reccommend to my friends x

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Ilona Prevedello Sydney

Claire Dunn Oct 2020

Beautiful class my dream catcher Eros amazing I was going to give it away but I’m keeping it for myself!

Floristry workshop review by Claire Dunn

Tulin Sayah Oct 2020

What an amazing evening with Nikki

A mindful - meditative experience created with this Dream Catcher class - Love my end result.

Thanks for a lovely class Nikki

Floristry workshop review by Tulin Sayah

Kate Laughlan Oct 2020

Nikki was clear with her instructions, helpful, informative but allowed us to work at our own pace. The class was really fun and also relaxing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chiara Sgroi Oct 2020

Thank you so much for teaching us how to make the dream catcher. It was packaged so nicely and was so much fun to make!

Stephanie Maria Oct 2020

Nikki made creating a thing of great beauty so easy! Her selection of flowers were beautiful and her guidance on how and where to use each one was good. She was also very encouraging - telling us that the weaving of twine was the trickiest part as we fumbled through it. I really enjoyed this online class and would recommend it to anyone who thinks they aren't creative.

Carer Vmch Sep 2020

Nikki was very warm, inspiring and knowledgeable. They kits she sent us were beautifully presented and the materials were of a very high quality.

Laura Champion Sep 2020

Me and my sister joined this wonderful class today to create beautiful dreamer catcher with Nikki. It was a fun class creating something so beautiful. Would recommend, Nikki was a lovely teacher and was great learning how to use dried flowers to make a dream catcher

Floristry workshop review by Laura Champion Sydney

Rachel Watkins Sep 2020

This workshop was wonderful! The materials were high quality and the instructions easy to follow. It was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon and I can’t wait to hang up my beautiful dream catcher. Would highly recommend.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Rachel Watkins

Sarah McKenzie Sep 2020

I loved the class, it was so fun to make, and the supplies are great quality and so pretty.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Sarah McKenzie

Kiri Sep 2020

Great fun, the packs were presented beautifully. Loved getting creative and the instructions were clear. Thank you

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Kiri Sydney

Jade Sep 2020

I had the best time in this class! I would 100% recommend! Nikki is a patient and encouraging teacher and she gave us brilliant materials to work with. Definitely think this class is worth it!

Floristry workshop review by Jade Sydney

India Anderson Sep 2020

I had a great time and the flowers and materials provide were great quality, even got an extra crystal

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by India Anderson Sydney

Lisa Ho Sep 2020

Awesome class loved the people as well. Good ISO session for stress relief. Would recommend to anyone

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Lisa Ho

Holsworthy Group Sep 2020

This was a great class, with amazing quality products supplied and beautifully presented when the parcel arrived.
The final product is stunning.

Floristry workshop review by Holsworthy Group

Belinda Winter Sep 2020

I really enjoyed this class - Nikki made it fun and easy and they turned out great

Krystle Dunkley Sep 2020

Amazing class. Great conversation whilst learning how to place the flowers to come out with a beautiful piece. Thank you, I had a great time and would highly recommend.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Krystle Dunkley

Helen Barr Aug 2020

A very fun and relaxing class with a knowledgeable, kind and patient teacher! I really like the finished product too and the message behind it about harnessing positive energy. Thank you Nikki!

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Helen Barr

Vanessa Chong Aug 2020

I loved this class with Nikki, she made my first Zoom workshop very enjoyable. It was helpful that she had two cameras set up so I could clearly see her demonstration. The craft box also arrived beautifully packaged and flowers were of high quality. Would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you Nikki!

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Vanessa Chong Sydney

Lauren Cole Aug 2020

Really fun, relaxing afternoon making a Moon dream-catcher with Nikki! It was my first zoom workshop, and I really enjoyed it! The box arrived beautifully wrapped with more than enough flowers and other cute bits! I would definitely recommend this class

Floristry workshop review by Lauren Cole

Sarah Selvey Jul 2020

Great class - the flowers provided were all amazing quality and more than enough for the wreath. Nikki was very patient and had some really useful tips - the time just flew by.

Mickala McMahon Jul 2020

This was such a wonderful class with a really pretty craft set sent out for supplies.

Amy Floyd Jun 2020

I really enjoyed the Floral Dreamcatcher with Flowers Workshop with Nikki. She was very clear with her directions/instructions and gave me helpful tips where needed in modifying the design.
She was also patient due to the fact that I had many technical difficulties connecting via Zoom.
Overall, it was a great workshop, and I would definitely do more workshops with Nikki in the future. I am really happy with my finished product.

Joanne Petrenko Jun 2020

Really enjoyable class. Provided with a vast array of dried flowers. Loved the final product. Thanks Nikki.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Joanne Petrenko

Alena Tsarkova Jun 2020

Nikki was such a great teacher I absolutely LOVED the class and how the wreath turned out. I usually don't have the time do something for myself, or if I do, I always end up doing something for others. Doing this class helped me to completely switch off and think only about how to lay these beautiful flowers around the wreath.
Floral arrangements is something that always scared me, but Nikki taught you about the flowers and guided you from start to finish on how to arrange them in a beautiful way.
Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to have some time to themselves, who loves flowers and loves creating with their hands.
Thank you Nikki I can't stop looking at it :)

Floristry workshop review by Alena Tsarkova

Vanessa Opazo May 2020

I would recommend this workshop to everyone!
Nikki is a very talented and passionate florist artist.
She is very knowledgeable and you can tell that she really loves what she does and enjoys sharing it with others.
She provides you with all the materials you need and the end result is absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to hang it and have it as a reminder that any day is a good day to pause and do something for yourself.

Make a Dream Catcher with Flowers and Crystal review by Vanessa Opazo Sydney

Katrina Sonneveld May 2020

This was an incredible class, I had so much fun! Nikki gave me the confidence (and the perfect materials!) to put my own spin on the project and I’m so proud of myself for how it turned out. I couldn’t recommend her and her classes more highly!

Floristry workshop review by Katrina Sonneveld
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