Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop

2 hours 15 mins Class size 1 to 40 label $99 or 4 payments of $24.75 Afterpay

Your teacher, Kimberley Chocolates is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

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We also provide gloves for students to wear during the workshop.

In this fun and relaxed class, you'll get to blend odourants, such as musk, neroli, jasmine, bergamot, lily, cedar, frangipani, and much, much more. Play with different combinations and embark on a mesmerising journey of discovery, where the destination is a perfume that you'll love, perhaps one that you might say is an extension of yourself. Your scent. Suitable for both genders!

You'll start with a brief history of perfume, and learn about our sense of smell, and its intimate connection with emotions and memory. We'll discuss how perfume is layered using odourants that evaporate at different rates, and you'll learn handy tips on fragrance making.

As you apply perfume, you'll first encounter the top note, since it's made up of highly volatile odourants. Choose from the same odours used by major perfume houses, and blend them until you have a fragrance that is close to your soul.

The next stage is to mix the heart note. Again, you'll choose and mix odourants until you feel that that the perfume is in tune with your own heart.

The base note of the perfume is what endures and lingers. Woody, musk and amber are predominant odourants for this note.

Within each layer, you'll get to choose from lots of different odours, and you'll have plenty of time to smell them all, to find and test the ingredients and blend that appeals most to you. Your teacher, Joseph, will give you one on one feedback and will assist you to balance and fine-tune your concoction if you like, but otherwise you'll be free to explore and let your creativity run wild.

You'll take home two 30ml bottles of perfume (valued at $120 each). Perfect as a heartfelt and unique gift, for someone special (or for yourself). Glass spray bottles are provided.

This class is priced at $125 per person, so get in quick while it’s at the opening special price of $99. For private events, our venue can accommodate 35+ guests.

Please arrive by 6.45pm for a 7pm start (Friday classes), or by 12.45pm for a 1pm start (Saturday classes).

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Suitable for

This class is perfect for beginners - no prior experience is needed.
This class is a great indoor activity idea for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.

This would also be a great Xmas gift idea.


209 Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield NSW

Your teacher can also travel within 20 kms of Lilyfield for private classes

Your teacher
Kimberley Chocolates
Kimberley Chocolates

Chocolatier since 1994

4.8 (168)

My name is Joseph, and I started Kimberley Chocolates to produce high-quality chocolates in Sydney. I held a BSc in Food Science and wanted to make great chocolate more accessible to our community, including by combining it with flavours like chilli, lemon myrtle, and quandong (Australia's 'native peach'). Kimberley Chocolates won the gold award at the Royal Easter Show Chocolate Competition, and I started to appear in the media more often. People started contacting me to learn more about chocolates, and I realised that there is a great need for chocolate education, and that's where our chocolate workshops started!

But my passions and skills don't just stop at chocolate, I've also spent my fair share of time in perfumeries. I'm qualified in Organic Chemistry and Food Science from the University of NSW and worked for many years with the extraction of oils used for fragrance and food flavouring as well as at Unilever in the laboratory producing and testing perfume. Six years ago, I studied perfumery and with his my newly-refined sense of smell and skills in producing olfactory compositions, I began creating my own perfume. This led to sharing my knowledge and skills with others and three years ago I began running fun, hands-on perfume making classes in Lilyfield. As it is difficult to run classes during COVID-19 the Craft Perfume Box was created to bring the perfume-making experience to your home.

My teaching style is playful and fun, and very hands-on - the more sampling and laughing that happens, the better!

Verified reviews

Melina Uong • Sep 2020

Joseph is very personable and highly knowledgeable.

We enjoyed our time immensely. Thank you Joseph!

Javeera Mannie • Sep 2020

The class was so much fun , I defiantly recommend. Joesph was our lovely host and my partner and I learnt so much!

Sarah Joannides • Sep 2020

Would definitely recommend this class! Very happy with the perfumes that I made! Thank you Joseph ☺️

Kerstyn Walsh • Aug 2020

Joseph was very helpful and clearly knows his stuff. The location was a bit surprising, but functional nonetheless.
We made some great takeaways and it is good value for money.

Darren Sivewright • Aug 2020

Brilliant class. I wasn't sure what to expect when my wife booked the course but we had a great time. Absolutely recommend this class. Joseph was great, very approachable and great people skills.

Perfume Making workshop review by Darren Sivewright

Kirstie Milton • Aug 2020

Fantastic experience. Joseph was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. My husband and I had a wonderful time. Fun class and would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Perfume Making workshop review by Kirstie Milton

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Radhika Balakrishnan • Jul 2020

He is very friendly,supportive and knowledgiable. Great for the new comers in this field.i am highly appreciating his way of teaching.Great.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Radhika Balakrishnan

Serena Brierly • Jul 2020

We loved the intro with the history of perfume. Joseph was such a delight and really passionate about what he does! Would have loved to know more about Joseph’s background with perfume! Only thing is it would have been great to have a smaller class as it we would have loved more of his input into our concoctions! Definitely recommend and we had a blast! Thank you from Serena and Adam :D

Perfume Making workshop review by Serena Brierly

Yolanda • Jul 2020

An enjoyable afternoon held by all,
Joseph was very helpful with assisting to choose from the great variety of fragrances to create our very own signature perfume.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Yolanda  Sydney

Trudy Crawford • Jun 2020

Great fun! I was a bit scared to try different scents in case I ruined my perfume but Joseph was great at finding ways to fix any blips. He is very knowledgeable and approachable.

Tarryn Carter • Jun 2020

Joseph was a great teacher. Explained everything that was needed to be able to kick start an individual scent.
Really enjoyed using his skill and experience!
Can’t wait for his chocolate class!
Great afternoon.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Tarryn Carter Sydney

Mustafa Cencik • Jun 2020

Very helpful teacher! Gives great feedback and helps you enough to make sure you’re satisfied with what you make!

Perfume Making workshop review by Mustafa Cencik Sydney

Tarryn Carter • Jun 2020

Very helpful and understanding of personal outcome. Went above and beyond for me. Very grateful!

Stacey Grieco • Mar 2020

Joseph was very knowledgeable and ran a great workshop - we learnt about the history of perfume, the layers and complexity involved in making it - and then got to work and found that yes, it's harder than it looks! Walked away with two home-made perfumes under the careful tuition of Joseph. We really enjoyed it, and recommend it.

Belinda Clark • Feb 2020

Joseph was very knowledgeable and had a great nose for fixing scents. He connected well with the group. The group was very large and it took a long time for Jospeh to assess your perfume. At the end we all had two bottles of our own unique scents.

Vanessa Playford • Feb 2020

Informative and fun! Perhaps also good would be a page handout to take home with info on good pairings etc
Eg sandalwood helps offset vanilla

All v informative - so fun to do with my friend

Bethany Taylor • Feb 2020

Joseph was fantastic! Very knowledgable and really helpful and generous with his time especially as we were a full class! Would highly recommend.

Kyla Sy • Jan 2020

The class was very enjoyable. We were all a bit lost in the beginning, but Joseph helped us perfect our signature scents. Would recommend!

Josh Forrester • Jan 2020

Great fun and would definitely recommend! Nice brief history lesson followed by trialling all sorts of smells. The one tiny improvement suggestion is to have common scent favourites such as cinnamon, but this hardly detracts from the quality of the class and teacher.

Denise Celestino • Jan 2020

Joseph is a lovely man. Helpful full of history. A little confusing but a fun class.

Blane Crockart • Jan 2020

Amazing class and great way to introduce yourself to how cologne is made. Thank you for your time today, I just wish you had a second advanced class!

Thanks again,

Lisa Pendleton • Jan 2020

Great class. Joseph is very knowledgeable and it was lots of fun. I would highly recommend.

Mary Oshana • Jan 2020

Joseph is a very charismatic, knowledgeable leader. It very interesting to learn the process of making perfumes. Most importantly, we had so much fun in the process! A great way to spend a Saturday.

Thanks Jo!

Mark Trinidad • Jan 2020

Teacher was awesome, was very knowledgeable and the class was fun! would highly recommend to others.

Suzanne Roth • Jan 2020

Really enjoyed this unique class - learnt a lot & came out with some lovely perfume. Thank you Joseph for setting us off on a new olfactory journey!

Monique Bryson • Jan 2020

Joseph was amazing! He always had a smile on his face and endless patience for every person in the class. It was an amazing environment and Joseph’s brief history of perfume was very informative. Thank you so much!

Iris Lo • Dec 2019

Good class, had lots of fun and happy with the 2 bottles I mixed! Very knowledable and patience teacher. Highly recommended!

Hayde Gilbert • Nov 2019

The venue is good clean and tidy , Joseph is very informative all the question has been answered and very helpful

Stephanie Foran • Nov 2019

Joseph was very knowledgeable about perfume making and he kindly helped everyone in the class achieve the best scent possible.

Courtney Thorpe • Oct 2019

Joseph was a lovely person to work with for my signature scent workshop. The workshop was very popular and sold out quickly. Thank you.

Vickie Fry • Sep 2019

I loved the perfume making class. Our teacher Joseph was very knowledgeable and helpful and encouraged us to experiment with all the scents. I made my own perfume and am so pleased with how it turned out. Since wearing my own personalized scent, I have had many compliments on its fragrance, which lasts for hours.
Making perfume is a complex art but it was so enjoyable smelling the different aromas and trying to mix them into our own personalized scent. It was a lovely way to spend 2 hours and I would certainly do this class again.

Alexandra Cassar • Sep 2019

Class was fantastic! I learned so much and came away with some great scents. Thanks Joseph.

Jo Tai • Aug 2019

Joseph is a lovely teacher. He let us play around different fragrances and fixed us up when we were not sure what to mix or match. He is very approachable and have a lot of knowledge about perfume. I have no doubt to recommend his class to anyone. Have fun x

Sharon • Aug 2019

I recently attended the perfume making class . It was a pleasant experience and we had plenty of time to experiment and mix our own perfumes. Cute little bottles to take home. I would have liked more tuition to understand the fundamentals of making perfume and a more orderly process of blending different components to achieve the desired outcome

Phoebe Rogers • Aug 2019

Joseph was very warm, and easygoing and allowed us to experiment. He also helped when we got stuck with creating scents. Really nice way to spend an afternoon and get creative.

Perfume Making workshop review by Phoebe Rogers

Doug Venables • Aug 2019

The teacher was very friendly and engaging. The workshop was very enjoyable and a great group activity.

Stephanie Taylor • Aug 2019

Joseph was very knowledgeable and clearly knows a lot about fragrance however the class size was far too big. It felt a little chaotic with 18 people trying to create their signature fragrances. Some structure and concise content would help Joseph keep the class on track.

Abigail Sia • Jul 2019

My friend and I had a terrific time with Joseph in the workshop! So much fragrances, so much fun, and Joseph has so much knowledge and experience to share! No questions is ever too hard for Joseph to answer, and there is no stuffed up that he can't fixed either (provided that we follow his instructions to begin with). The only suggestion is perhaps, to have a smaller class size or a support person, as Joseph tried so hard to give his attention to everyone of us, but overall, it was a great day and we enjoyed it so much!

Robyn Hutch • Jul 2019

Had a great time at the make your own fragrance workshop. For me there was a good balance of theory and just getting in there and having a go. While the workshop is all about being creative some kind of guidance on what groups of fragrances we had would have helped too.

Alan Lake • Jul 2019

I attended the make your own perfume class and it was terrific.
Joseph who ran the class was great and definitely had a well trained nose, he helped me perfect both perfumes that I mixed and made sure I was happy with them.
All the ingredients they had to mix with were very nice and you could tell they were of a very high quality.
I was the only male in the class but never felt out of place, I urge more men to come and have a go at making yourself a personal scent.
I actually wouldn't mind doing it again, in fact once my bottle runs out I may very well be back to try and duplicate my original flavour.
Very glad I cametop notch class

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Alan Lake

Ira Goyal • Jul 2019

My friends and I really enjoyed this experience! Joseph was an excellent guide and is very knowledgable. He helped each and every one of us along the way to make sure we were happy with the final product. The whole class was lots of fun and it's quite special to have our own unique fragrances at the end of it.

Ira Goyal • Jul 2019

My friends and I really enjoyed this experience! Joseph was an excellent guide and is very knowledgable. He helped each and every one of us along the way to make sure we were happy with the final product. The whole class was lots of fun and it's quite special to have our own unique fragrances at the end of it.

Alicia Druery • Jun 2019

Joseph is a lovely teacher and very helpful. He made sure we went home with a perfume we were happy with. Thank you for a great class.

Russell Fedorowicz • Jun 2019

Loved the class. Wish there were more location options maybe say Parramatta?

Good amounts of materials maybe could've had some more niche ingredients but overall great variety.

Very good value for money and the instructor was very lovely and extremely knowledgeable.

Labelling on ingredients could have been better, more scientific descriptions as options for more learning.

Would recommend to others.

Anna Alexandratos • Jun 2019

Although late the class was set out to simplify the creation process in stages the paper given out helped us map out the quantities of each scent with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the turkish delight ans was amazed we got to take home 2 bottles and create different scents.

Gzing Saadi • Jun 2019

Loved the class! Our instructor Joseph was extremely knowledgeable and kind. Got to make some amazing perfumes , I made one scent for my partner and one for myself . We loved every second of it !

Erin Sanderson • May 2019

Awesome hands on class! Joseph was a great facilitator and very knowledgeable about blending fragrances.

Renee Cipollone • Apr 2019

I’m really happy with the fragrances but would have been better to have less people as it was too crowded.

Teresa Rolfe • Apr 2019

I got this workshop as a birthday present and I was not let down! Joseph was informative, bubbly and took the class to a new level - a proper teacher makes all the difference and he certainly made the drive from Canberra worth it. The venue was clean, large and workable for what we were doing. The treat of Turkish Delight upon arrival was also appreciated!

Although I didn't purchase this course for myself I still think it was worth the money and would buy it again and would buy it for someone else. I went with another family member but we met some lovely people so I think it is also nice to go solo and meet new people in a friendly environment.

I learnt a lot about the history of fragrance, and what scents go well together and what may be too potent. Not only did I leave knowledgeable but I left with two custom bottles and I now get complimented daily on my creations.

A charming experience which I highly recommend. Thanks Joseph you were fabulous!

Jo Berton • Mar 2019

Hi Joseph,

Many thanks for such an enjoyable class. We love the fragrances we created. The setup was smooth with just enough people in the class to allow movement all around the tables.

James Zagarella • Mar 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed workshop. Joseph provided some interesting knowledge and background to fragrances. The workshop was enjoyable, creative and very hands on. I’m eager to book in again. James

Pamela Manouras • Mar 2019

This class was so much fun, Joseph is so well knowledged about perfume and made it interesting and enjoyable. Thank you so much!

Naomi Feigl • Feb 2019

An enjoyable experience - and learned a lot too. A great way to celebrate a birthday, friendship, Valentines Day or simply an afternoon with an old friend and making new ones.

Marilina Ripoll • Feb 2019

The class was so much fun! Joseph is informative, lovely and super helpful in defining my 2 perfumes. We got to take home 2 bottles of our own signature scent!

Kerrie Candles • Feb 2019

A great way to spend a Friday night. Learnt a brief history on perfume then the rest of the night was spent making your own personalised scents. I wore one of my creations and have had a few compliments already! Thank you for a great workshop.

Jenny Stanojevic • Feb 2019

Joseph knows his stuff! He was patient and so willing to share his passion. The class was very engaging and lots of fun!

Nathan Collett • Feb 2019

After a brief history and theory introduction it was straight in to making our own perfumes. The instructor provided good feedback on how to balance our perfumes, but otherwise let us experiment with the range of bases, perfumes and oils provided.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Nathan Collett

Elle Gibbons • Feb 2019

While Joseph was perfectly nice I was hugely disappointed with this workshop and I thought it was very expensive for what it was. I paid $100 for this class because I genuinely wanted to learn something about how to make perfume not to just throw a bunch of scents together in a bottle and hope for the best.
The class was poorly conceived - we weren't educated about how scents fall into different categories e.g. floral vs woody vs oriental, nor were we given any guidance on which scents worked well together, nor were we advised on ratios or volumes. The only scent mentioned was Jasmin and that because it was very strong to only add one drop at a time. Well what about the others?
Most of us needed to get our perfumes 'fixed' which was not surprising because we were adding in scents based on how each one smelled, not on how it would work with another scent. We queued for Joseph's help and invariably we were told to add one of his pre-mixed perfumes. Or he would say: "Do you know what you put in there? You need to repeat it." The answer is no because a) we weren't told to keep a track of what we were doing, b) weren't advised to bring a notepad and pen so that we could keep track and c) essentially told at the start of the class that ratios etc didn't matter.
The class also lacked structure and organisation. There were 13 or 14 students - too many for us to all comfortably have access to the table and scents. I'd recommend putting the base notes, heart notes and top notes on different tables so that they don't get mixed up and it would allow for better movement of people.

Dannise Martin • Jan 2019

Joseph was a great teacher. The group was very happy with this workshop. It was fun and great to take home 2 bottles of fragrance that we personally blended ourselves. Expect a lot of fun more than learning about making perfume. Joseph does give a background to perfume history and touches on the top, heart and base notes but its only a 2 hour class and most of that time appropriately goes into the blending process. Joseph will help with the end product if it needs a little more of this or that. Fun and interesting!

Manja Rhijn • Dec 2018

Joseph was a very passionate teacher who had a lot of knowledge on perfumes. This activity was super enjoyable and very different I would definitely recommend this class for people who are wanting something a bit unique. You get to go home with two perfumes of your own creation. It was so cool to see how different everyone's creations was. I cant wait to wear my new perfumes out.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Manja Rhijn

Johnathon Russo • Nov 2018

The studio was absolutely wonderful - it was great to get an insight into how perfume is made and dabble around and create something for ourselves - our own signature scent!
Joseph was fantastic - very helpful - passionate - clear - and listened intensively! With all the fails in the class he was able to sit down individually and solve the problems. Would definitely do again and recommend to others!

Perfume Making workshop review by Johnathon Russo

Michelle Webster • Nov 2018

Great class. Joseph was very helpful and interactive. The group were also excellent - chatting together and helping each other.

Perfume Making workshop review by Michelle Webster

Karen Baillie • Nov 2018

Joseph was charming but I felt I didn’t really learn anything new and I didn’t like the fact that most of the “oils” used were synthetic. I was not sure why there were premade fragrances eg Arpege to,which we added more oils.
The venue was nice with easy parking in the surrounding streets.

Danielle Desira • Oct 2018

Had actually booked this class in as party of a hens party/event and its with my pleasure to say all the girls had thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Joseph's class was incredible and super informative and gave us a brief history of how fragrance came about and much more. Loved how we were able to create a couple of fragrances either for ourselves or for our party and found this was a great take home gift for the girls who attended the event! Joseph was also super accomodating with all the plans prior which made the booking and setting up process with such ease. Would highly recommend the class to those looking for something different and personalised! Thank you Joseph!

Perfume Making workshop review by Danielle Desira Sydney

King Six • Oct 2018

Our a Table for Six members enjoyed the Fragrance Class on Saturday afternoon. They said it was a lot of fun and very interactive with a great teacher.

Irene Zarate • Oct 2018

We had a great time making perfume for my 40th Birthday. Our teacher Joseph was lovely and very informative. I highly recommend this place for a perfume workshop.

Rachel Kennedy • Sep 2018

The fragrance class was heaps of fun! It was very hands on and we were encouraged to be creative, but our teacher Joseph also gave us guidance and he really helped me to understand how perfumes work. His style was very relaxed and he made our small group feel at ease. The class itself was surprisingly good value because we got to take our creations home. I actually want to to do it again so I can come up with more combinations!

Jolanta Douek • Sep 2018

The teacher was great and the class was fun and very hands on. Great experience!

Perfume Making workshop review by Jolanta Douek Sydney

Areyan • Aug 2018

This is a fun interactive informative sensory fest.
Should have brought my 13 year old but got to go home with scents and a little more clarity about what I like and confirm what I don’t like. Joseph (Teacher) let’s you get on with it and available for questions and suggestions.

Perfume Making workshop review by Areyan
Can we learn how to make room sprays? Or diffusers?

The odourants that we use in this perfume/fragrance workshop apply only for personal perfume. You will have the opportunity to make two X 30mls perfumes. The odourants for the room deoderiser or diffuser will require different odourants from the perfume.

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