Make Your Own Glasses Frames Workshop

Learn how to make your own glasses or sunglasses frames

4.5 hours 1 to 4 label $300 or 4 payments of $75 with

A unique opportunity to learn how to make your own pair of spectacle or sunglass frames.

Led by Chris Savage from Monster Mouse Studios, you will have the get to make a pair of frames from a slab of Acetate (coloured plastic block) and stainless steel sides.

Using a jeweller's saw, files, a dremel, sandpaper and some creativity, you will get to pick a shape and make your very own pair of frames.

Everybody gets to choose from 10 different coloured plastics and 8 different styles (shapes) for the front of your glasses, 3 different colours of metal for the sides, and finally from 3 different colours for your tinted lenses. Or if you wear prescription, upgrade to script sunglasses or clear lenses.

After 4 and a half hours you will have a pair of frames ready to have your prescription or sunglass lenses fitted!

A pair of non prescription tinted sunglass lenses are included in the price. There is an extra cost for prescription which can be fitted by me in the next week, or by your local optometrist.

Add-on available for this class

Single Vision Prescription Lenses (Multicoated) ($100)

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Knowledge Required
Perfect for beginners!
What you'll get
The parts to make a complete spectacle frame;
- Acetate (plastic) frame front
- Coloured Stainless Steel Sides (Gold, Silver and Gunmetal).
- Tinted Lenses (Green, Grey or Brown) or take $50 off the cost of your
prescription lenses
- Spectacle case and cleaning cloth
What to bring
Clothes that you dont mind getting dirty, and your creativity!

Monster Mouse Studios - 9 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW

Your teacher
Chris Savage
Chris Savage

4.6 (8)

Chris Savage is an Eyewear designer based in the inner west of Sydney whose passion is the design and creation of bespoke and unique eyewear. He is also highly committed to the repurposing of materials, and uses as many recycled materials he can whilst still maintaining the high quality look and feel of his unique eyewear.

What started as a hobby, designing and creating eyewear in his spare time, has become an enduring passion. Chris will happily share his knowledge and passion through classes where you can make your own pair of frames for prescription or to protect you from the sun.


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Verified reviews

• Oct 2019

The workshop was THE most fun, informative and practical one I have ever done. I will definitely be back for more classes. Chris is so knowledgeable and patience that I may, as a full-time eyeglass wearer, may never buy ready mades again.

• Oct 2019

This was a present for my partner. She arrived "on-time" at 1pm. Chris the teacher decided to notify students via email to arrive 15mins early to the class. This would be fine, however he sent this email firstly to a person who inst attending the class, secondly it was sent at 10:30pm the day before! My partner arrived to find the class had already started and Chris making a comment that she was late and he would need to help her to get back up to speed.

The process of choosing a glasses shape was rushed with little help. my partner came prepared with shapes and glasses she liked however you can only chose from pre-made templates that have little variant and consideration with face shapes.
This ended in a shape that my partner wasn't happy with.

Great idea for a course, not planned well.



Hi Toby,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I am sorry that your partner did not enjoy the class as I would have hoped. I have taken your feedback on board and am working on an automated email that will go out as soon as someone registers the class with the details of what to expect, including the shapes and colours available to choose from. The email was sent to the only address that was supplied to me by class bento, and I wrongly assumed it was her personal email address not yours.

The aim of the class is to give everybody, even those without prior knowledge or skills the opportunity to make a pair of eyewear frames for sunglasses or prescription lenses. In order to do this in the 4 hours I have tried to keep the process simple and to do that I have a selection of shapes for everyone to choose from along with the colours of the plastic and sides. As a class we all participated in helping chose which shape we were making and I thought your partner was happy with her choice to make a pair of prescription sunglasses, which we all helped her choose from a style that I had not included in the original selection. I don’t recall her having brought in any styles. I chose to help her towards the end of the class as we were running over time, and I really wanted everyone to finish their pair and she appeared happy to have the help as we were already running over time on a Saturday evening, not because she was behind.

I have tightened up the process and I hope that those who chose to do the classes in the future will benefit from the changes that I have made to streamline the class and have it better panned.”

• Oct 2019

A great afternoon with good tools and materials, small class size and attentive instruction. Chris is obviously very experienced and a great teacher.

• Oct 2019

Chris was such an awesome teacher! Very calm and knowledgeable regarding the industry. The materials used are of a very high standard and the glasses end up looking so professional. I would thoroughly recommend this class!

• Oct 2019

Chris is an excellent teacher and experienced in his field. Our small class was guided through the process of manufacturing our chosen spectacle frames. I would recommend Chris's class to anyone who wants to be intimately involved in the making of their glasses. Surprisingly it is not that hard but does require a little manual sawing and filing. I will do this class again next year to make another pair of glasses.

• Oct 2019

Awesome workshop and lots of fun. The teacher was really patient, helpful and super informative. I recommend this class to everyone!

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• Aug 2019

Chris was a great teacher; extremely knowledgeable, patient and approachable. Highly recommend this course for all! This was an amazing course to get an idea into the art of frame making!

Make Your Own Glasses Frames Workshop review by Gia Nguyen Sydney

• Aug 2019

Chris was patient and offered helpful advice each step of the way. the class was fun and i left with my own pair of bespoke frames. materials and tools were all there with safety instructions provided by Chris. i highly recommend this course.

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