Yvette Swan

Yvette Swan

4.8 (13)

45 mins 1 to 20 label $18 or 4 payments of $4.50 Afterpay

One Hour Meditation Classes for you to recognise the truth of who you are which is always here. Coming back to silence allows you to recognise the awareness you are.

Become aware of thoughts, emotions, the body, and the stories of the personal self. Recognise who you are beyond all this that comes and goes. Be aware of your true self that is always here and never comes and goes.

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Knowledge Required
No experience required.
What to bring
Chairs are provided but if you wish to sit on cushions please bring them along. Depending on the season you my wish to bring along a blanket.

Paper Rock Scissors Art Studio - Paper Rock Scissors Art Studio, 760 Darling Street, Rozelle NSW

Your teacher can also travel within 15km of Rozelle for private classes

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Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan

20yr+ experience in art, 3yr+ in meditation

4.8 (13)

For over the past 20 years I have been a professional artist in the medium of painting. I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at University of NSW, Collage of Fine Arts, Sydney. I worked in the film and photographic industries to then come back full circle to my love of painting. From this love I have exhibited in over 35 solo and group shows in galleries within Australia. Through my work I explore the essence of life – awareness, love, and the source of our being.

In recent years I have taught art as well as meditation classes in Sydney and Northern NSW. Since then I have combined the two to create a fun and relaxing abstract painting, with some meditation, day class. The purpose of this is to allow people to let go of mind ways of being and open to the natural essence they are. From this space the painting is creative, free flowing, and enjoyable. There are no rules as one opens to joy and creation.

I have also created meditation classes (see dates on Classbento website). These came about from my love of being with people and opening to the truth of who we are - awareness. I have explored various avenues to open to awareness and have created classes and one to one sessions from opening myself up to what is real. Behind all the stories and different life situations we are all the one self - awareness. I love that we are awakening more rapidly on this planet in this moment of great change. We are coming back home from within.

I currently create through painting, writing, art and meditation classes, and also provide one to one awareness sessions for people to open to our true self. Whatever medium I use, the purpose behind it is my love to open more deeply to truth and freedom. I am deeply interested in people awakening to who they are. Our creative endeavors are an extension of our natural essence.

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