Meditation for Relaxation and Transformation

Learn how to connect with your body and breath to help manage stress and anxiety

Angela Ambrosia

Angela Ambrosia

4.8 (5)

1 hour Class size 5 to 100     label $10 - $20 ($20 per guest when you book for 5+ guests, $10 for 10+ guests)

In this class, you will learn how to connect with your body, consciousness and breath, to release stress, manage anxiety and build wellness and connection with your inner self.

This class is perfect for all levels as you are guided by your instructor Angela, a healer and oneness meditation teacher and movement consultant with over 20 years of experience with deep listening to the body, soul and emotions. She will teach you how to focus your attention to get a deeper state of awakening, calm, heart-opening and the ability to be present with your self.

Angela can work with large groups 50 and more or smaller groups for more intimate consultation, as well as one-on-one sessions. You can book a group class to cater to your specific needs.

The class is available via live streaming through Zoom or we can work to arrange a suitable outdoor location in Sydney to connect with nature.

Through breathing and meditation, Angela shares techniques to relax the body and connect you to your self-healing that aligns your body and consciousness with higher sensitivity to love, self-acceptance and stress management tools. This is perfect if you're looking to add more mindful indoor activities to your self-care at home routine.

The meditation practice can be done seated on a chair or the floor and can be designed for your particular needs and movement abilities. Angela is also in recovery from cancer, so is adept at working with people who have movement limitations or special needs.

All ages are welcome. For groups under the age of 16, special interactive activities can be incorporated to learn techniques for youth with busy minds and energetic bodies, including movement and body exercises.

Knowledge required
None. Beginner-friendly.
What to bring
  • A desire to relax and connect.
  • Warm clothing and layers.
Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 7 years old). An adult must accompany any attending kids. The adult may observe at the class for free.

Your teacher
Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia

25+ years in dance, movement and healing

4.8 (5)

I share with students young and old from 4 to 100 years how to enjoy your body by feeling into the body with music, deeper listening, understanding of dance and the anatomy of the body. I teach how to be confident in your body through understanding your relationship to space, music, rhythm and your intent. If you are looking for healing old habits, lack of confidence, social awkwardness and finding out how to master your body intuitively, I give you very easy quick body awareness skills that allow you to tap into your inner knowing and shift easily out of old habits. I teach belly dance for beginners, body confidence and awareness through movement and meditation and healing with the energy body.

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