Suzie Roach • May 2020

Paint Cherry Blossoms

Teacher is lovely and has great skills, also ever so tolerant of us clowning around! If you get the kit sent out I'd say buy extra white acylic paint as you use alot of white.

Kylie Sandow • May 2020

Paint Cherry Blossoms

A great night full of creativity (and wine)! Perfect experience to share with your friends.

Cindy Rodriguez • May 2020

Paint Cherry Blossoms

Was a great class and was easy to follow. Love these online classes and hope they are here to stay.

Paint Cherry Blossoms review by Cindy Rodriguez

Deonisia Soundias • May 2020

Paint Frangipanis

Loved it, really enjoyable. Relaxing activity to do after working at home all day. And a lot of fun. Thank you .
Thoroughly recommend it :)

Deonisia Soundias • May 2020

Paint Frangipanis

Thank you for a wonderful class. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next one

Kylie Swain • May 2020

Paint Umbrellas and Sip Wine

This was my second class, I thoroughly enjoyed it.The teacher is encouraging and really easy to understand. Can’t wait to do another class!

Paint Umbrellas and Sip Wine review by Kylie Swain

Jason Brown • May 2020

Paint Umbrellas and Sip Wine

I have never painted before, very easy to follow and picture turned out better than I expected. I will certainly be doing again. Thank you

Caitlyn Hoey • May 2020

Paint Umbrellas and Sip Wine

Omg Revi is the cutest and I just had a bloody blast. Absolutely would do again, a bit addicted to be honest.

Painting workshop review by Caitlyn Hoey

Marina Buscaino • May 2020

Paint a Dragon Flying

The first painting that I have ever done and it was a lot of fun. The teacher was great and went at a good pace.

Kylie Swain • Apr 2020

Paint Like Klimt

I enjoyed the class, loads of fun, teacher was easy to follow. I’ve already booked another course

Painting workshop review by Kylie Swain Sydney

Bella Park • Apr 2020

Paint Sunset Pines

i really enjoyed this class. my teacher was very helpful and good at showing us different techniques on how to do the painting.

Christin McCormack • Apr 2020

Paint a Fantasy Elephant

Loved this class
Heaps of fun and highly recommend
It was easy to follow and I did not think I
Could ever do anything like this

Kahli Adams • Apr 2020

Paint a Wine Glass

Overall a great class, good pace, nice motif, great instructor! Will sign up for another one for sure.

Painting workshop review by Kahli Adams

Karen Mackenzie • Apr 2020

Paint an Autumn Tree

Hi, I've just completed my first online art class ever. The teacher was fantastic. It worked really well. Thank you

Brianna Hewitt • Mar 2020

Painting class

incredible day celebrating my sisters hens, the teacher’s were hilarious and really helped you out! will be coming back :)
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