Chrystie-Lea Liddy • Aug 2020

Paint Pop Art Warhol Style

Nikki was really great with interacting with all ‘budding’ artists.
For a first timer myself it was a little fast paced however was very exciting to complete parts of the painting.
Am excited for next one

Paint Pop Art Warhol Style review by Chrystie-Lea Liddy

Dana Milstein • Aug 2020

Paint Pop Art Warhol Style

What a fabulous way to spend an evening! I had booked to do a live Paint For Fun class months before lockdown, and was really reluctant to try the online platform. I was so pleasantly surprised! Nicky the teacher was excellent and so engaging, not only was it easy to follow the great techniques she taught, but I also felt like I knew her! Highly recommend, i did it with my 12 year old daughter and we are both excited to do another one soon.

Donna Struthers • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Thoroughly enjoyed the class, can't wait for my next one. Revi is a great teacher.

Raji Raju • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

It was really goodshe kept he steps simple and easy to follow would recommend to friends

Michelle Bodington • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Thank you for the session, it was fabulous! I am so grateful for you running these online - I would not be able to come to your studio for face to face sessions ordinarily, but would love it if you could keep online sessions going in the future! Loved the painting, chit chat, your bubbly personality - thank you so much and well done Cheers Shells

Julie Frangos • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Revi was very upbeat and encouraging. This was my first class so found mixing the paints took a bit of time to get the right colours.
Loved that I had a painting at the finish.

Justine Cotter-Salama • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

We loved the class but found having another person talking made it difficult to follow at times. It was a little distracting.

Glenda McDade • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Lovely relaxing activity to do. Loved how easy it was to sign up and receive materials in time. Revi went at a good pace. Nice to have Liv chatting along as well. See you next time. Glenda.

Yolanda Looby • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Super fun class which takes you step by step into creating an awesome work of art!

Cindy Siggs • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Really enjoyed the class. Instructions were easy to follow. A lot of fun. Great way to spend time together in isolation.

Monika Nosal • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

I really enjoyed the class. The time really flew - it did not feel like I had been paint for close to 2 hours. Thank you

Anne Callum • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Revi and Liv were great, had lots of fun and very proud of my first painting x

Kristina Vickov • Jul 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

It was really good and fun to do this painting class. I feel so inspired to do it again using different colors. My husband and daughter were doing the class with me and the loved it too.

Michelle Downing • Jul 2020

Paint Like Gauguin

Nikki was great fun and a superb teacher every one really enjoyed the class and we are going to sign up again

Janet Patton • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

I would have liked a bit longer to complete the painting as I felt a bit rushed at the end.

Paint Dolphins review by Janet Patton

Suzie Kutic • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

this session was great - I learnt a lot about blending. having two artists to offer guidance was good for advice

Paint Dolphins review by Suzie Kutic Sydney

Heather Vmch • Jul 2020

Paint with Your Family

Thank you Paint for Fun for you engaging workshop. Very clear instructions and the facilitator is friendly and warm.

Madison Bailey • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

The audio of the Calss was a little it buffered but enjoy my first paint 4 fun Melbourne class.

Evie Sacher • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

Moved a little fast and not clear for those using other paints at home not from kit. Final touches were not clear for waves and water. Loads of energy, interesting class

Janet Tomas • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

We really enjoyed our afternoon of painting! Nicky & Liv were very good. It was ideal having the two, listening to their discussion about the painting, different ways to approach things & ideas on technique was both informative and helpful. We felt we nailed the water, sky and moon need a bit more work but unfortunately the dolphins were a fail. We will definitely do another class!
Janet & Isabelle

Wendy Garland • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

Once again, very relaxing and therapeutic. I need some practise on drawing dolphins lol but it isn't about being perfect for me - it's about helping my mental health during these times. I've even started painting outside of these classes! Thanks ladies, you do a great job!

Sara Barber • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

Very energetic and bubbly. Enjoyable to follow. Really good idea to have 2 teachers in the zoom session to keep things moving. Fun way to spend a couple of hours!

Karen Foo • Jul 2020

Paint Dolphins

A lovely afternoon painting with relaxed instructors- very chilled and highly recommended. Good clear straight forward instructions and easy to follow.

Sarah Cowlishaw • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

Great class - easy to follow instructions via zoom. Would recommend as a great way to add some fun to these trying times.

Deonisia Soundias • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

Loved it. The instructor is very good. This is the second class I have taken with her, she is fabulous. It’s a great way to keep occupied and doing things (or trying new things) while going through COVID lockdown. Thank you for making these classes available online.

Laura Nogueira • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

Tonight’s class was awesome Revi was a great teacher & was great at breaking down into steps the process. I love that she occasionally allowed the class to get lost in there work. Over all I really enjoyed fine tuning my skills a little more. I’m now really comfortable with this type skill & cant wait to apply it through other work. Thanks Revi

Christine Nilsson • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

Really enjoyable class, Revi was great stepped us through each step really well and really happy with the out come for first watercolour.

Robyn Rowe • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

I had a great time. It was very interesting using water colour paint. I enjoyed it very much. I am to impainted for water colour, the waiting drives me crazy. I like acrylic paint. The classes are great, well worth it.

Eva Pausenberger • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

Revi is always very positive and friendly and creates a great vibe. It was a bit hard to see what she was doing with her brush, eg. When painting the trees. Overall a very enjoyable evening and relaxing too!

Karen Foo • Jul 2020

Paint Watercolour Butterflies

Great class, relaxing and a great way to experiment and create a piece of artwork with water colours

Susie Gonzalez • Jul 2020

Paint Like Van Gogh

Really enjoyed the class. It was a joy to see your talent unfold. Many thanks :)

Wendy Naylor • Jul 2020

Paint Like Van Gogh

I loved the process ! It was intense but really exciting !
I would have liked to have had more time to discuss our results but other than that I have no nothing but praise !

Painting workshop review by Wendy Naylor

Suzie Kutic • Jul 2020

Paint Like Van Gogh

Love the paint and sip experience - instructor was lovely but went ahead with parts of the painting without telling us what she was doing.

Tracey-Lee Hewitt • Jul 2020

Paint Like Van Gogh

Fun but hard to follow as we have never painted before
Not enough time to finish and couldn’t see what teacher was doing

Vanessa Stephen • Jul 2020

Paint Like Van Gogh

Cool to learn a new technique with the dashes all over the painting. The teacher was friendly and helpful and answered all my questions.

Paint Like Van Gogh review by Vanessa Stephen

Anna Brasier • Jul 2020

Paint Like Van Gogh

Lots of fun, easy to follow and a great wau to spend the evening. Thanks.

Kristina Vickov • Jul 2020

Paint Birds in Snow

Revi is a great tutor! It was very easy to follow her instructions, and she gave us really good tips for future paintings. She is very entertaining! I really enjoyed the session.

Rebecca Kinsella • Jul 2020

Paint Birds in Snow

Thanks for another great class Revi! Such a relaxing way to start iso (round 2)!

Painting workshop review by Rebecca Kinsella

Pegah Kamali • Jul 2020

Paint Birds in Snow

It was a very fun experience.
The fact that I could paint something for the first time was surprising and exciting
I will definitely find a time to join other classes.

Patricia Kurasik • Jul 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Watercolour Lucky Charm

The whole vibe was so good. It was chill, so warm and flexible. I loved the techniques we were able to learn. And the teacher was so rad too (name was Liz but wore a Mike name tag which was also fun). All in all, I’d go back with a small group of friends just as a catch up. Such a care free environment and accommodating

James Canfor • Jul 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Cacti Bloom

Fun, friendly and interactive environment. Our teacher Nicky was a lot of fun and great teacher.
Easy to find location.
Great value for money.

Sylvia Ryan • Jul 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Watercolour Lucky Charm

Awesome artist! Mike (liv) was good And great vibes! Awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon

Melinda Douglas • Jul 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Watercolour Lucky Charm

Fantastic fun! We really enjoyed it. Liv was a terrific teacher. We had a lot of fun today xx

Paint and Sip Class: Watercolour Lucky Charm review by Melinda Douglas Sydney

Brooke Loneragan • Jul 2020

Paint and Sip for Team Building

We had such a lovely session with Annabelle! Very fun experience for the whole team and the paintings turned out great. Annabelle was great at walking us through the process, and was able to catch up some of our party who joined late, all while keeping the atmosphere very relaxed and fun. Would highly recommend :)

Paulina Scallan • Jun 2020

Paint Coffee Cool Cat

Really enjoyed this class although had trouble hearing all the instructions even though the volume on our computer was on maximum

Jenna Wittick • Jun 2020

Paint Coffee Cool Cat

We had an enjoyable time painting our cool coffee cats and thought the packs contained everything we needed. Thanks :)

Painting workshop review by Jenna Wittick

Melissa Fyfe • Jun 2020

Paint Coffee Cool Cat

Good instructions and fun interactions. She made each participant feel important and praised their work (even if it looked funny)

Caroline Daly • Jun 2020

Paint Coffee Cool Cat

My daughter and I had a great afternoon painting this afternoon. The teacher gave us great instruction on the steps while we were able to put our own individuality into our painting. Would definitely do another one. Thanks heaps

Scott Dods • Jun 2020

Paint Frida Kahlo

I had a great time painting with everyone. I'll plan to do more classes in the future

Kat Routley • Jun 2020

Paint Frida Kahlo

Fabulous way to spend a few hours on a Friday evening. Our teacher was helpful, knowledgeable about painting techniques, and above all, patient Highly recommend.

Painting workshop review by Kat Routley

Brenda Bronkhorst • Jun 2020

Watercolour Painting Class: Eucalyptus Trees

Great class. We had lots of time to catch up, because we are slow painters. Really patent teacher.

Vanessa Stephen • Jun 2020

Paint Friends Hanging Out

Easy to follow instructions, really cool painting thank you for your guidance I learnt some new painting techniques

Nathalie Pinheiro • Jun 2020

Paint Friends Hanging Out

I spent a really great time with Nikki ! The result is amazing! I didn't believe I could do that! I highly recommend this course! You can do it without knowing how to Paint! Thank you so much Nikki !

Kylie Swain • Jun 2020

Paint Frida Kahlo

I enjoyed the class, every body engaged on zoom, it felt we were all together.
I enjoyed the subject matter, unfortunately the teacher went a little fast.
I will definitely do another painting on zoom

Paint Frida Kahlo review by Kylie Swain Sydney

Molly McConnell • Jun 2020

Watercolour Painting Class: Eucalyptus Trees

Gave this as a Mother’s Day gift to my mum. The class was easy to follow and a great new medium to try for a beginner. Ravy was a great host, thank you!

Conor O'Grady • Jun 2020

Watercolour Painting Class: Eucalyptus Trees

Really fun class with great clear instructions. Learned a lot and we were really proud of what we produced!

Deonisia Soundias • Jun 2020

Paint Flowers in a Vase

I loved this class. I was apprehensive on whether I would produce a decent painting as it looked complicated and beyond my level but I was over the moon with my painting at the end of the class. Awesome teacher. Would highly recommend this class :)

Donna Struthers • Jun 2020

Paint a Purple Night

Was quick and easy to follow, lots of fun! Can't wait for the next class.

Jess Jones • Jun 2020

Painting class

What an awesome class We had so much fun painting each other even though we both haven’t picked up a paint brush in years! The instructor was so lovely, happy and helpful. We love our paintings and this is exactly what we needed after covid lockdowns. Highly recommend

Painting Partners review by Jess Jones Sydney

Sarah Selvey • Jun 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Mount Fuji

Great session, it was easy to follow and have some fun artwork to show for it - Thanks!

Lauren Cambridge • Jun 2020

Paint Like Gauguin

I loved this class. Being a beginner it was great to have paint mixing, brush use and techniques explained and had given me confidence to try something on my own now. A great way to spend a couple of hours!

Paint Like Gauguin review by Lauren Cambridge

Michelle Bressington • Jun 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Mount Fuji

It was a fun class, good pace and very relaxing. I will definitely be back for another.

Painting workshop review by Michelle Bressington

Heather Vmch • May 2020

Paint a Scenery Adventure with Family

Our clients really loved this class. The facilitators were fun, warm, creative and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Suzie Roach • May 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Cherry Blossoms

Teacher is lovely and has great skills, also ever so tolerant of us clowning around! If you get the kit sent out I'd say buy extra white acylic paint as you use alot of white.

Kylie Sandow • May 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Cherry Blossoms

A great night full of creativity (and wine)! Perfect experience to share with your friends.

Cindy Rodriguez • May 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Cherry Blossoms

Was a great class and was easy to follow. Love these online classes and hope they are here to stay.

Paint and Sip Class: Cherry Blossoms review by Cindy Rodriguez

Deonisia Soundias • May 2020

Paint Frangipanis

Loved it, really enjoyable. Relaxing activity to do after working at home all day. And a lot of fun. Thank you .
Thoroughly recommend it :)

Deonisia Soundias • May 2020

Paint Frangipanis

Thank you for a wonderful class. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next one

Kylie Swain • May 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

This was my second class, I thoroughly enjoyed it.The teacher is encouraging and really easy to understand. Can’t wait to do another class!

Umbrella and Cocktails review by Kylie Swain

Jason Brown • May 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

I have never painted before, very easy to follow and picture turned out better than I expected. I will certainly be doing again. Thank you

Caitlyn Hoey • May 2020

Umbrella and Cocktails

Omg Revi is the cutest and I just had a bloody blast. Absolutely would do again, a bit addicted to be honest.

Painting workshop review by Caitlyn Hoey

Marina Buscaino • May 2020

Paint a Dragon Flying

The first painting that I have ever done and it was a lot of fun. The teacher was great and went at a good pace.

Kylie Swain • Apr 2020

Paint Like Klimt

I enjoyed the class, loads of fun, teacher was easy to follow. I’ve already booked another course

Painting workshop review by Kylie Swain

Bella Park • Apr 2020

Paint Sunset Pines

i really enjoyed this class. my teacher was very helpful and good at showing us different techniques on how to do the painting.

Christin McCormack • Apr 2020

Paint and Sip Class: Fantasy Elephant

Loved this class
Heaps of fun and highly recommend
It was easy to follow and I did not think I
Could ever do anything like this

Kahli Adams • Apr 2020

Paint a Wine Glass

Overall a great class, good pace, nice motif, great instructor! Will sign up for another one for sure.

Painting workshop review by Kahli Adams

Karen Mackenzie • Apr 2020

Paint an Autumn Tree

Hi, I've just completed my first online art class ever. The teacher was fantastic. It worked really well. Thank you

Brianna Hewitt • Mar 2020

Painting class

incredible day celebrating my sisters hens, the teacher’s were hilarious and really helped you out! will be coming back :)
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