Paper Mache Workshop: Bowls

Make a Bowl with Meaning for You

Hand Made
Pamela Woods

Pamela Woods

4.8   (12)



10 - 20




What’s it all about?

In all cultures ceramic vases and bowls have always been used to commemorate, a wedding, an anniversary or any signaficant event. The Ancient Greeks depicted epic battles, Keats wrote an ode to a Urn and now an artist like Grayson Perry explores his past on the surface of a vase. To celebrate book lovers week we are inviting you to celebrate and create a story on a bowl, use images and type, quotes from your favourite novel or fragments of a poem….but on paper mache not porcelain.

Does paper mache stirs up memories of claggy, thick, mushy impossible stuff that goes mouldy? It just doesn’t have to be like that! Paper Mache is an amazing material to build all kinds of things, fruit bowls, funky light fittings, sculptures, mardi gras masks - just about anything! Come along and try out this wonderful technique and create something awesome. No prior experience necessary.

There’s a better way to construct paper bowls and this class will show you how. Make and decorate a bowl while you learn this super easy and quick mache technique.
What will we cover?

We will make a paper mache bowl decorated with something personal and meaningful to you.

You will learn a simple technique and there will be no claggy porridge!

We will give you tips on more projects you can continue with.

This class is available on Request for groups of 10+.

Don't have a group of 10+ students? If you're happy to pay a higher price per person (total of $450 for the class), you can just Request to book this class for 10 students (and attend with fewer guests).


The teacher can travel within 15km of Balmain with 10 or more students


Pamela Woods
Pamela Woods

Pamela is a teacher with 20 years of experience

4.8   (12)

I have had the best life ever, following my passions. I have worked as a script editor and writer and been a course leader and senior lecturer in the UK in film and TV and before that I was an illustrator and artist.

For the last 5 years have become increasingly interested in informal learning. I run classes around Sydney in different venues and concentrate on my passion of growing succulents, art and the art of teaching. I go by the name classbunny.

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