Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Learn three methods of porcelain hand building taught over one workshop

2.5 hours Class size 1 to 8 (public classes), 6 to 15 label $110

Join Laura in our Marrickville studio to learn three different hand-building processes using high-quality porcelain!

You will be introduced to the basics of handling porcelain and be stepped through three varying techniques to create functional vessels. During this class, you will be able to make two to three pieces depending on the size. This workshop is ideal for beginners and will give you the knowledge and confidence to pursue a clay project or hobby.

Due to COVID, classes will consist of a minimum of four participants, with numbers currently capped at eight people.

Every item you create during the class will then be allowed to slowly dry, then fired and glazed with a high-fire clear food-safe glaze as requested. All pieces will be ready to collect three to four weeks after the class.

If you have something in mind you would like to create, please bring drawings or images to reference.

Each workshop will take around two and a half hours and will include a cheeseboard and a glass of sparkling, in the evening or a cake and selection of teas during the day making it ideal to book with a friend or a great chance to get to know other like-minded creatives.

Only 1 spot left this weekend

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
You will get to take home everything you create in-class and a wealth of tips to start your own clay journey.
What to bring
An apron if you have a spare (we have a few available) and face masks are preferred.

Marrickville, NSW

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.

Your teacher

4.9 (68)

Mennt is a design studio operating out of a small Sydney studio. Mennt’s products are designed and made by Laura Butler with creative direction from her partner Aman Braich.

Mennt has an uncompromising focus on high quality materials. We believe in creating products that will last a lifetime with continual love and use.

We believe that high quality design should be available to everyone, not just the 1%. In order to create a more affordable product, we reimagined our entire approach to create a more productive and streamlined process.

Mennt is minimalist in its approach to design; we strip our products down to only the necessary elements and focus on the rituals of everyday life.

Mennt is designed with longevity in mind. Our clay is sourced sustainably from Victoria and we recycle as part of our daily practice in the studio. We design and create refined objects that will not only last a lifetime, but will polish with age.

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Jasmine Bidois Jul 2022

I attended Laura’s class with my partner after drooling over her BEAUTIFUL Instagram.
The class was great, we both really enjoyed it. Neither of us had much experience but Laura is encouraging and has a lovely presence. Highly recommend the class. Looking forward to picking up our pieces.

Pottery workshop review by Jasmine Bidois

Sam Murphy Jul 2022

Loved it! I'd be interested in an intermediate class if you ever offered it.

Erin Brennan Jul 2022

I took my team to a private pottery class at Mennt and it was fantastic. The vibe was welcoming and Laura was so lovely. Kate from Class Bento was equally as helpful in recommending the best classes based on my requests. Highly recommend this for for corporate events!

Sheryl Chang Jul 2022

Laura demonstrated different techniques in class and is very encouraging. 2.5hrs felt like nothing. Would recommend!

Myles Gatherer Jul 2022

Authentic, genuine and friendly. Felt really welcome in the class and there was a great atmosphere. Would love to do it again!

Helen Gathere Jul 2022

We had a wonderful Porcelain workshop! Laura was a great teacher who was able to guide us when needed, but also provided us with space to be creative and to experiment. We made about 3-4 pieces each, which turned out to be great value for money.

I’d highly recommend this class!

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Carrie Wetherall Jun 2022

It was an excellent experience to do with my partner and our two teenage girls. Lovely teacher who was very encouraging. Cool work area too.

Carol Hudson Jun 2022

Lovely teacher, it was a great workshop space and a very fun class. Thank you.

Rowena Hodges Jun 2022

Laura was a great, relaxed teacher and made the morning really enjoyable. It was nice being in a small group and being creative while having a chat, trying out something new and drinking mimosas. I'd defintely recommend this class for anyone.

Cassandra Bruce May 2022

Such an enjoyable class. Laura was such a welcoming, warm and talented instructor. The creative space was very fun. I had zero experience, but we learned three techniques and ended up making several items. Highly recommend.

Vera Gallotti May 2022

What a great way to spend my Mother’s Day gift card.
The venue was easy to find and material was provided. The teacher was excellent and really fun. She showed us different techniques and we could experiment and create quite a few pieces. Really happy.

Pottery workshop review by Vera Gallotti

Natalie Cittadino May 2022

What an amazing morning to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Laura was so welcoming when we arrived. She had a delightful platter filled with treats as well as champagne and orange juice.

Facilities were great, apron and tools provided were excellent to use.

Definitely value for money with the amount of pieces we were able to make.

Laura was a great teacher, clear and patient with us all. Couldn’t recommend her workshop enough. Thanks Laura!

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Natalie Cittadino Sydney

Jessica McDermid Apr 2022

Absolutely lovely class, very relaxed atmosphere and wonderful guidance / techniques from Laura. Wide variety of tools available to use for shaping the clay, a great activity to do either alone or in a group!

Gwendolyn Vujnovich Apr 2022

What a great workshop! Laura is so welcoming and encouraging. She takes cues from the group and isn’t rigid with her teaching. For example she taught a method for making tall vases but said it isn’t the only way that it could be done and showed another way. Conversely, I was more interested in creating from a slab and she covered that with me before teaching the rest of the class. She is also very generous with the clay. Some other workshops I’ve been to only give you a small amount but she gave more to students who wanted to created slightly bigger pieces. An absolutely enjoyable experience. I will be back with more ideas

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Gwendolyn Vujnovich

Emma Ho Apr 2022

Laura was a lovely, patient, and helpful instructor! We enjoyed the workshop immensely and thank her for her time.

Tiffany Lee Apr 2022

This class was even better than I expected- Laura was patient and happy to help with all of our questions. She was also very generous with the porcelain clay, encouraging us to use as much as we wanted to complete our pieces. I enjoyed it so much I think I will be back to do another class with my daughter. The delicious cheese platter and mimosas were an added bonus!

Andrea Fiedler Mar 2022

Had a fun time making porcelain pieces and the teacher guided us step by step and made it a fun and easy to follow process.

Maria Zervos Mar 2022

The teacher was really nice and explained things really well. Her instructions were easy to follow. It was fun.

Michael Mulcahy Mar 2022

Laura was well organised and ran an entertaining and informative session that demonstrated several porcelain making techniques.

Sarah Cooper Jan 2022

Fun ,good use of time ,all the materials ,pleasant space and other ceramicists pleasant too

Carolyn Mullen Jan 2022

I bought this for my wife and daughter. Great experience for both of them. They came home raving about there time.

Anna Dixon Jan 2022

Laura is an incredible teacher. It was the right combo of instruction and free play. Do it!

Felicity Ieraci Jan 2022

Such a great class! We learned different techniques and made interesting pieces. Would definitely recommend

Peter Hind Jan 2022

We learned a variety of pottery techniques. The teacher was very helpful, knowledgeable and hospitable. The atmosphere was chill. Ample street parking. Great value for money!

Jayne Madden Jan 2022

Great class by Mennt.
Really enjoyed it.
Made lots of different items using different techniques.
Would highly recommend.
Teacher was lovely.

Desiree Conceicao Dec 2021

We booked this for a team event, and everyone absolutely loved it. The drinks and food were such a nice touch, and the location was beautiful - but Laura's instruction and help were really what made it. She encouraged us to try all the strange ideas we had, and we had such a ball trying (and occasionally failing) to make vases, soap holders, candle holders, etc. I would absolutely do this again.

Jessica Mackenzie Nov 2021

The teacher, Laura, was lovely and provided great guidance to ensure we could all make wonderful clay works. The set up was great and sufficient clay and tools were provided. The champagne, orange juice and brownies were a nice addition!

Daniel Bi Nov 2021

Learnt a lot and lots of fun :)

Teacher was super friendly and helpful

Venue was bright and open

Pottery workshop review by Daniel Bi

Jess Huang Nov 2021

Lauren was super fun and chill, helped out with all our funky ideas and overall great session

Carmen Chau May 2021

We had a private class to celebrate a bride to be. We all thoroughly loved the class as we had the freedom to make pieces we wanted from techniques and tips taught by Laura. Can’t wait to pick up our creations! Thank you for a fantastic class!

Selby Chan Apr 2021

I have always wanted to try my hands at making porcelain. So glad that I made the decision to join this class as it definitely gave me an insight of how a porcelain item is made. Our teacher, Laura was very patient and encouraging too!

Kim Tuxworth Apr 2021

I really enjoyed the class. The teacher was very experienced and helpful. Excellent value for money also
Will definitely return as I have so much to learn !

Madelaine Baker Apr 2021

Laura is a very talented teacher who is so generous with her knowledge and clay! Loved it!

Alexander Zavgorodniy Apr 2021

Took my girlfriend here for her birthday and wow, what a great experience! We had such a great teacher who was really involved, really positive, encouraging and smiling the whole time.

Could not have gone better would 100% recommend.

Natasha Stengos Mar 2021

Laura was amazing!

100% recommend taking a class with her, we all had so much fun and can’t wait to come back and do it again

Thank you so much

Karen Eldridge Mar 2021

Great class in a wonderful light and airy space. Small group, lovely vibe.

Laura is utterly delightful and a fabulous teacher. I really enjoyed learning something new and immersing myself in creativity for the morning.

I would do this class again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Karen Eldridge Sydney

Sarah Sutton Mar 2021

Teacher was lovely, very supportive and available.
Space was great. Even the band rehearsals added a bit of fun to the morning.
Would have loved to stay a bit longer.

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Sarah Sutton

Yvette Gray Mar 2021

This was a really great class and Lauren was especially good at teaching us all

Jessica McLaren Feb 2021

A really lovely class to do. Laura was a very knowledgeable and helpful teacher. We were encouraged to make as many pieces as we wanted during the lesson which was great because we could try lots of things. The studio was easy to get to and had a great vibe for being creative

Lexi Airey Feb 2021

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was very welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t wait to pick up the finished pieces.

Lucy Odgers Feb 2021

I loved this class! I enjoyed being taught many different techniques and the freedom to create. An abundance of materials were supplied and our teacher was very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!

Katrina Richardson Feb 2021

Highly recommend. Laura, the instructor was great - she was really welcoming, enthusiastic and was flexible with what we wanted to do with our pieces and how we used the time. I really liked the smaller groups (we had 6 due to covid limits). The morning tea and juice provided were a lovely touch.

The work space was great, very urban and artsy - just the backdrop for the porcelain workshop. Can't wait to pick up the pieces I made.

Catherine Lee Feb 2021

Wonderful morning class. Plenty of freedom to be creative and follow your own style while learning techniques and skills
Yummy muffins included and plenty of clay and tools.
A great place to develop your skills and confidence

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Catherine Lee

James Monaghan Feb 2021

The class was fantastic. Laura is a welcoming, knowledgeable teacher who explains techniques clearly and creates a hospitable environment where questions are encouraged. The balance between structure and freedom is perfect: students with more experience with ceramics can explore their own ideas while beginners are well-supported. I would wholeheartedly recommend the class.

Sonia Chovanec Jan 2021

Laura is a delightful teacher. The workshop was very informative and we learnt several different techniques and were able to make several pieces. A wonderful introduction to the world of porcelain.

Pottery workshop review by Sonia Chovanec

Julie Stoddart Jan 2021

Absolutely amazing class, knowledgeable and friendly teacher, great way to spend a morning. I’ll definitely be back!

Pottery workshop review by Julie Stoddart Sydney

Alison Thomas Jan 2021

What a great class. Fantastic instruction and good materials. I made 4 pieces-can’t wait to see how they look once fired!

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Alison Thomas

Christina Bell Jan 2021

Laura was lovely and encouraging
Great to hear different techniques and get some inspiration from the studio

Erin Colgrave Jan 2021

My friend and I had a great day at Laura's workshop and we are beginners

Suzanne Thompson Dec 2020

Great class. Laura is lovely. Everything was well organised in advance of the class and the class ran very smoothly. I definitely recommend this course and I am hoping to go again when classes start up again next year.

Francesca Papa Dec 2020

Fun class! Laura is so knowledgeable and down-to-earth. She guides you through all the steps and gives you handy tips/tricks to help with your masterpiece!

Highly recommend this class! Would do this class again :)

Brendan Manning Nov 2020

Absolutely loved my workshop with Laura, great hands on experience, intimate group size and a nice and casual vibe

Amanda Barnes Nov 2020

Great afternoon, Laura was very helpful and patient ! Everything we needed was provided and the champagne went down well too !

Caroline Finch Nov 2020

Class structure was great, as was the room set up and materials. Clear instructions.

Abigail Goodfellow Nov 2020

Fab class. Laura is a great teacher, and it was lovely to learn and try out some new techniques. As a complete newbie, I was pleased to be able to create some awesome (not biased at all) plates that I'm really excited to see the final outcome!

Georgie Alcock Nov 2020

Great class! Very clear and easy instructions and an inclusive and fun environment. Very enjoyable!

Elizabeth Luchjenbroers Oct 2020

Fun, and relaxing. A solid intro with time to play with the clay. Highly recommend.

Nathania Alice Sep 2020

Love it!
Laura was very engaging and kind. I'm not sure if everyone knows each other, but it was not the case for me, I came alone. Throughout the lesson, Laura would ease the atmosphere and have a conversation with everyone, the class ended up having a very fun conversation and laughter. She also provides water, mimosa and cheese platter :)))))
The venue is beautifully decorated (she arranged flowers). It is also spacious and brings, there's natural sunlight too. Overall, the place makes you relax and enjoy what you are doing!
I think it's a good value of money, we don't need to prepare anything, everything is provided. We were thought three techniques, she also demonstrates them. Since the class is small, you can ask the teacher techniques without worrying you're taking too much time.
And if you're worried about COVID, don't worry, everyone was asked to come with a mask.

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Nathania Alice

Suzannah Hogan Sep 2020

Great sat afternoon class. Lovely teacher and class was well presented, relaxed. Nice small class size with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Yashka Virassamy Aug 2020

This class is perfect for beginners and shy people like me. The fact that we were a small number made the workshop more engaging. Laura is very knowledgeable and friendly, she let us explore with our chosen techniques but was always here to assist with anything we were not too sure with. Definitely a great way to unwind on a weekend and explore new skills. I hope for a part 2 workshop to delve deeper into each technique or learn about glazing and firing

Lyna Lao Aug 2020

Easy to follow especially for someone who has zero clue about porcelain like me. I bought this class for my sister’s birthday and she loves it.

Pottery workshop review by Lyna Lao Sydney

Melissa Lewin Aug 2020

Laura was a great teacher. She is so calm and patient and this created such a peaceful class. She gave clear, easy instructions and then we were able to work at our own pace and create the pieces we wanted. I would definitely do another class with Laura.

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