Pottery Art Course: Bear Fruit Art

Connect to your creativity using clay and bring your long-held ideas to life

Leanne Berelowitz

Leanne Berelowitz

5.0 (31)

6 x 2 hours Class size 1 on 1 label $600 or 4 payments of $150 Afterpay

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Are you ready to nurture your creativity? Learn how to work with clay and bring your creative ideas to life in this private pottery course in Sydney!

In this six-session course, your expert teacher Leanne Berelowitz will guide you step-by-step in a nurturing, one-on-one environment, where you will gradually watch your creative clay work evolve from completely within you.

Course outline:

Session One - Saying hello (2 hours)
In this first session, you will get to know your teacher Leanne and talk through your initial thoughts. There is plenty of time for you talk about yourself, your aspirations and your past experiences with creativity or art. There is no need to arrive with any ideas for pre-planned projects, just an openness to what may unfold naturally. You will make some simple clay models and pencil sketches to start the process.

Session Two – Let’s make (1.5 hours)
If you are a beginner, Leanne will teach you basic skills such as coiling, pinching and building with slabs of clay. This will include information for sourcing materials, joining clay parts, storing, drying and decorating. If you already have ceramic skills, she will help you with technical issues, troubleshooting or advice. This week, you will look at the works from the previous session and build from them.

Session Three – Develop and refine (1.5 hours)
You will start by examining the works-in-progress and Leanne will teach you methods to analyse them such as De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. She will ask you questions to help you describe what you have made. You will sketch out different ways to develop the piece/s and will continue to work on elements that can be improved or enhanced. This could be changing the form’s scale/proportions, adding texture, decorating and so on.

Session Four – More making (1.5 hours)
Before continuing to develop the piece/s, you will look at them critically and discuss what is working and what can be improved with Leanne. You will continue to build and make according to these findings. Leanne will be available to help with technical aspects and for ongoing feedback, as needed.

Session Five – Resolve and refine (1.5 hours)
You will repeat the analysis done in session three and explore the ideas, feelings and themes that are arising. Together you will continue to work on elements that can be improved or enhanced. You will do some playful writing exercises to draw out the ideas that are emerging. You will write notes describing the process and artworks.

Session Six – Exhibition and reflection (2 hours)
In this final session, you will set out the work as an exhibition, taking into account display methods, like plinths or stands. You and Leanne will view the work together and each give comments and feedback. You will reflect together on the experience.

At the end of this six-part course, you feel connected to your creativity and have a new sense of wellbeing and confidence in yourself and your self-expression.

Course outcomes:
- Make an artwork with clay that is a tangible expression of your thoughts, feelings and ideas.
- Feel confident in your ability to make art.
- Feel connected to your unique creative flow.
- Feel great about acquiring new skills.
- Feel proud of the art you have created.
- An enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Knowledge Required
This class is perfect for all levels and is great for people who would like to work with clay and want to learn in a personal one-on-one format, artists who are stuck in a creative project, artists or beginner potters who need help to start a new project and anyone who feels called to do it!
What you'll get
- One-on-one tuition with an expert ceramicist.
- An artwork with clay that is a tangible expression of your thoughts, feelings and ideas.
What to bring
An open mind and willingness to experiment and play!
Session repeats

After the first session, subsequent sessions can be arranged with the teacher, at a time that suits you.


Rose Bay, NSW

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.

Your teacher
Leanne Berelowitz
Leanne Berelowitz

Ceramic artist

5.0 (31)

I studied at UNSW Art & Design and Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, and have been teaching ceramics for over 10 years.

I'm passionate about pottery because it's great for creativity and wellbeing. Wheelthrowing is meditative and fun, and creates a sense of peace, and a connection with nature and the earth. Like martial arts, where you harness your opponent's force and energy, you balance, manage, and build on the spinning force from the pottery wheel, using your own, to make something beautiful.
With handbuilding, you knead, squeeze, pinch, roll and play with a material that listens and yields to your hands.

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