Private Tai Chi Class

Lower your teams stress levels with a corporate Tai Chi session

2 hours Class size 10 to 50 label $50

Reinvigorate your team’s energy with our private Tai Chi classes in Perth that are ideal for corporate groups.

Tai Chi is a non-strenuous fitness exercise that encompasses mindfulness moving meditations. It emphasises physical and mental relaxation through movement, and can greatly reduce stress as well as improve joint pain.

Offering a relaxing break to the workweek, Tai Chi allows you to free the mind of daily stresses and get back in touch with your body and soul. Tai Chi is perfect as a corporate team building event and allows individuals a chance to let go of the week’s challenges and recentre and reinvigorate themselves.
Our Tai Chi instructors have been working in the corporate field of years, and classes are catered for the challenges and stresses individuals face in the modern workforce.

Classes can be tailored for multiple group sizes and needs, and the instructors can even come to you. Classes can be booked any time of the day, and early morning sessions and lunchtime classes are popular options in ensuring your staff remain healthy, invigorated, and clear-headed.

Benefits of Tai Chi for corporate companies include:
- Demonstrating a "care factor" for all staff members
- Health and relaxation for the mind, body and spirit
- Encourage movement and exercise
- Reduce musculoskeletal pain especially neck pain in the office
- Increase staff resilience
- Increase focus, concentration and management of workload and pressures by the team or manager
- Improve employee/individuals physical and mental health wellbeing
- Improve workplace morale
- Improve productivity and performance
- Reduce staff members being absence and turnover of staff therefore reducing training cost and recruitment

Knowledge Required
Perfect for all levels!

Your teacher can travel within 50km of Perth

Your teacher

Gary Khor is a Tai Chi grandmaster with qualifications from Beijing & Shanghai Universities of Physical Education. He is an international Tai Chi judge, (Olympic level), qualified by China Wushu Federation and recognized by the Shaolin Temple. He is certified by Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and the NSW Department of Sport & Recreation. He is the author of 25 books and instructional DVDs. Grandmaster Khor was an advisor to the Australian Falls Research program conducted at Prince Alfred Hospital back in 2000. Gary Khor is the founder/president of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi, the leading Tai Chi school in Australia, and has trained hundreds of Tai Chi instructors. The Australian Academy of Tai Chi has provided Tai Chi sessions for the Opera House, IBM, Qantas, Telstra, Blackmore and many other companies since 1985. Sessions are provided professionally to compliment client’s conference requirements.

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