Soy Candle Making Class: Crystals and Botanicals

4.9 (91)

Resin Art Class: Lazy Susan

Soy Candle Making Class with Burger & a Wine

Couples Crystals and Botanicals Candle Class

Christmas Candle Making Class

Beginners Soy Candle Making Class: Crystals and Botanicals

Macrame Mummy and Me Plant Hanger Workshop

Children's Soy Candle Making Class: Crystals and Botanicals

5.0 (1)

Landscape Painting Class: Cherry Blossoms

5.0 (4)

Macrame Pot Holder and Sip Workshop

4.9 (12)

Macrame Tapestry and Sip Workshop

4.8 (5)

Polymer Clay Earring Workshop

5.0 (3)

Macrame Hat Hanger Class

4.7 (3)

Crystal and Smoking Bundle Making Workshop

Ceremonial Cacao Exploration Workshop

Mala Bead Necklace Workshop

5.0 (1)

Resin Art Class: Round Chopping Board

4.0 (2)

Resin Wall Clock Workshop

Resin Art Class: Grazing Board

Polymer Clay Crystal Girl Workshop

Scented Wax Sachet Workshop

Introduction to Silversmithing Workshop

Coffee and Chocolate Aficionados Experience

Landscape Painting Class: Sunflowers

Dream and Sip Workshop: Feng Shui Vision Board

Children's Painting Class: Whimsical Art

5.0 (3)

Kids Yoga & Wellbeing Class

Chakradance Kid's Wellbeing Class

DIY Candle Making Starter Craft Kit

4.0 (1)

Polymer Clay Press - Rolling / Conditioning Machine

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