Roxanne's reviews

Dec 2020

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

Thank you so much! Nice small class and lovely venue at the flower shop. There was a great selection of flowers to choose from, the instructions was very straight forward and easy to follow. I liked that Teacher Setsuko Yanagisawa reviewed and offered suggestions to make the two arrangements we made on the day better :)

Floristry workshop review by Roxanne Phan

Dec 2020

Kokedama Workshop

Teacher was very friendly and has very clear instructions on making the kokedamas. The environment was excellent and we had a great time getting our hands dirty with our creations. Thank you so much!

Kokedama Workshop review by Roxanne Phan Sydney

Jun 2021

Entomology class

Great class! Nat and Karen were lovely teachers, explaining very thoroughly and making sure we understood the process of insect preservation very well. Everything was provided. I really enjoyed learning and had enough time to work at my own pace, making sure I got it all down pat.

Insect Preservation Class - Special Discount Event review by Roxanne Phan

Jun 2021

Ceramic Workshop: Make a Luscious Leaf Platter

Teacher was lovely and we were given all the materials needed to make this leaf platter! Can't wait to see how it'll turn out after firing and glazing <3

Pottery workshop review by Roxanne Phan

Jun 2021

Incense Making Class – Handmade Stick Incense

Christina was very friendly and responsive to inquiries leading up the the workshop and in the class itself! Lovely venue and it was very interesting to hear about the background of agarwood and incense. We enjoyed our time hand-rolling incense and immersing ourselves in the moment.

Perfume Making workshop review by Roxanne Phan

Aug 2021

Learn Zentangle® Art

Thank you so much for the class!
It was great learning about the mindset behind zentangle and some patterns =)

Aug 2021

Learn Zentangle Art: China Blue

Thank you so much for the great class Niki! It was well paced, had very clear instructions and demonstrations about the whole process. I enjoyed the time trying it myself and following along :)

Drawing workshop review by Roxanne Phan
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