Alison's reviews

Apr 2020

Make a DIY Kokedama Moss Ball

I absolutely loved this course. Lots of fun and love the results. I wasn’t sure how it would go over the internet but really enjoyed learning it from the comfort of my own balcony. Pamela was a great teacher and went the perfect pass and checked in with us throughout

Make a DIY Kokedama Moss Ball review by Alison Leeson Sydney

Jun 2020

Cocktail class

This class was so much fun and a great way to kill an evening. The instructions were clear and now I have 4 cocktails under my belt to impress friends and family

Make Cocktails or Mocktails - Private Class review by Alison Leeson Sydney

Jun 2021

Learn Coptic Bookbinding

This class was so much fun and a great way to break up the week. I did this virtually and the teacher was amazing. I still use the skills to make some amazing gifts.

Learn Coptic Bookbinding review by Alison Leeson

Jun 2021

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

this course has really helped me to get started on my slower cooker journey! it was well worth the buy :)

Jun 2021

Cooking class

This was an amazing course. The fact that it was virtual meant i could learn from an amazing chef ouside of my state ! she was so friendly and helpful and the skills were so helpful. I have wowed friends with the meals since . thankyou :)

Jun 2021

Middle Eastern Cooking Class

This was a great class. the teacher was so knwlegdebale and i learnt so much. I went as a solo cooker and they were so welcoming that I did not feel like the odd one out. The food was amazing and the chef was able to give practicale advice for a variety of kitchens. the cooking was so much fun and then the social dinner afterwards was a bonus.

Cooking workshop review by Alison Leeson

Jun 2021

French Three Courses (Blue Menu)

This was such a fun night that i signed up for another course. Not only did we make amazing food, learn great skills but also gained insights in to the cooking world. It was a great social night out.

French Three Courses (Blue Menu) review by Alison Leeson

Jun 2021

Insect Preservation Class - Special Discount Event

This calss was so much fun! i was not sure what to expect but it was interesting, informed and very creative. I enjoyed learning this skill, adding knowledgable insights into the display i have seen in museums and making new friends. Highly reccomend to anyone wishing to learn something different.

Entomology workshop review by Alison Leeson

Jun 2021

Asian Cuisine Cooking: Seven-cuisine Course

i am learning so many skills from this course. Love that is on line and can be very self pace. I have enjoyed the challenge of having a themed food month. Keep up the great work.

Jun 2021

Mosaic Table Lamp Craft Box / Kit

This online class was great. The kit was full of create quality resources and the designs were flexible allowing you to get really creative. The videos were easy to follow and instructions very clear. Loved teh results and it is still a statement piece in my loving room.

Mosaic Table Lamp Craft Box / Kit review by Alison Leeson Sydney

Aug 2021

Candle Making Course

I enjoyed the class. It went through all the basics and shared so much knowledge around candle making. the candle smelt amazing and really added to my home later

Aug 2021

Food and Drink Tasting class

the wine and wine maker were great. I enjoyed hearing aout the process of making wine and the history behind the label

Aug 2021

Women in the Arts Panel Discussion

Great fun to connect with other women. Enjoyed the different speakers dance demo and the dicussion
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