Anonymized's reviews

Jul 2021

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop

Hello, I very much enjoyed the course as it was fun to make the candle holder and do it with others.
I also enoyed having the turkish tea and sweets. The only thing I would suggest is a bit more instruction/explanation from the teacher at the start of the workshop. Eg use the sheet to map out pattern, what it looks like if it just dries with the glue, what it looks like if baked/fired, how to fully encrust the piece with the smaller beads. I felt I needed to ask these questions but it would be better if this was explained at the start or a midway point.
Apart from this the teacher was lovely and helpful when questions were asked.

Jul 2021

Seasonal Flower Bouquet Class

I enjoyed making the gorgeous bouquet and the teacher was very knowledgeable. The only thing I would suggest is that the teacher breaks down her instructions a bit more. Instead of explaining and completing the whole bouquet perhaps she could stop midway and get the students started (on the first part). Then she could resume instuctions and then get the students to complete the second part. This would just make it easier to remember all the steps.
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