Amanda's reviews

Nov 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Great afternoon, Laura was very helpful and patient ! Everything we needed was provided and the champagne went down well too !

Dec 2020

Make Clay Planters

I loved the clay planters class ! Gina was very friendly and helpful and I managed to
make 2 items which aren't bad And they cooked well too. I'm looking forward to
stringing and planting to complete the creation. Lovely afternoon, thanks Gina

Feb 2021

Earring Workshop: Make Three Pairs

We really enjoyed Christine's class on Monday night. She is lovely, very friendly and helpful ! There were lots of ideas to choose from, and the equipment needed was all there. I will be back for sure !

Jul 2021

Make Polymer Clay Earrings for Beginners

I really enjoyed the polymer clay ear rings class. Zara was really helpful, and
inspirational ! I would be interested in another class if there's one going !
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