Holly's reviews

Aug 2021

Learn Body Percussion and Interactive Rhythm

So much fun, would love to do it again and even try the Ukkele class

Sep 2021

Learn Mindful Eating Techniques

Reminded me to stop rushing, be grateful and think about what foods I am eating

Nov 2021

Make Clay Planters

The class was very relaxing and I enjoyed moulding the clay, very excited to have my first air plant too, just need to decided where to hang my creations nowGina was lovely

Nov 2021

Textiles class

I'm so pleased with what I have created, it's quite tricky but was first ever attempt and was really enjoyable to do. Great see chat with colleagues at the same time around the world. Thanks Bec I would highly recommend

Feb 2022

Paper Craft and Ink class

Sumi was a lovely teacher, so calm. I'm not much of an artist but I was very proud of my Bamboo, my husband thought i should frame it. Thoroughly recommend the workshop

Mar 2022

Beginners Candle Making Class

Thanks Sherri for an amazing class. we learnt so much about candles and soap making. Your encouragement for people to make their own, the information pack and tips are just great. LOVED IT

Candle Making workshop review by Holly Peasland
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