Karen's reviews

Oct 2020

Cooking class

I had fantastic feedback from all of our people who did the cooking session with Angie Chong and they really want to do more with Angie.
Angie is in Melbourne as are all the people who did the session so she is also dealing with our lockdown situation and was able to make the session fun which is what everyone needed.
Thank you Angie.

Nov 2020

Paper Craft and Ink class

The people who did this class enjoyed their time however 3 ladies did not receive their kits in time for the class but watched on anyway (problems with Australia Post delivering).

Dec 2020

Baking and Desserts class

Helen was great and very happy to answer any questions our group had. I think everyone enjoyed the workshop.

Feb 2021

DIY Skincare Products

Kirsty was very knowledgeable about the whole process and the oils and combinations a botanicals and what they do for the skin etc
Kirsty was also very patient with all the participants and answered all their questions really well.

Mar 2021

How to Make 3 Greek Dips

The feedback from the group has been very positive and they all loved the dips and they also really liked Kelly as she was very good at explaining what and how to do it all.
One carer who had to leave because her daughter had collapsed at school and had to leave the workshop said Kelly was every understanding and empathetic.
We would all definitely recommend this workshop and the dips were delicious.

Mar 2021

Food and Drink Tasting class

The BrainLink carers really enjoyed the session on Friday evening and had fun and relaxed.
Many thanks again for a great workshop.

Apr 2021

How to Make Empanadas

Hi Chef Manu,
Thank you so much for the great workshop you did for our BrainLink Carers this morning. They all totally enjoyed the experience and we were all a bit shocked to hear you were actually in Argentina which made the experience even better.
These ladies all care for a loved one who lives with either an acquired brain injury or a neurological disorder like Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neuron Disease so their lives are full on and very stressful.
I have attached below some feedback from Sahar, one of the carers.
Cheers Karen, Manager Carer Services, BrainLink

OH MY LORD Karen! I didn't expect to go to Argentina this morning. My heart is leaping with a joy to the heavens and back. What a gift & blessing. A truly healing way to connect with another beautiful soul chef manu through food sharing via zoom during covid. Seriously stunning social healing for is all. Please copy my gratitude to Brainlink & it's massive wellbeing help & support it has given us as a group. I'm in tears because my small heart is so full. As carers when you think your routine of care giving defines possibilitiesyou have come along and shown usthere's still more life to enjoy. This is massive. I'm so grateful. Thank you kindly sincerely Sahar

May 2021

Candle Making class

The group enjoyed this workshop.
Unfortunately there were a couple who couldn't make it due to other carer commitments so they will be sent the recording when Nichola seends it through to me and do it at their own pace.
Could you let Nichola know that Christiana Onno's kit has been sent back to her as Christiana didn't receive any notification from Aust. Post that it was waiting to be picked up at her local post office.
Nichola mentioned that if it did come back to her that she could resend it to Christiana.
Christiana watched the workshop and is keen to make the candles now.
regards Karen

May 2021

Cocktail Making with Trivia

The Cocktail & Trivia session went really well going on the feedback that I have had from the group. Unfortunately I had to leave the group half way through, but the barman who ran the session knew his stuff and was very personable. We would use them again definitely. Great way to start the weekend.

Jun 2021

Learn Sleep Management Techniques at Home

The sleep workshop was great and I had great feedback from our carers about it.
Alison was very good at explaining things about sleep and had a great voice for doing the body relaxation at the end.
I know I'll be using these techniques.

Jul 2021

Learn How to Make Alfajores

Well what a great workshop with Chef Manu.
Manu makes the workshops fun and really great results.
Given he was in Barcelona in the middle of the night and morning here in Melbourne, we really admire that, thankyou Manu.
We will definitely do another one of your workshops in the future.
Karen and the BrainLink carers.

Sep 2021

Bellydancing for Beginners

Angela was great and explained everything really well and was gentle with it all.
I have a hip replacement and it has been aching because I have been sitting so much in front of my computer running and developing online carers programs and I found it was really great and helped it a lot.
Thanks Angela.

Sep 2021

Cook Healthy Greek Food on the Mediterranean Diet

Everyone really enjoyed the cooking class and Kelly was great
She also sent through the recording for a couple of people who couldn't cook on the day

Oct 2021

Make Chinese Dumplings at Home

The group really enjoyed the dumpling making workshop and will have them for dinner tonight.

Oct 2021

Learn Painting at Home

Everyone in the group really enjoyed the painting at home session and have said that they will continue to paint on their own.
The said that Samantha was very patient with them.

Nov 2021

DIY Terrarium Making at Home

All but one lady in the BrainLink group really enjoyed the group.
Jemina and I have spoken about the one lady who was being difficult and quite rude to Jemina (I wasn't doing the group but had feedback about this ladies behaviour)
I will be speaking to the lady about her actions and my apologies to Jemina as it was not her fault that the kit arrived at this lady's place damaged and she didn't let me know till 30 minutes before the workshop so nothing could be done about it.
Some great photos came through from others who did enjoy the class.
Karen- BrainLink.

Dec 2021

Baking and Desserts class

The group of carers really enjoyed the gingerbread people making last Saturday and Anna Maria was very good at explaining what to do and patient with those who were a bit behind so they could catch up.
I had some great feedback from many of the carers and photos of their creations.

Would highly recommend Anna Maria for her workshop.
Karen- BrainLink
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