Lisa's reviews

Sep 2021

Pottery class

I would suggest that anyone, who wants to have a few hours of purposeful distraction, do this course. It was fabulous, and now I will have a lovely bowl to eat from. The other thing, the teacher not only created the painting process, she hand made the bowls. How special is that!

Sep 2021

Learn Zentangle® Art

Loved it - keen to do the China blue class next. I'd recommend this to anyone who just wants a break from the norm.

Sep 2021

Learn Watercolour Painting at Home

I’ve done the first class so far. I did this class on an iPad, and did not know we had to print off the reference materials for the class. It would help to give people notice they need two screens (one for the teachers demonstration camera and the other for the notes) or to have the materials printed off. Since the notes where essential, they could have been posted with the kits for those (like me) who don’t own a printer. Other than that, it was good.

Sep 2021

Learn Indonesian Batik for Beginners

What a fabulous course. I loved it. Here is my photo! It was well worth it!

Textiles workshop review by Lisa Jackson

Sep 2021

Fun with Lino Class

Loved it. The pre videos allowed me to come into this class with a lot of confidence. I can't wait for next weeks class!

Fun with Lino Class review by Lisa Jackson

Sep 2021

Learn Zentangle Art: China Blue

This is addictive - be warned - its a feel good that is hard to beat!
Ill be back (again!)

Drawing workshop review by Lisa Jackson

Oct 2021

Zentangle® Art: Black Beauty

I just keep coming back to Nikkis classes. I love them, and I love just spending a short amount of time with others doing the same thing.
Cant wait for the next class - rock stacks!

Zentangle® Art: Black Beauty review by Lisa Pulver

Oct 2021

Learn Zentangle Art: a Floral Tribute

I loved this class - and will eventually get through all of Nikkis classes soon. Even the new stacked rocks is eagerly anticipated. Thanks Nikki!

Learn Zentangle Art: a Floral Tribute review by Lisa Pulver

Nov 2021

Create Zentangle® Stacked Rocks

Love each of Nikkis classes. This one was fab. It's like catching up with old friends now - and a lovely no judgement way to share some time and simple learn a new skill.

Drawing workshop review by Lisa Pulver
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