Matthew's reviews

Jul 2021

Sip and Paint Cherry Blossoms

Loved it, the teacher was engaging and the interaction amongst the group was fantastic. There was great instructions and awesome music to go with the class! Highly recommend. :) I’m terrible at painting but thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Aug 2021

Calm Your Mind with Watercolour Meditations

Vanessa is fantastic and I absolutely loved this class. It was a perfect blend of meditation, painting instruction and mindfulness, this was everything I could have asked for. The kit arrived quickly, and had excellent materials for the course. We had a small class and Vanessa handled it well, she engaged us when needed and let us do our own thing as well. I highly recommend this class and can’t wait to do more with Vanessa! Thank you.

Aug 2021

Learn Sewing and Mending at Home

I’m a complete beginner when it comes to sewing, ie I know nothing! Nothing. BUT I am SO GLAD I did this course, because in 2 hours I went from knowing nothing to actually understanding how to sew a button, mend a seam and sew a hem! Best 2 hours I’ve ever spent! Leah is a gem. She was flexible, patient and clear with her instructions. She was willing to go back over things I didn’t grasp straight away, and with her help I actually did. Honestly never in my life would I have thought I could sew, but thanks to her I reckon I now can. She managed the online instructing well (which, let’s face it, the transition from face to face to digital isn’t always easy), I was able to see clearly what she was doing and follow on.
I highly recommend Leah as a teacher and would highly recommend any class with her.
I can’t wait to continue my sewing escapades and do more courses with her!
Thank you Leah. :)

Aug 2021

Tropical Terrarium Making at Home

This was a great kit delivered quickly, with everything you needed. The teacher was engaging and interesting. Class went quicker than expected so could have been more involved but other than that I’m very happy with what I’ve learned and what I have made. Recommended!

Terrarium workshop review by Belinda Ruth

Sep 2021

Mending and Upcycling Clothes for Beginners Course

Narda is just the best teacher, so patient and willing to go over things to help you understand. I had a very informative class with her learning about sewing and upcycling, and got to see some of her fantastic projects which has inspired me to do the same. An excellent kit is provided for this class as well. Highly recommend.

Sep 2021

Watercolour Painting for Beginners: Anatomical Skull

What an excellent class, the teacher was fantastic! Clare took her time to go through each step thoroughly and patiently waited so every student understood and kept up to the same section. Although my painting looks nothing as good as hers I had a great time learning :)

Watercolour Painting for Beginners: Anatomical Skull review by Matthew Forschinger
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