Melanie's reviews

Jun 2020

Terrarium Workshop for Beginners

This was a great class and priced really well given you can buy a pre-made terrarium for the same price. Teacher was great - really friendly, explained things well and was happy to come around and answer any questions we had. I loved that they have little trinkets and toys you can include in your terrarium (I went with an African safari theme with some cute plastic animals).

Workshop has moved to a new venue in Redfern and it's really great (it's also much much warmer than the last place which is great as we did the class during winter). The teacher was happy for us to stay around until we'd finished the terrarium (so even though the class is 1 hour it's really not - we were there for quite awhile).

Terrarium workshop review by Melanie Young

Aug 2020

Earring Workshop: Make Three Pairs

I went to this workshop with a friend of mine and we both really loved it. There were so many earrings to choose to make - and the teacher has great style so everything on offer was lovely. The workshop building is a nice space; pretty easy parking nearby and we had good social distancing throughout. Very happy with this class and love my new earrings.

Aug 2021

Polymer Clay Statement Earrings Workshop

This was a great class - the teacher demonstrated lots of different ways to work with polymer and we received some items to take home for future making. Great venue - close to the train station and places to eat lunch also.

Aug 2021

Intro to Leather Craft Class: Make a Custom Belt

This was a great class. The teacher has been a leather-worker for years and had great tips to pass on to us. This is a unique class - something that is not really offered at other places. Very enjoyable. Great location also - close to train station & lunch places.

Aug 2021

Kintsugi Accessory Workshop for Beginners

I did this class as a birthday treat - it was a lovely day out. The teacher was lovely and explained things very clearly and I'm pleased with the items I made.

Aug 2021

Bullet Journaling for Self Care

I attended two of the mindfullness lunchtime sessions - the visit to Lake Como which was lovely! Being able to 'travel' somewhere new during lockdown was such a a treat. The Bullet Journalling class with Icy was great too - I like that she showed how to make a simple layout -- you don't need to be an artist to pull this off.

Aug 2021

Learn Brush Pen and Pointed Pen Modern Calligraphy

I took this class on a Saturday during Sydney's lockdown. It was exciting to receive the kit a few days prior to the class and great to be able to learn something new from the safety & comfort of home. Icy is very sweet - slowly explaining things to us and also explaining techniques and styles that she prefers and why. The camera set up from Icy is also good - right over her hands so you can see exactly what she is doing. I found the brush pen more difficult to use than the pointed pen so would love to learn more about brush lettering.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Melanie Young

Sep 2021

Meet and Draw a Llama at Home

We held this workshop for staff (and their families) and it was GREAT fun! Noeline introduced herself and talked about her super-fun career in animation & illustration and shared some interesting Llama facts with us. We then went outside to meet Cadbury and some of his adorable farm friends - we had the chance to ask questions about llamas & Cadbury which Neoline happily answered. Back inside Neoline walked us through the process of drawing a llama - thankfully for those not artistic she show as the stages of drawing a llama and how to change elements up like the eyes and mouth. GREAT fun

Meet and Draw a Llama at Home review by Melanie Young

Sep 2021

Make a DIY Kokedama

We ran this class as part of an online team building/wellness event for work and it was fantastic! Kokedama's look quite complex but the process to make one was fairly easy and the result is very satisfying. Chris took the time to answer questions and provide advice about materials, watering etc. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and are all so happy with their Kokedama. This workshop also worked really well as an online event.

Kokedama workshop review by Melanie Young

Sep 2021

Watercolour Painting for Absolute Beginners

This class was a really good introduction to watercolour painting - covering the tools and equipment you'd need to get started with watercolour painting. Pamela ran through a number of different techniques that we practiced alongside her; and at the end of the class we painted a large flower together. I've decided to join her watercolour flowers class to learn a bit more about this medium. A fun way to spend a couple of hours via zoom. The supplied kit had everything we needed for the class and then enough paint & paper left over to practice some things on our own afterwards.

Painting workshop review by Melanie Young

Oct 2021

Paint Calming Watercolour Florals

I took this class after I had taken Pamela's introduction to watercolour painting the week prior. This was a good introduction to the various techniques needed to be able to paint some basic florals. The class moves fairly fast and I'm very much still at the 'beginner stage' but I'm looking forward to putting into practice what I've learned over these two classes with Pamela.

Painting workshop review by Melanie Young

Oct 2021

Baking and Desserts class

Took this class today - an event arranged by work. Lots of funand I think the icing is very forgiving. I've never iced anything before and I'm pretty pleased with my effort. Anna Maria provided us with a great kit and the class was paced very well. Andthe biscuits are delicious!

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Melanie Young

Jan 2022

Watercolour Calendar Painting Workshop

I was pleased to find I was the only person in the class - the one-on-one focus of the teacher was a real bonus. The teacher has a wealth of knowledge that she is keen to share and I picked up some neat tips & tricks for my watercolour practice moving forward.

Painting workshop review by Melanie Young
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