Teo's reviews

Apr 2021

Hand Building Clay Class: Ceramic Servingware

Really cool class, went over great techniques that were easy to pick up. Stephanie was lovely.

Jul 2021

Knockout Gnocchi Making Class

This class was bitterly disappointing. Out of the 2 hour class - 1 and a half hours were dedicated to sitting down and eating and chatting. While this was lovely - it was not what I signed up to do. The dough was mixed in front of us in a big shared bowl instead of getting the hands-on experience of making gnocchi. We only got to shape the dough.

I then asked if I could have my gnocchi as a take-away instead of eating with the class. They were more than accommodating, which was lovely. Imagine my disappointment when I got home to dig in to my gorgeous dish (FULLY VEGETARIAN SAUCE) to find out that they garnished it with a giant rasher of bacon. No one else in the class had bacon added to their dish when served. Beyond frustrating and I've never been so disappointed to have to throw out an entire dish. I can't believe that they would garnish a fully vegetarian dish with meat all across the top. Especially since I told the server I was vegetarian and double checked that the sauce was vegetarian as I had not been able to enjoy the platter served at the beginning of the class - as all the meat was touching all the cheese and crackers. Really really disappointing, and such a shame as the staff were so lovely and accommodating.

Mar 2022

Learn Wire Wrapping Jewellery Making at Home

Great class, package arrived well packed. No complaints here. 5 star out of 5 stars

Apr 2022

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners

Teacher was incredibly patient and accommodating. Would recommend this class to anyone looking for a nice, respectful teaching style.
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