Manja's reviews

Dec 2018

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop

Joseph was a very passionate teacher who had a lot of knowledge on perfumes. This activity was super enjoyable and very different I would definitely recommend this class for people who are wanting something a bit unique. You get to go home with two perfumes of your own creation. It was so cool to see how different everyone's creations was. I cant wait to wear my new perfumes out.

Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop review by Manja Rhijn

Apr 2019

Paper Craft and Ink class

This class was amazing. The teacher was very patient, friendly and approachable. Throughout the lesson she walked around providing all students with quality feedback and support. The materials that she provided were easy to use and it was amazing being able to take the pens and workbook home to continue practicing the new skills we learnt.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Manja Rhijn

May 2020

Brush Lettering with Watercolours

This class was really well put together, every detail was thought about (including sending already filled water brushes in the kit). Vanessa was a great teacher so accommodating and she explained things in a very easy and simple manner. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. In this class the Vanessa breaks down the different brush strokes of brush lettering and shows you some ways water coloring is fun. Great class would recommend to others.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Manja Rhijn

Jun 2020

Carve Your Own Rubber Stamps at Home

I really enjoyed this class, it was amazing to see how relaxing stamp carving is. I am not the best at detail and I was impressed with how easy this was. It was a really enjoyable informative well put together class.

Carve Your Own Rubber Stamps at Home review by Manja Rhijn

Jun 2020

Learn Coptic Bookbinding

I had always wanted to learn book binding and so when I saw this class I knew I had to give it ago and this class did not disappoint. It was fun to see a book slowly coming together from making the covers to binding the pages together. I really enjoyed this class and while I wasn't able to finish my book in the class I know I have got the skills to keep trying it alone. I am also feeling confident to try it by myself which is nice. Frances is such a nice teacher, so approachable and went above and beyond to provide us with lots of resources which we can refer back to, you can tell she is really passionate about this craft. Additionally she was so attentive and even when my craft kit was having problems with delivery she was able to get it sorted. Definitely give this class a go if you have ever had any interest in book binding its worth it.

Learn Coptic Bookbinding review by Manja Rhijn

Jun 2020

Wet Felting a Bowl Workshop

This is a really fun and easy class. Honestly anyone can do this class and create something cool and unquie. The craft box was well put together and I still have supplies left over to create another bowl which I really like.

Pottery workshop review by Manja Rhijn Sydney

Jun 2020

Anyone Can do Calligraphy

This was a great class. Vanessa broke down all the brush stokes and each individual letter to make it feel like anyone can calligraphy (the class name is very suitable). The craft kit was well put together and fun to receive in the mail. Vanessa is a great teacher and very approachable.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Manja Rhijn
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