Lauren's reviews

Jul 2020

Resin Art Workshop

This class was great! Teacher was lovely and answered everyone’s questions and showed us all what we needed to do easily. They took all cleanliness precautions for Covid. Will definitely do another class! Location was also bright and spacious allowing everyone the room to create their works of art comfortably

Sep 2020

Resin and Wood Serving Board Workshop

This is the 2nd resin class I have done with the made by me team. Teacher was great (again), super friendly and was always happy to answer any questions I had as I had gathered a few since my last class!
Venue is brilliant, bright spacey warehouse.
All materials were provided and instructions suit those who have never touched it before to those with a little experience. There was a whole family in our class as a family experience which was nice to see.
I will definitely do more classes with the made by me team as there a few different things id like to try!
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