Sarah's reviews

Apr 2020

Ballet Move Fitness

Good fun workout, I was feeling it by the end! T H A N K Y O U!

May 2020

DIY Organic Beauty Products

The workshop was great! I'm really inspired now to incorporate what I learnt in my day to day life and am so glad I decided to do this class! Lily was so nice and full of knowledge on the topic and made it really easy to continue doing later on my own. I definitely recommend :)

May 2020

Terrarium class

Great class where you end up with a pretty terrarium at the end! The teacher was lovely and made it fun and easy to follow along. Would definitely recommend :)

May 2020

Brush Lettering with Watercolours

Vanessa was an amazing teacher and guided us through the steps warmly, giving us corrections & feedback throughout. The class was fun & I enjoyed learning a great new artistic skill! :)

May 2020

Paper Craft and Ink class

This class was fun and informative and Peta was great. I learnt how to create alcohol ink art by using a number of different techniques, and now I'm addicted! What fun! :)

May 2020

Bullet Journaling for Self Care

Icy was a great teacher and was full of knowledge and resources about everything Bullet Journal :) My only recommendation would be to get started on the layouts throughout the workshop, but apart from that it was really helpful and well thought out. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to give Bullet Journaling a go!

Jun 2020

Body and Soul class

Kerry was so knowledgeable and experienced that it made learning from her a treat. She showed how to apply the makeup and then had us do it, giving lots of individualised pointers and advise with what would work well for each person. The only negative was some connectivity issues with it freezing for a few seconds quite a lot, but apart from the technological issues, it was really good. Would definitely recommend!

Jul 2020

Painting Portraiture Course

I learnt sooo much from these classes. Kennith is such a talented artist and teaches in a really clear yet thorough way. We started with the basics and working on perfecting the foundations, and then over the weeks worked up to the masterpiece! I was surprised at how far my art had come in that time and I'm so glad I decided to do these classes. I would definitely highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn or further develop their portraiture skills! :)

Jul 2020

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners

It was really fun learning figurative sculpting and the teacher was full of knowledge. She taught with such clarity and even emailed notes from our discussion afterwards which was so nice of her to do. I was really happy with how my sculpture was looking by the end of the class and enjoyed the whole experience; so I would definitely recommend to others interested in trying out some figurative sculpting! :)

Sep 2020

Resin and Wood Serving Board Workshop

It was lots of fun working with the resin and kind of addictive! Naomi and Rebecca were so lovely and explained/demonstrated it clearly, and was then ready to help whenever needed. There were lots of colours to choose from and it was really cool having two pretty serving boards at the end! Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in trying their hand at resin :)

Oct 2020

Paper Craft and Ink class

Vanessa is a great teacher, friendly and goes over all the relevant information like the materials itself and how to get good lines. It was a lovely location & the time just flew by. It’ll take practice to get good at it, but Vanessa teaches you all the fundamentals to continue practicing at home. Definitely would recommend to anyone interested in learning calligraphy :)

Oct 2020

Sip and Paint Frida Kahlo

It was really fun & a friendly, lovely teacher and tech support person to assist with questions. I’d recommend ☺️

Nov 2020

Ukulele Class for Noobs

Tom the Pom was a very entertaining teacher and made learning the ukulele a lot of fun. We learnt the basics of playing the ukulele and by the end of the workshop I'd felt like I'd learnt a lot! Would highly recommend :)
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