Mia's reviews

Sep 2020

Candle Making class

Informative session. Thank you. Yes quite a lot to take in for an online lesson without actually doing it in class with the teacher guiding through. Mia tried making 2 candles straight after class with friend Luca so this is great. For the price,
would be helpful to have a follow up lesson/ call so that Mia could ask any questions after her own hands on making. Wondering if we could have the list of suppliers/ contacts so that we could order the materials to make the candles again. Thank you. Mum Serena

Sep 2020

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners

I think Mia and Luca were the youngest students the class ever had, if website can state appropriate ages would be helpful. Nonetheless Mia enjoyed the class, and was happy she got a taste of sculpting (and tried out a new activity during lockdown) although it was a little harder than expected done online. For girls her age, would be helpful if there is a curated session and/or follow up class included to check in for further questions and encouragement. Could you let me know contacts of suppliers/ shops that we could purchase the materials from for further work? Thank you. Serena Mum
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