Judith's reviews

Aug 2020

Kokedama Workshop: Make a Set of Three

We had a fabulous time this morning. Environment was wonderful, Chris attentive, knowledgeable, well paced, clear instructions, ginger tea a bonus. I left feeling a great sense of achievement and with three lovely kokedama. I will certainly be back for other classes. Judith and Irene

Oct 2020

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class

The location store was full of beautiful items and this gave me plenty of ideas as to the look I might like for my own mosaic. The teacher was very attentive, with clear instructions and ready support. But she did not hover over me all the time which allowed me time and space to proceed slowly. I would thoroughly recommend this class to anyone.

Nov 2020

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

A really good experience today. Straight into information about the pour I wanted to do. A short meditation to let ideas surface. Then into the process itself which took quite a while as ideas changed and developed. It's really quite hard to do the first time and Leah was encouraging and supportive. I'll be back for my third class shortly.

Nov 2020

Abstract Painting Class

Interesting class, teacher helpful and engaged, a variety of techniques demonstrated and then tried by group. This has added another dimension to my budding artistic endeavours.

Dec 2020

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class

Another enjoyable morning, my third. I tried scraping technique which didn't work at first. Very deflated, but Leah showed me how to redo some parts and use a different implement and it all worked out fine. Can't wait to see it dry. Now hoping to expand my repertoire from home.
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