Self-Guided Mindfulness Kit

Learn mindfulness techniques through mindful snacking and creating a mini Japanese-inspired rock garden

label $90 - $110 (Afterpay available)
($90 per Kit with lightweight 3D printed tray for garden, $110 per Kit with ceramic tray for garden)
— What's the kit all about? —
It can be difficult to take a break from your usual routine to slow down and think/do things differently. Mindfulness can help with freeing up mental space to navigate the ups and downs of life.
The "Circuit Breaker" Self-Guided Mindfulness Kit invites you to explore mindfulness techniques like meditation on your own terms, in your own time and in your own space.
— What to expect —
The kit has been developed by Trish Talob, a meditation teacher registered with Meditation Association of Australia. It contains physical and digital components you can use to guide yourself through various mindfulness activities designed to be hands on, approachable and enable you to be mindful, your way
The kit contains things you will need for 5 activities that you can complete as part of 5 separate self-guided sessions. Sessions may take 15-30 minutes each and you can schedule them as you wish.
Activity 1: Mindful snacking
Activity 2: Setting up your mini rock garden
Activity 3: Use your mini rock garden to create mental space
Activity 4: Find calm amongst chaos by counting your breaths
Activity 5: Use your mini rock garden to take on a new perspective
Before your first self-guided session, it is recommended you complete 4 introductory modules that can be spread out over 4 x 10 minute blocks. There are options for reading and listening to module content.
️️— In the kit... —
  • Information about mindfulness and prompts for guiding yourself through activities. (Note: you will need to use a digital device to access this.)
  • MOOD peppermint blend teabags for a mindful snacking activity
  • A tray, quartz sand, rocks and mini wooden rake for 4 activities centred around a mini Japanese-inspired rock garden (otherwise known as a "Zen garden" or "karesansui").
When you're not using the garden as part of a kit activity, you can use it as a decoration and visual reminder to pause and take a mindful break. 
️️— Kit options —
You can choose a ceramic tray or a lightweight 3D printed tray made of a corn filament for your rock garden. The 3D printed tray is created by Melbourne-based business Printing Potters and is as pictured. The ceramic tray design varies.
️️— Things to consider —
The "Circuit Breaker" kit is all about finding ways to make mindfulness fit into your day-to-day life and learning your way. You will get plenty of guidance, however, the experience may feel different to what you're used to if you've done in-person or app-based guided meditation in the past. You're encouraged to share your experience and provide feedback to Trish.
What you'll need
For the mindful snacking activity, you will need:
  • Hot water and a drinking vessel for your tea (the kit contains peppermint blend teabags)
  • A food item to snack on
For the activities involving the mini Japanese-inspired rock garden, you'll need at least 25cm x 20cm of tabletop space.
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I'm Trish and I’m on a mission to make mindfulness equitable and accessible to everyone.​
I advocate "equitable mindfulness" by developing ways to make it possible for everyone to practice mindfulness regardless of factors like age, gender, ethnic origin, income level, location, ability. ​
I'm particularly committed to creating opportunities to educate people about mindfulness and help people start mindful habits beyond traditional classes/workshops and apps.
My Self-Guided Mindfulness Kits consist of physical and digital components that you can use to guide yourself through various activities. The activities are designed to help you explore mindfulness techniques like meditation in a way that is hands on, approachable and enables you to be mindful, your way.
Profits from my kits enable me to run free and low-cost (pay-what-you-can basis) meditation sessions.

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