Seven Alternative Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

Seven Alternative Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

Sam Bowden

The art of cleverly constructed unique bucks party ideas in Sydney sometimes feels like it’s fading away. Too often the tropes and the cliches get the better of the best man, whose arm gets twisted into planning an unhealthy dose of paintballing, go-karting and impossible pub crawls. These choices all have their merit, but what if you could make your bucks night one to remember, even if you can’t actually remember it? We've compiled a list of far-out, left-field, stag do ideas to make sure the gang get up to no good, while still being on their best behaviour. 


Cartoon workshop

Price: $75 per person

Lowdown: This may sound like a way to kill the party vibe, but don't doubt! You know when you walk past one of those artists in the tourist part of town who are offering slightly insulting caricatures of your face? Now imagine everyone in the bucks party being able to do that, whilst roasting the hubby-to-be through the medium of art! Experienced local artist Jean Kropper will travel to you and give your bucks party the artistic flair, while you and the rest of the looney tunes gang savour the experience of watching the man of the hour find out what you all think he looks like. 


Korean BBQ Cooking Class in Neutral Bay

Price: $85-$105 per person

Lowdown: Getting the boys together for a standard BBQ class is one of those bucks party ideas that may get the competition levels shooting through the roof. A Korean BBQ class, however, is a great way to ensure that you all have a top time with the tongs, without having to worry about one of the squad thinking he can teach the class himself. Korean BBQ is increasing in popularity and with this class, you and the gang will taste why. It’s a perfect way to kick off the bucks weekend!


Carizza Designs in Marrickville

Price: $50-$90 per person 

Lowdown: What’s a bux night without some form of a collective costume? That’s why if you hit up the fashion maestros at Carizza designs, their classes on screen printing and Shibori Dyeing are a perfect way to assemble a ridiculous bucks party outfit together. Whether it’s screen printing the face of the soon-to-be-wedded buck, or artfully dyeing everyone’s clothes the same colour, there’s no way a single member of the stag do squad are getting lost when the party progresses.  


Skateboarding Class in Redfern 

Price: $45 per person

Lowdown: Just like committing your life to another is a certified cool dude move, knowing how to skateboard rates high on the cool dude barometer. Get the buck kickflipping and tail sliding with a group skateboarding class in Redfern! You and the squad will enjoy a fifty-minute crash course on how to not crash a skateboard. But with full protective gear provided, it’d be a shame not to watch a few of the crew stack it. Perfect for working up a thirst for a few cold ones, and still less painful than paintball.


K-pop Dance Class in Campsie 

Price: $30-$60 per person

Lowdown: While we’re on the topic of cool dude moves, dancing is also up there. With K-pop being more popular than ever before, it’s about time it joined the list of bachelor party ideas. Embarrass everyone at the same time by taking a K-pop dance class with the hapless hubby and the rest of the smurfs. And, assuming no one in the stag party is a qualified dancer, this is a surefire way to hone your moves before busting them out on the dancefloor a few hours later. 



Latte Art Class for Beginners in Surry Hills 

Price: $110 per person

Lowdown: If you’re looking at this suggestion and trying to figure out how this fits into the category of bucks party activities, then you’re about to get your mind blown. Let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve organised a stellar weekend away with the hubby-to-be’s favourite selection of mates, but there’s a morning or mid-afternoon free that was deemed recovery time from the night before. Get the gang up and moving by teaching them how to make the hangover cure they’re all so desperately craving. Throw the instant coffee down the drain and learn how to make barista-level coffee and regain the strength to continue the weekend, knowing that next time the hangover hits, the bucks squad have got the solution under control. 


Wine & Cheese Matching Class

Price: $85 per person

Lowdown: Is your buck somewhat more discerning? Is he a bit more venison than deer? Well, even if he isn’t, who doesn’t love a good wine and cheese night? This may appear all too fancy for a bucks party activity, but the class specialises in taking the pretension out of wine and cheese matching so the only thing being turned up at you is the bottom of your compadre’s wine glass. You’ll be swirling the decanter and whistling Enchantee, Monsieur Fromage, well into kick-ons. 


There are an array of options for unique bucks party ideas in Sydney, and these are but a few. If you’re looking for something a touch more direct, check out some more tips here on how to be a top-notch best man. Happy hunting!

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