Sewing Masterclass for Beginners

Sewing Masterclass for Beginners

Learn the basics of sewing & make a beautiful cushion

Sewing and textiles
Sophie Parry

Sophie Parry

BA (hons) in Textile Design. Mixed media artist and lover of all things creative.



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In this workshop you will learn the basics of setting up a sewing machine. You will learn about the different stitches and when best to use them. Once you've had a practice run on some scrap material, we'll put your new skills to practice by creating a simple square cushion. You will be working on a beginners sewing machine that is extremely easy and functional to use.

In this class you will learn:
- How to set up a sewing machine
- How to wind a bobbin and insert it into the machine
- Measure, mark and cut your fabric for the cushion
- Use of different tools for a cleaner finish

Throughout the session I will share my knowledge and tips with you to help make the process as smoothly and enjoyable as possible.

Classes usually run for 2-3 hours when full.
The sessions are held at Sophie's art studio in Redfern. The building is occupied by talented artists, exhibitions and co-working spaces.

You will leave the class with your new sewing skills, a fab cushion and a PDF handout will be emailed to you with all the information you learned during the class.

library_books Knowledge Required

No previous knowledge required. This class is for absolute beginners. Please note, this class is not suitable for those who already know the basics of sewing.

build Equipment Needed

All machinery, fabric and tools are provided.


Sewing Masterclass for Beginners class location

107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW


Sophie Parry
Sophie Parry

BA (hons) in Textile Design. Mixed media artist and lover of all things creative.

Creativity is, and always has been, the driving force in Sophie's life. From an early age she would always swap the dolls and toys for a pen and notepad. Sophie never minded being left to her own devices while her parents needed to go shopping. With a colouring-in book to hand Sophie happily sat quietly either scribbling away or patiently filling in each tiny hole in the fabric of her red tights – the latter much to their frustration.

Sophie's creativity and passion for art led to an interest in fabrics, sewing and textiles. From here she applied to the top five universities for textiles. Following a number of interviews, she waited patiently hoping to receive an offer from Birmingham City University (BCU).

BCU had the course that stood out the most to her - with their endless resources and fabulous tutors. To Sophie's delight, BCU granted an unconditional offer which she accepted immediately. It was here that she found her feet in the textiles professio
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