Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients

Hands on learning, that's thirsty work.

2 hours Class size 1 to 10 label $95 or 4 payments of $23.75 Afterpay

Your teacher, Tippled is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

Like most good things, the key to the perfect cocktail is finding balance. Feel that tipping point, tasting 4 seasonal, sophisticated tipples, shaken with bespoke handcrafted ingredients. Inspired by the native forageables from around the city, abundant flavours that we need to champion, along with tastes from other nations of Australia.

Polish up your bar skills, sharpen up your shake, pick up key tips that will see you making it rain foraged cocktails at your next party.
Mocktails are available for those who prefer them - just let us know when booking.

Knowledge Required
What you'll get
A journey of flavour over four cocktails.

107 - 107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW

Your teacher can also travel within 30 kms of Redfern for private classes

Your teacher

An education in mixology that will shake you to your core.

4.9 (157)

When it comes to creating delicious concoctions, Chris Thomas is an alchemist. Starting at The Basement Sydney, he honed his craft consulting for Soho House London, before returning to Sydney where he became captivated by native Australian flavours. With a strong emphasis on seasonality, Tippled's philosophy is simple. Use what is around you, when it's around you. Ingredients are sourced locally and foraged at their prime to produce simple yet sophisticated cocktails that are in sync with the surrounding environment and encourage how we interact with it.

Verified reviews

Brandon Souza • Sep 2020

Absolutely great class, we got to try a great selection of drinks and learnt a lot about both cocktails and native ingredients, time flew by but I would definitely recommend this class to others

Celine Chakhtoura • Sep 2020

Awesome class, Chris is an excellent teacher. A lot of fun Totally recommend before a night out :)

Lydia Hayward • Aug 2020

We had a great time at this class! The cocktails were delicious, Chris was very knowledgeable, and I tried flavours I'd never had before! Was a lot of fun, would definitely recommend!

Rosy Seaton • Aug 2020

Chris was a font of knowledge regarding Australian Botanicals and was
an excellent teacher. Would highly recommend Chris for a fun night. Oh and he made fantastic cocktails!

Vivian Zhang • Aug 2020

Chris was great and very knowledgeable. It was a great idea to join the class

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Vivian Zhang Sydney

Vivian Ngo • Aug 2020

Chris was fantastic!
Very humorous and entertaining. Lots of great taste with Australian natives. Drinks were fab.
Thank you for a great night!
Highly recommend!

Cocktail workshop review by Vivian Ngo

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Stephanie Ansley • Aug 2020

Fantastic host, loved the drinks.
Had a great night as a group.
Would highly recommend

Amanda Christmann • Aug 2020

This was a great experience! We had a lot of fun learning how to make some classic cocktails with different ingredients :)

Abbie Clarke • Jul 2020

Chris was great, very informative & entertaining! My partner & I really enjoyed the cocktails & learnt a lot about Aussie native plants & their quirky uses when it comes to cocktail
Making. 100% would recommend this class!

Neil Dutfield • Mar 2020

The class was excellent - learnt a lot and in a great atmosphere. Nothing to add other than thank you for the fantastic time

Tim O'Sullivan • Mar 2020

We had an excellent time with Chris, his knowledge and technique was superb. He is great to hang out with and would recommend to absolutely anyone!

Rahul Patil • Mar 2020

The class was about making cocktails. It was good experience. Chris was very informative and friendly with everyone there. The cocktail recepies were amazing. Best birthday gift idea for a friend.

Eliza Willis • Mar 2020

Great vibe from our teacher, kept things moving well. Venue good, after multiple changes. My wife & I received this as a gift, exceeded our expectations, thanks

Amrutha Mohan • Mar 2020

Had a great time at the event! Loved learning about all the native ingredients and enjoyed all the delicious cocktails. A really great event with lots of laughs. I’d definitely do it again!

Sean Nelson • Mar 2020

If you could take away anything from this class, it’s that ecological alcoholism is the way to go! Chris introduced new flavours to the classic drinks, all sourced from our own backyard, with a message of sustainability and healthy dose of humour. The perfect cocktail for a great evening!

Anna Guilbert • Feb 2020

The class was wonderful! On a rooftop garden that had a lovely backdrop of Sydney's sunset. It was a small intimate class of 9, including myself and my 2 besties for a birthday celebration. The teacher was incredibly talented and knowledgeable about his craft & ecology alcoholism (inside class joke but very suiting). Would definitely recommend to those that are starting out with the art of cocktails and getting into nature as well, to those that are already a master and looking for something fun to do!

Cocktail workshop review by Anna Guilbert

Michaela Keirle • Feb 2020

Super fun with super yummy cocktails that you don’t find at your average jo bar, with a really good teacher who has a passion for making unique and taasteful concoctions, 10/10 recommend

Chantelle Paulsen • Feb 2020

Had an awesome day, teacher was great, knew so much history and information around Australia. The cocktails were delicious and all related to the natives of Australia, i would recommend this class to everyone, the views of Sydney are amazing.

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Chantelle Paulsen

Bridget Harrison • Feb 2020

location is great, great views. the teacher was fun and made sure you enjoyed it. learnt some great tips. thanks chris

Cocktail workshop review by Bridget Harrison

Felicity Ellis • Feb 2020

Great experience Learn the basics of cocktails in a relaxed social atmosphere, back dropped by the Sydney skyline.
Chris was informative whilst keeping the class entertaining.
Definitely recommend

Oceane Paulsen • Feb 2020

amazing venue setting the tone for a great experience. definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for a starter cocktail course.

Cocktail workshop review by Oceane Paulsen Sydney

Trudie Friedrich • Feb 2020

Super fun class in a great location! Chris is very knowledgeable and taught us some exceptionally delicious cocktails!

Sally Loane • Feb 2020

Great venue and fab cocktails. Chris was charming and knowledgeable and we had a lot of fun.

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Sally Loane

Matthew Clohessy • Feb 2020

Class was unique and a whole lotta fun. Chris is the perfect mix of knowledge and charisma. Cocktails were delish and picked up lots of knowledge about the fundamentals of cocktail making as well as using native ingredients.

100% would do it again.

Rochelle Noble • Feb 2020

We had an absolute blast - enjoyed the cocktails, the teacher and the view! Was a fun day and the cocktails tasted delicious.

Chloe Huang • Feb 2020

We got to make 4 delicious cocktails on a beautiful rooftop in Kings Cross. We all took turns making the cocktails following detailed instructions, in a small class of about 7 people, with all of us standing around the mobile bar. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of information to take in quickly - probably best for a social, fun event, instead of a truly in-depth educational 'class'. Still loved every bit of it!

Cocktail workshop review by Chloe Huang

Rachel Pevy • Feb 2020

Chris was a fantastic teacher, very patient and willing to educate us regarding various Australian plants, whilst also helping us to create wonderful refreshing cocktails. A great experience as a couple or a group, making new friends and trying something new. Highly recommended!

Alana Parks • Feb 2020

This class was amazing! Presented extremely well! Teacher had great knowledge of ingredients and such a passion for teaching us his creations.
The venue was amazing despite the rain!
Would highly recommend this class to anyone

Meighan Woods • Feb 2020

The hosts were awesome and made sure everyone had fun! We had a great event and would definitely recommend

Eric Emerick • Feb 2020

Amazing class. The instructor was so fun, made amazing cocktails, and turned the entire event into an interactive social fun event. The native botanical mixes were fantastic and made even better with the scientific knowledge of the host. Highly recommend, will be checking it out again.

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Eric Emerick

Jacqueline Watson • Jan 2020

We had a super fun time making four different cocktails and learning about the origins of the ingredients we used. There was a great view from the rooftop and would highly recommend the class!

Sarah Farache • Jan 2020

Great, fun teacher who talked to us about balancing flavours and making cocktails correctly.

Fun learning a bit about Australian plants.

Gorgeous view of the city. Made 4 cocktails so really good for the price.

Naomi Dang • Jan 2020

Was very informative and engaging. Created a very fun environment to make cocktails in! Would recommend.

Tanya Niki • Jan 2020

the cocktail experience was good fun due to an engaging, knowledgeable and witty host/teacher.

Rhonda Jeffs • Jan 2020

Great session with a great group learning about native ingredients and how to enjoy them in cocktails. Chris was excellent - fun and informative.
Cocktails were delicious and plentiful.
Good location and easy to get to. An all round excellent experience!

Nicholas Saunders • Jan 2020

Loved that Chris had so much knowledge about native Australian bush tucker and flavours, well infused with the science of cocktail making. Each cocktail was fantastic, we learned a great deal and had a wonderul time. Love Nic(k)2 :)

Tanya Li • Jan 2020

Great course with a nice, relaxed vibe on the outdoor rooftop. Teacher was friendly and funny and I enjoyed being able to make 4 different drinks in that time.

Louisa Welland • Dec 2019

The class was really fun and the cocktails were delicious! Would definitely recommend for a work Christmas activity!

Rachel Carruthers • Jan 2020

The class was great, and the cocktails tasty and creative. Would definitely recommend as an evening treat!

Joanne Nguyen • Jan 2020

Fantastic class. Chris is really engaging and knowledgeable. The cocktails were delicious and really creative with the use of native plants.

Cocktail workshop review by Joanne Nguyen

Colleen Featherstone • Dec 2019

Loved it - deliciously random class by Chris who really knows his native plants and his cocktails.
For those who want something a little different with all of the professionalism and expertise but less of the artificial polish highly recommended.
Thanks Chris

Fiona Volke • Dec 2019

Such good fun! Chris was smart, knowledgeable, entertaining and a great teacher and host. The class was exceptionally good value, and I (very) highly recommend it!

Jess Lai • Dec 2019

We had our client networking event with Tippled and really had a lot of fun - the team were very knowledgeable, entertaining and flexible around our late start times.
We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would definitely recommend :)

Nicole Freer • Dec 2019

Awesome class! Learnt about the fermentation process and easy processes of flavouring spirits with native plants! Absolutely loved it thanks chris :)

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Nicole Freer

Fiona • Dec 2019

Chris is an amazing teacher, who is knowledgeable and passionate about all things native. The rooftop is beautiful. A lovely evening. Tempted to do it again.

Cocktail workshop review by Fiona

Emmy Yap • Dec 2019

Learning new native plants

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Emmy Yap

Samantha Travers • Nov 2019

Very fun. I've never made cocktails before, but Chris was easy to follow and always helpful. Great insight into what can be done to mix up cocktails subtly, and some good ideas on how to use native flavours.

Cocktail workshop review by Samantha Travers

Samantha Travers • Nov 2019

Fantastic class! Will be back again soon! So much fun! Chris is such a knowledgeable guy. Learned many skills on cocktail making and lots more on native plants

Shake Cocktails, with Native Ingredients review by Samantha Travers

Mehak Vohra • Nov 2019

Chris was super and the class is excellent! We loved it and drank yummy cocktails!

Cassy Osokin • Nov 2019

Awesome class. Chris was really informative and answered all our questions about different plants and cocktail-making techniques. We made a great range of cocktails with different spirit bases and they were all delicious! Excellent value for money and great fun. Only recommendation would be to eat a bit before you go :)

Natalie Patterson • Nov 2019

We had a great time. Thank you for a great time. So much fun x

Samuel Wheatley • Nov 2019

Chris was entertaining, funny and nice
Ill definitely recommend to others
Location was awesome
And everyone had fun

Nico Woodfiredstove • Oct 2019

I gave this class as a present and my friend said it was an incredible experience 5 star

Thanks and will book one for myself very soon

Rhiain Ockerby • Oct 2019

We had a great time making cocktails with Chris at the stunning Yerrabingin rooftop farm. He was super knowledgeable about the native ingredients and shared some excellent cocktail recipes that really championed the native flavours. An amazing way to spend an arvo.

Shirley Lu • Oct 2019

Chris was a fantastic instructor -- funny, energetic, knowledgeable. We made four cocktails from interesting ingredients. They were all delicious. Only downside was that the class felt a bit rushed. I would have appreciated a slower approach so that I could learn foundational concepts. Some were briefly covered ("strong versus weak, sweet versus sour", infusing flavours in all components) but deeper exploration would have been valuable. Location was incredible -- it was great to enjoy the four cocktails on the rooftop garden.

Emma Cooper-Southam • Oct 2019

Great teacher, lots of knowledge and funny. Cool native I tried ingredients and the drinks were amazing!

Sacha Cameron • Sep 2019

Great relaxed class with killer cocktails! We took the class here to start off our hens night and it was perfect! So enjoyable

Clare Lassam • Sep 2019

What a fantastic class, Chris was so helpful, informative and fun, just the right amount of information and making drinks!
A perfect balance, much like the amazing cocktails we got to make, all of the girls loved them with quite a few stating they were the best they'd ever had.
The venue isn't in a bustling area but it's a great spot away from the noise with some awesome native plants to enjoy on a rooftop
Highly recommend

Dianne Bergen • Sep 2019

Lovely spot at the rooftop garden to mix and drink cocktails. The recipes and especially the making of the mixers was a tad rushed so you maybe don't walk away planning to make them yourself at home. The drinks were a good veriety and easily and enjoyably consumed. The additional visit by "Gardening Australia" celebrity, Clarence, with his knowledge of Aussie native flora was great.

Rob Medynski • Sep 2019

this class was great! the teacher chris, was very friendly and very knowledgable. We made 4 cocktails each, which was the perfect amount. Chris prepared all the ingredients in advance and many of the syrups and infused alcohols clearly took a lot of prep time. great value. highly reccomended +++

Lisa Allan • Sep 2019

Had a great time in this class! Chris, our cocktail master, was hugely knowledgeable, peppering each of the four unique libations we created with the history of bartending and information on our local native plants and their flavours. He's a lovely bloke who made the two hours very fun and entertaining for myself and my bestie. Highly recommended!

Teresa Yu • Aug 2019

Super chill and very relaxed way to make cocktails. Unique ingredients that you can’t get anywhere else. Great introduction to cocktail making.

Harry Cover • Aug 2019

Really fun class, Chris was very knowledgeable, easy to chat to and fun. Location is beautiful and really loved the info about native plants. Would recommend!

Ashleigh Longmore • Aug 2019

Excellent cocktail class! Very informative and lots of fun. We organised the class as a Father’s Day present and a great time was had by all. We learnt lots about native ingredients and how to use them in a modern twist. Chris was a bundle of fun and knowledge and was a wonderful host and teacher. Highly recommend this class surrounded by beautiful native plants on a gorgeous Sydney rooftop!

Kate Lahiff • Aug 2019

Teacher and materials were amazing! It was so much fun, we created incredible memories! Thanks heaps :)

Gabrielle Positti • Aug 2019

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and the roof-top location is the perfect setting. I learnt a lot in the 2 hours and would highly recommend this class for any occasion! Great afternoon and great company!

Neisha Maguire • Aug 2019

Was a fantastic class with anyway instructor and great company. Would recommend. Was a fun old time+

Sarah Fish • Aug 2019

This was the second time I’ve done the cocktail making class with Chris, because my boyfriend and I enjoyed it so much the first time! This time was at the new rooftop garden location and a group of 13 of us booked a private class. Chris was great as usual - so knowledgeable and really makes the class loads of fun. The cocktails are absolutely delicious, and so much better for the infusions Chris makes with the native plants. Chris is super accommodating and I’d highly recommend this class, either as part of the group classes or as a private booking - both experiences were brilliant. All 13 of us had a fantastic afternoon. Thanks Chris, we’ll probably be back for more at some point! :)

Megan Crambrook • Aug 2019

So much fun and very educational! Think it would be great to turn this class into a podcast too - can learn everything from the Jurassic era through to botanica. Maybe something called ‘tippling tips’ or ‘cocktails with Chris’? Would thoroughly recommend!

Sam Ayling • Aug 2019

This class was the perfect way to kick off a bucks party - casual, heaps of fun, delicious drinks and good vibes. Thanks heaps Chris!

Maria Clemente • Aug 2019

Informative session with a cool teacher (and assistant). Highly recommended! We came a bunch of gals en route to hens dinner and it was so much fun to have a go at concocting those cocktails:)

Cameron Bestwick • Aug 2019

This class was lots of fun. Chris was a funny and engaging teacher. We got to make a good variety of drinks and they tasted AMAZING!

Kate Fixter • Aug 2019

Chris was a wonderful teacher! Both engaging and intelligent he first demonstrated then encouraged us through making our own cocktails (x4), but also provided us with the skills to forage for our own natural ingredients in the neighbourhood to take our cocktails to the next level. This is a must do experience for anyone who wants both a fun night but to learn how to take cocktail making to the next level!

Sakshi Vyas • Jul 2019

The class was so amazing, I went there all alone and I didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable at all. It was really informative and Chris is a wonderful wonderful guide. Couldn't thank him enough for the perfect evening I had

Felicity Kiernan • Jul 2019

The class was good value. It was hands on with tasty results and interesting information

Elizabeth Cherry • Jul 2019

We highly recommend this class. Chris was a knowledgable and patient teacherfantastic ingredients ,and a fun activity to do with friends. We absolutely loved this class, if your looking for something out of the box to do with your pals then this is for you.

Annabel Larcombe • Jun 2019

Great date night!

Many (delicious) drinks, many laughs and learnt a lot! recommend very highly

Julia Kabir • Jul 2019

We had a fantastic experience at this cocktail making class. The set up of the warehouse where the class is was such a great surprise! Not going to give much away but our teacher was wearing a pilot uniform ;) The cocktails were so delicious! Highly recommend!

Selena Seigo • Jul 2019

This was a fantastic choice. Great for a team outing or event starter. Venue is excellent and Chris was phenomenal. He is knowledgeable, easy going and funny. Made 4 amazing drinks and we all enjoyed them. Top points for these guys. Would definitely recommend and book again.

James Hornitzky • Jul 2019

Class was great really interactive and our group really enjoyed the activity. The teacher was very knowledgeable and was really fun and approachable. The cocktails and ingredients were quite unique in their use of Australian ingredients. All in all we had a great time would definitely recommend.

April Towerton • Jun 2019

The class was an amazing experience. The venue was cute and quirky. Chris’s passion for cocktails was infectious, and his knowledge of botanicals was incredible. Highly recommend.

Lonie Pizarro • Jun 2019

Fantastic class! Started a little bit unconventional - the venue is down some back streets and is decked out like a budget airline, complete with half a plane. But the teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly, and the drinks were delicious. Would definitely recommend :)

Ben Stockton • Jun 2019

This classic is a dead set classical affair. Part hilarious banter, part genuine passion and knowledge for cocktails and Aussie botanicals. Make a night of it!

Christopher Dixon • Jun 2019

I had a great time and the class was great. There were great cocktails and a great atmosphere.

Chris Chen • Jun 2019

Extremely fun and engaging, Captain Chris was a fantastic teacher. Would recommend this to all!

Andrew Foster • Jun 2019

Really great! Chris was awesome and really knowledgeable. Interesting insights into local native botanicals and flavours.

Amanda Kearley • Jun 2019

Such a fun night! Instructor was great and space was really different.
Would highly recommend.

Emiliano Bini • Jun 2019

Completely exceeded our expectations. The venue is fantastic. It's full hands on. Very fun. I went my my daughter. Will defintely go back with my wife

Doreen Kanasam • Jun 2019

Brilliant informative cocktail making class with excellent spin of natural native ingredients. Chris was an amazing captain! Highly recommended!

Jessica Chee • May 2019

Chris was very entertaining — love him. Drinks were awesome. Would definitely recommend to others! Thanks Chris!

Maureen Cashman • May 2019

Chris is an absolute legend. Best cocktail making class to exist. He was very knowledgeable about everything to do with native plants and cocktail making. The venue was also super cool. We had 4 full cocktails which I thought was very generous. Highly recommend

Stephen Soro • May 2019

Class was excellent. The flavours of the house made alcohol were surprisingly outstanding. Overall impressed and would suggest to anyone hesitating to partake in this class to just do it as it was totally worth it.

Grace Leung • May 2019

Very enjoyable class with a friendly & professional teacher - good knowledge of where to find ingredients. Venue was very interesting & original. Would definitely recommend for a fun friends/couples activity.

Heidi Wilcoxon • May 2019

Great afternoon! Innovative, native Australian twists on classic cocktails. Hands on and fun! Highly recommend.

Lareine Yeoh • May 2019

Teacher was entertaining and professional atmosphere was fun and relaxed. Setting was retro warehouse, very creative recycling of ex-Ansett Australia gear. We learnt to make a nice mix of different cocktails in groups of 3-5 people per trolley. Ingredients were supplied, had to do a bit of walking around to other groups to get some missing bits.

Giuliana Durighel • May 2019

Great vibe in the heart if Newtown. Cocktails made were amazing!
Loved the class but wish we could have a copy of the recipes for all the cocktails!

Monica Hook • Apr 2019

Did the native ingredient cocktail making course, really well done. All equipment and ingredients were set up and ready, great organisation. The teacher, Chris, kept things moving at a good pace so there was enough time to do everything but no hanging around waiting.

There were only eight in the group so we had all the attention we needed. Chris demonstrated first then we got to make our own and they were yummy!

Renee Curtis • Apr 2019

Class was awesome it is located in a warehouse decked out like a plane hanger! Random airline theme. Guy running the class was awesome super knowledgeable on native plants and drinks! We made 4 cocktails total, they were easy to make and absolutely delicious i loved all of them. Will say i thought we might learn how to make some of the liquor using native plants but apparently its quiet complex. Regardless had such a blast, great idea although a heads up we were definitely very on our way to drunk post 4 cocktails so I definitely wouldn’t drive. Fun class

Tamara Stanley • Apr 2019

Really enjoyed this fun class; ideal for beginners; affordable; nice relaxed atmosphere and a great use of native ingredients. All that was missing was a recipe sheet to take home as I couldn't remember all the ingredients and measurements after drinking the 4 cocktails we made.

Vincent Ip • Apr 2019

Intimate small class of 9 participants. Everyone got to try shaking and mixing their own drinks. 4 drinks were taught and made. Chris was funny and easy to follow along and informative of the local native herbs and fruits.
Entrance was a bit tricky to find.

Jacqui Duncan • Apr 2019

We loved our cocktail-making class. The teachers were super-knowledgable and made the class interesting and fun - and we loved the venue! Very cool. A great night was had by all. Thanks heaps.

Ta-Yung Liu • Apr 2019

Chris was very fun, informative and helpful with the making of everyone’s cocktails. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about cocktail making and Australian native plants!

Jeremy Gonzalez • Apr 2019

My girl friend and I had a great time with a unique class that emphasizes on using Australian ingredients. The host is friendly and very knowledgeable on all the ingredients we used and the history of where they came from. I would 10/10 recommend this class to my friends and return again for another class

Rob Hume • Apr 2019

Teachers were friendly funny and knowledgeable. Venue was cool and super interesting. Cocktails were very very tasty

Simon Grace • Apr 2019

Really funky setup, with old planes, colour and great atmosphere. The instructor was a good laugh and real knowledgeable. You're not going to get such a unique experience anywhere else. They put a lot of effort into great tasting, different cocktails!

Daniel Quilty • Apr 2019

Quirky and interesting, very knowledgeable, engaging teacher, great tasting cocktails and good fun, highly recommend

Elizabeth Kelaita • Apr 2019

It was fantastic. Chris was fun and very informative. Awesome tidbits of info about Australian flora. Great tasting cocktails.
10 outta 10 would recommend.

Jennifer Cowell • Apr 2019

Loved the decor and the cocktails, and all the native Australian botanicals. Local really means local!

Kamaal Uddin • Apr 2019

I had the most insane cocktail class with Chris who took us through an amazing journey where we learnt how indigenous fruits and herbs were infused into various spirits thus leading to the creation of some amazing cocktails. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends as I’m sure they would have an amazing time

Samantha Foster • Mar 2019

Great classI really enjoyed it. Chris is a natural entertainer, friendly and knowledgeable. The venue is quirky and fun, and the class size (7) was perfect for engagement. We made four cocktails - all unusual and delicious. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it seemed to move so fast - I'm a 'girlie swot' by nature, so would have liked to take notes and dive into more discussion on the native ingredients, but the pace and set-up didn't seem conducive. I'd do it again though, and certainly recommend it to anyone!

Casey Taylor • Mar 2019

I took my mate here for her birthday and we had an absolute blast. Chris was incredibly knowledgable on Australian botanicals, Indigenous Australian history and of course, taught us how to make great cocktails. Would highly recommend for any occasion, the venue is super quirky and a great place to make and sip on cocktails.

Geoff Daniow • Mar 2019

Great fun class and you get to enjoy what you make. Chris provided some laughs and a lot of tips about flavoring diffe

Joanna Garcia • Mar 2019

Great fun. The guys are passionate about what they do, which is refreshing to see.
Would definitely do this again with some other friends.

Elizabeth Ritchie • Oct 2019

We booked this experience as a gift for some friends. They told us that the host was fantastic and the cocktails were great. There was however a change of location to what was originally advertised meaning they ended up at the hosts home instead. Th evening sounded fun however our friends were somewhat disappointed to not have the class at the rooftop farm as expected.

Sanne Zwetsloot • Mar 2019

Excellent class. Interesting to learn about Australian native plants and how to use them. The cocktails we made were delicious. Highly recommend this class!

Magda Michalowska • Feb 2019

Loved the experience! The venue is funky and gives an amazing vibe! It’s fun and the host is fun and welcoming. It was a birthday gift and i went with a group of friends. We had the best time ever!

Simon Davies • Feb 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fun and informative evening, and although I'm probably not going to go foraging for my own ingredients to make cocktails, I will no doubt appropriate some of the things I've learned about native flora to demonstrate how knowledgeable I am at dinner parties, should I ever be invited to a dinner party again

Alex Tosh • Feb 2019

Fucking banging. Like seriously banging. I really thought it was banging. Seriously banging. Seriously banging

Louise Moss • Feb 2019

Fab venue, great teacher and a really fun evening with lots of delicious drinks - would recommend!

Ross Black • Feb 2019

Astonishing experience Captain Chris ensured that the plane was in the air and the trip was made amazingly smooth by the wonderful, exotic and totally amazing cocktails. The concept of locally sourced products is inspired. The venue is simply fabulous. Must travel again soon

Emma Maas • Feb 2019

The most fun class to join, I've done a lot of workshops now and this one is by far the best! Chris is a champ and I loved the setting of the workshop completely decked out with old Ansett stuff it was amazing. Cocktails tasted great and I know now how to make my own delicious cocktails - woohooo! :D

Davina Italiano • Feb 2019

This was great fun Had an amazing time the teacher was enthusiastic and informative the drinks are fantastic. I highly recommend it!

Brodie Sutcliffe • Feb 2019

This was so much fun! Chris was full of enthusiasm, the cocktails were AMAZING (if I do say so myself!) and I learnt so much about edible natives - some of which I already had in my garden!
This was a great girls day out. I'd recommend it for everyone!

Jo Berton • Feb 2019

Entertaining, amusing and enlightening. What a great way to spend an afternoon! I would thoroughly recommend Cocktail making with Australian Native Plants

Bhargavi Macherla • Feb 2019

It was a wonderful experience, we made 4 different cocktails. It was amazing experience while doing the cocktails. Tips were shared to perform cocktails with other interesting fusions. Overall very good class. I had a really great time Chris, the cocktails were awesome and he was really helpful. We had everything supplied and the size of the class was also perfect.

Zoe Woods • Feb 2019

This class was fantastic I got it for my family as a Christmas present and everyone enjoyed it. The venue was really cool done up like an airport hanger and the staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. I loved how they encoporated so many locally sourced natural products.

Wendy Tsang • Jan 2019

We had a wonderful evening At our cocktail workshops. Chris was knowledgeable and fun. The cocktails we made were delicious. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a cocktail workshop with a native twist! Thank you for the wonderful night Chris and Byron!

Reza Vahid • Jan 2019

Friendly teacher and a nice set up. You can learn how to make your cocktail and also get familiar with Australian native plants.

Megan Croix • Jan 2019

We had a really great time with Chris, the cocktails were awesome and he was really helpful and a great teacher. We had everything we needed supplied and the group size of the class was perfect.

Luke Corker • Jan 2019

Thanks so much for great class! We made four amazing cocktails all with ingredient explanations. Great value for money. Hope to get trolley’d to a private party at some point!

Imani Backes • Jan 2019

Chris was a vivacious and knowledgeable teacher. Such a fun and quirky vibe to the class. Delicious cocktails and nice to know there’s a focus on sustainability. Would recommend.

Andrea Kimbrell • Jan 2019

Absolutely loved the class! Great presentation, delicious drinks, and a lot of fun with the other attendees. I also really appreciated the sustainability aspect of Trolley’d business model, plus I got to taste some native ingredients I’d never had before. 100% would recommend!

Sophie Morris • Jan 2019

Amazing value!
Super fun, learnt loads and most importantly the cocktails were super delish.
Would 100% do again and recommend:)

Wei Ji • Jan 2019

Had a really awesome time learning about native botanicals, history of cocktails and most of all making absolutely delicious cocktails.

Larry Nguyen • Dec 2018

Teacher greeted us in a Pilot's Uniform, the airline theme was fantastic. The warehouse had chairs and 'tables' comprised of old airplane seats and flight trolleys. Not even the hailing rain could ruin the experience.

Definitely attending their Kombucha classes later this year.

(Full disclosure my impressions might be a bit biased by the cocktails we made and drank)

Shelby Allen • Dec 2018

Had an amazing time. Chris was very entertaining and knowledgeable. The drinks were delicious. Thank you

Ailing Huang • Dec 2018

Absolutely loved this class and would highly recommend, especially for group events! Everything from the quirkiness of the venue, to the delicious cocktails infused with native Aussie plants (with some growing right in their front yard). We also really appreciated the education and sustainability aspect of the class; the guys are super knowledgeable and hilarious.

Don't even think twice; just book it in!

Vanessa Vanderhaven • Nov 2018

We did this class for a hen's night and had a great time! Kind of hard to enjoy making and drinking cocktails though. The guys were great fun and we learnt a lot about Aussie native plants how to include them in our drinks. The cocktails themselves were delicious too Thanks for having us!

Rob Stevens • Nov 2018

Great experience, quirky location, teachers very knowledgeable about all things re cocktails Especially the history

Ruchika (rikki) • Oct 2018

This was the perfect way to kickstart my sister's Hens party! Chris and Byron are really friendly and super fun. The location is a large warehouse-like flat with deconstructed aeroplane decor. Very Newtown-esque. The cocktails were also really tasty :) Would recommend!
Is it OK to bring a cake/nibbles to the class if I book it for a private event?

Of course, no problem

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