Silvia Kvasnovska

Silvia Kvasnovska

I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds to support the education of children in low income countries in Africa

Silvia Kvasnovska, barista teacher
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I am a passionate and dedicated coffee enthusiast and barista, and committed to using my skills to empower others. I realised that there was a gap in the barista training market that focused on the intricate details to help aspiring baristas develop the skills and knowledge to produce coffee that is unique to their style and meets every customer's expectations.

My course is not about spending a few hours in a busy class, just to receive a certificate which doesn’t promise you anything. Instead it is a one-on-one experience focusing on the little details that matter. The details that change a customer's experience for the better and enable you, as a barista, to learn a new skill and explore the passion of coffee.


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• Jul 2019

The Fundamentals of Making Great Coffee

Silvia was very thorough and engaging while teaching her class. She made sure every process was clear and provided ample hands on experience to make sure I understood. Would highly recommend!

The Fundamentals of Making Great Coffee review by Tim Commandeur

• Jun 2019

The Fundamentals of Making Great Coffee

Silvia is a very passionate about coffee, patient and very clear and give step by step instructions. I have now got the basic understanding of coffee making. It was a great introductory experience. Highly recommended.

• May 2019

The Fundamentals of Making Great Coffee

Silvia provided an excellent service for a person with special needs. Thank you very much for making our day and of course her coffee knowledge was exceptional.
Adrian from QualisCare

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