Simple Exercise Class

Lazy workouts to improve your health

Elina Doronkina

Elina Doronkina

10+ years experience in acting, art classes and hypnotherapy

1 hour 6 to 20 label $35

Great for all genders and ages, for those who do not have enough time or space for regular exercises; for physically active and physically passive people; for people with limited range of movement, who cannot bend like yogis, as well as for gym addicts or people who want to improve their life style and acquire new healthy habits!

Come along for one hour group classes with simple fun exercises and self-massage techniques, meditations and crystal healing. You will learn simple exercises and self-massage techniques to:
- prevent and heal arthritis;
- remove pains and aches, joints and muscles inflammation, depression, stress, anxiety, emotional and physical toxins;
- improve the flexibility of spine and body, blood and lymph circulation, metabolism, energy levels, memory, concentration, brain activity, clarity, sleep and mood,
- stop and reverse ageing.

The techniques are very easy to use: they help positively change your life and improve health, immune and lymphatic systems, brain activity. You will learn how to stay healthy and happy on all levels: energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. The techniques involve breathing, visualisation, physical movement, meditation and self-massage.

My system teaches to re-connect with each part of our body, heal without drugs or medicine, be closer to nature and become more physically and mentally active.

The first part: breathing exercises and self-massage techniques to warm up the body
The second part: cleansing body and mind with special movement and visualisation techniques.
The third part: activation of energy centres and improving body functions with physical exercises (please wear comfy sport clothes).
The fourth part: stretching and strengthening the body, balancing the body, mind and emotions (meditation, crystal healing and/or hypno healing.

You will be able to perform techniques even at home or on the run according to the instructions given at the classes.

Knowledge Required

Perfect for beginners!

What to bring

No equipment required.

Suitable for

This workshop is suitable for a hens party, baby shower, birthday, special occasion, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


The teacher can travel within 15km of Cronulla

Your teacher
Elina Doronkina
Elina Doronkina

10+ years experience in acting, art classes and hypnotherapy

My name is Elina Doronkina. I am a certified and registered Transpersonal Art Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner, TV and Radio journalist, writer and speaker. From 2007 running my own Anti-Stress Clinic, helping people with depression, stress, anxiety, fear, phobia, addiction and physical ailments related to the above conditions. In my clinic I use approaches, consisted of a combination of art therapy, hypnosis and specially designed exercises to improve health and emotional balance.
I am an author of various published articles on health, wellbeing, energetic and emotional balance in English and in Russian, author, journalist and presenter of TV programs on Russian Pagan remedies and way of living. Also, I was the founder and producer of Russian theatre Pilgrim Entertainment Group (Sydney, Australia) and was running it from 2003 until the end of 2013.
I am running Art Therapy group classes, where such techniques as drawing, painting, collages, singing, dancing, acting, masks and dolls making, clay work, breathing techniques, light and simple physical exercises are offered to those who need to restore emotional, mental and physical balance, as well as boost their energy levels.

My Wish Doll Making classes are full of fun and very simple. They teach people express themselves, concentrate on their goals with the help of unusual techniques of doll making. The classes help removing stress, tension and depression, heal the emotions and improve communication and self-confidence.

Dancing Artist classes help students expressing themselves, releasing stress, improving emotional and mental balance, clarity of thinking and creativity.

Also, I teach my own healing system Lazy Workouts, where modern and ancient techniques are combined to facilitate fast recovery and effective maintenance of energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels. This program has recently been accepted by Nature Care College as a short course.
Join my classes to have fun, rejuvenate, heal and celebrate life, health and joy!


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