Site Features

Classbento's website is built by experienced teachers, programmers, designers, and eCommerce experts to cater specifically for recreational teachers and students.

Class creation and management features:

  • Masked locations: Lets you hide your exact location to the public (only indicating a general area), and only revealing the exact address to students to book your class
  • Flexible locations: Travel within a set distance, or use your own venue
  • Flexible notice: Lets you choose how close to the session you'll accept bookings. E.g. choose 10 minutes to allow last-minute spur-of-the-moment bookings, or choose 1 week to allow time to book venues and equipment
  • Course types: Teach one-off classes, or get students to sign up for courses (series of classes)
  • Private classes: Allows students to book a class for just their group (excluding the general public). You can set different prices as desired
  • Requests: Allows students to request specific times for your class, which means you don't necessarily need to keep your availabilities up to date on our site. If you accept a time, the student can then book it immediately
  • Follow: Allows students to subscribe to your class - they'll get updates whenever you add new available sessions
  • Spot management: Lets you manage students from multiple sources, including outside of Classbento, without oversubscribing any classes
  • Customisable sessions: Lets you change the location and/or class content for specific sessions, without needing to create multiple classes (e.g. you might hold your weekday classes at location X, and weekend classes at location Y) 
  • Tiered pricing: Maximise your hourly rates by giving students discounts for larger classes. E.g. $100 per person for a class of 1, $80 per person for a class of 2 students
  • Free classes: You can offer your class free of charge if you like, at no cost to you

Profile features:

  • Gallery: Upload up to 5 pictures to showcase your work. These could be photos of your artworks, classes, exhibitions, etc. You can label each picture to
  • Instagram integration: Include your Instagram feed in your profile. This means that your posts on Instagram will automatically appear on Classbento (with a slight delay of a few hours). This will help you attract students and followers

General usability:

  • Modern website: Our website is optimised in speed and usability for both mobiles and desktops, for all browsers. This means that you can easily manage classes on the go
  • Easy payments: You can easily accept all credit / debit cards and PayPal, without needing to set up merchant accounts

We designed policies to ensure the best possible experience for teachers:

  • Incentivised reviews: We automatically request reviews from students, and give them store credit to encourage them to complete reviews, which then strengthen your profile
  • No cancellations: We don't allow students to cancel bookings, meaning fewer nasty surprises for you
  • Customer service: We are the first point of contact for students, and send out automated communications to students, so that you won't need to spend time on basic admin questions - we'll take care of them for you
  • No-risk commissions: We only earn when you earn; we think that's the fair way to partner with our teachers. We keep a small 15% of the fees students pay, and cover payment gateway costs as part of this, so that you receive the full other 85% of student fees. No fixed fees, no listing fees, no account fees, no other fees.
  • Friends welcome: We'll pay you a 5% commission (out of our 15%) from the earnings of any teacher you refer to us, for their first 6 months


This is just the beginning; we'll constantly be looking for new opportunities to improve the experience for teachers and students. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Read about some of our features in more detail below. And of course, the best way to experience all this is to sign up and become a teacher!

Painting Portraiture Workshop
Leather Key Ring Making Class
Resin Art Workshop
Classical Guitar Lessons
Smartphone Photography Course
Natural Skincare Making Workshop
Learn to Sing
Kombucha Making Class
Kids Chocolate Workshop (Private Groups)
Pipe Band Snare Drum
Day DSLR Photography Course (Perth City)
Feng Shui Energy Essentials
DIY Luxury French Notepad Cover
Free Skateboarding Classes
The Fundamentals of Making Great Coffee
Make Your Own Teapot Workshop
Flat Wallet Class
Scone Making Class
The Nutcracker Chocolate Workshop
Espresso Martini Cocktail Masterclass (Mobile)

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