Soap Making Workshop

Private class of 4 people max - Learn how to make your own soap at home

3.5 hours Class size 1 to 4

label $179 - $189 (or 4 payments of $44.75 - $47.25 Afterpay)
($189 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $179 for 2+ guests)

Industrial-produced soaps are often much like junk food, so why not produce your own and know what is in them? Learn about your skin type and create any soap you want, it is that easy!

Explore the industry and the meaning of its labels as well as how to produce your own products in a healthier way.

In this intimate class (only TWO participants per class), you will learn how to make your own organic soap with ingredients and equipment that you (probably) already have in your kitchen. Your teacher will show you how to make soaps with pure natural materials with no artificial scents or additives. Note that you will learn how to use caustic soda safely, as it's an essential ingredient for soap-making.

With or without any experience you will learn the foundations of the cold process technique. You will be choosing your favourite natural essential oil (8 varieties available). You will learn how to add herbs, scents and other additives to your soaps and tips and tricks about ingredients to help you create your very own soap recipe.

Once you know the basics, you will be able to customise the recipes into your own signature soap for personal use, to gift, for-profit or just a fun activity with friends learning about what goes into making soap.

That's not all, you will also leave the class with two bars of soap (about 2 kilos) for you to enjoy and lots of notes with all the information you need to start making your own soap at home.

Your teacher can also travel to your house and teach you in the comfort of your own space, there will be a little fee for the expenses of transport and time (it depend on where you are located)

Allergy Disclaimer:
An ingredient mild to one person can cause a reaction in another. All of the ingredients and recipes used in this course will be fully disclosed – if you have any sensitivities to a listed ingredient you should not use that product. As with any body product if a rash or any irritation should occur, please discontinue use and check with your doctor.

Please note:

  • This workshop is NOT suitable for pregnant women.
  • You are allowed to reschedule up until seven days before the class, you can either send someone else to attend the class for you or you can pay a $40 fee for rescheduling.

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Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners! This workshop is suitable for everyone who is interested in learning how to make soap products with natural ingredients that suit your skin. This workshop is NOT suitable for pregnant women.
What you'll get
1.5 kilos of soap, notebook and instructions.
What to bring
A bag or a box to carry the soap home. If you have already soap mouldsa t home feel free to bring them.

St Peters, NSW

Exact location is masked for privacy. You'll automatically get the specific address after booking.

Soap Making Workshop location
Your teacher
Elena Martarello
Elena Martarello
(Bellanina Creations)

4.9 (304)
Instagram followers1k

Hi there

My name is Elena and I start my business Bellanina Creations in 2016 making candles

Candle making is a form of art and in one that I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over many years of candle making. My expertise goes far beyond wax and wicks. I have hosted many classes and met many wonderful people and each time it truly brings so much joy to my heart just by seeing people from all walks of life including first-timers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs enjoying my class making candles.

Throughout my class, I ensure everyone is involved and engaged having a hands-on experience at making candles. I discuss how different ingredients react and how to work with them safely, how candle testing is conduct and all the troubleshooting you might encounter on your jorney. At the end of my sessions, I only hope that I made a difference to someone not only by improving their knowledge and skills in the subtle art of candle making but also ensuring a fun weekend experience had by all.

I must also mention that I do my absolute best in protecting our beautiful planet. I make every endeavour to ensure the products and the ingredients I use is sustainable and ethically sourced where possible. I would like to add for your peace of mind - my fragrances are completely vegan and cruelty-free and adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.

My candles and my soap is created with passion and represents my craft.

With that said, I hope to see you on my next workshopand get your feedback on board as I always aim to improve.

Verified reviews

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Susan Caldis Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elena taught us about the soap making process, gave us lots of choices for the soaps we wanted to make, expertly guided us through the soap-making process, and we take home all soap made in the workshop (even Elena’s soap!)

Neil Ramos Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I think this is the best soap making class you'll find on ClassBento. Elena is a great teacher, enthusiastic, and patient. She also demonstrates and explains some really important things you need to know such as how to use soap calc, which is very helpful if you're planning to continue soap making as a hobby or business. She also explains the concept of "superfat", another important thing to know to make your soap more moisturising. Another class I took mentioned soap calc as something we should look into if we want to continue making soap at home, but didn't explain or demonstrate how to use it. I was really happy with how informative Elena's class was and felt like I learned a lot. She also provides handouts that you can take home to refresh yourself on what she's covered in class. She is also open to doing private classes to help you make another custom soap for a hobby or business if you have an idea. Overall I highly recommend this class as a starting point for soap making.

Soap Making class review by Neil Ramos - Sydney

Aimee Doan Aug 2023

During the workshop, Elena was very friendly, helpful and eager to answer any questions I asked. She also gave me many useful and interesting tips regarding making soaps and natural ingredients. Also Bella (Elana’s dog) is a sweet girl <3

Soap Making class review by Aimee Doan - Sydney

Angelica Mauhay Aug 2023

I have been wanting to do this workshop for a long time. Lucky I found Elena's class. She is very informative and inspiring. My skin suffers from dryness and eczema, and the sample handmade soap (because the one we made will not be available for use until 4-6 weeks) she gave me already helped me. Because of this I wanted to learn more about skincare and organic products.

Location is great, it is not hard to fine and there's a lot of parking spaces.

The photos I attached are the ones we made during the class. I am not an expert soap cutter yet but for the sure the ingredient combination is spot on as Elena guided me step by step.

Soap Making class review by Angelica Mauhay - Sydney

Hyeon Lee Jul 2023

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Elena's soap making workshop was great. She is a friendly, informative and patient teacher with good knowledges and clear instructions that was easy for me to understand and follow. Her handouts are also well prepared. Elena is a passionate teacher. She was so helpful to make sure I understand everything and I am so grateful for that.

Claudia Solin May 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great fun! Was a fabulous early holiday activity and the kids loved being able to wrap up the hand made soaps as Xmas gifts.

Soap Making class review by Claudia Solin - Sydney

Erin Hardaker May 2023

My best friend and I did Elena’s soap making workshop on Saturday afternoon and had the best time! I had some public transport delays and was late in arriving, but Elena was so understanding and made my friend feel welcome while they waited. She was so lovely and accommodating of our needs and requests. Elena’s workshop was extremely informative as well as practical. Her deep knowledge about the science behind the soap making process was evident and the take-away materials she gave us are really comprehensive. We loved the way she demonstrated how to make one batch of soap and then we got to make another on our own, whilst talking and guiding us through everything. We had lots of fun and our soaps look and smell amazing! I’d definitely recommend Elena’s workshop to anyone who likes soaps or who wants to try something new, and I may well be back to do her candle workshop! Tip to participants: bring a large box or a few smaller ones to carry all of your soap creations home!

Syamala Murigiah Mar 2023

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The class was informative and fun. It is a small and comfortable place enough for at least 4 people to move around. The space was filled with all the equipments. The first 2 hours was used to educate us on the do’s and don’ts. Elena was caring and interacted with us in creating the soap ingredients. We made 2 different batches of soap and had so much of fun.

Heather Bootle Mar 2023

A thorough and fascinating class on the intricacies of soap making. Great environment skilled presenters

Vivian Tselios Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elena was fantastic! She was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and explained the content of the class well. A very relaxed and enjoyable afternoon and a great introduction to soap making!

Maree Mavrakis Mar 2023

Elena was great, very personable and knowledgable.
Materials were provided and small class made it easy to ask questions and understand the whole process.
Thoroughly enjoyed the class and definitely worth the money.

Gillian Calvert Feb 2023

Terrific learning opportunity - hands on and lots of useful tips. Elena was very generous with her knowledge and time.

Kristina Carlsund Jan 2023

I loved this course. Elena is really knowledgeable and is passionate about what she is sharing with you.
It's hands on with clear instructions so you walk away feeling like you have really understood the process. Can't wait to start creating my own, I feel so much more confident to start and then experiment with soap making. Thanks for a fun class Elena!

Jinshin Ekin Dec 2022

We really enjoyed Elena' class. She explain the whole process clearly each step. She is a good teacher with full of enthusiasm.

Sean Yu Dec 2022

We had a great time at today’s class. Elena was a fantastic teacher. She was very supportive, engaging and knowledgeable, and the soaps we made smelled and looked great. Would definitely recommend!

Asmahan Farra Nov 2022

The class was more than I expected. The staff is amazing and has always helped me.

Suzanne Chat Nov 2022

What an informative, fun soap making class! Thank you Elena, I will definitely be back again!

Diana Chimid Oct 2022

I have attended soap making class last Sunday. We made 3 different soaps which was scented lemongrass, rose and orange oils. All ingredients were quality . She was teaching very clear, understandable and good explanation. I was really enjoy the class. Highly recommended.

Soap Making Workshop review by Diana Chimid - Sydney

Helen Siozos Oct 2022

Elena was very friendly, informative and helpful. I loved the materials provided in the class and happy with the outcome.

Jyungbin Kim Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elena is great! So friendly and so informative. I had a great afternoon learning to make soap. I highly recommend you book with her if you’re wanting to learn the art of soap making, and it is art! With a little bit of maths and science!

Soap Making class review by Jyungbin Kim - Sydney

Kylie Bostock Aug 2022

My daughter and I attended a soap making class and enjoyed ourselves. Elena was great & gave us lots of insights & tips into the process. She also gave a demonstration first which inspired confidence to the class when it was our turn to try our hand at making our own creations. The class was quite pricey & I may not have bibbed it if I didn't have the Service NSW discover voucher. I now realise there is a lot of product involved & it was good that all equipment was provided including the special face protector. We were happy with our finished product and excited to take it home

Leanne Jul 2022

I gave my partner this class as a gift and it was perfect. We talked about four a whole hour

Maria Trajkovska Jun 2022

This was a Christmas present for me and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience that Elena and the workshop offered! The class was small so we could get individual attention, and the tools, materials and decorations provided were plentiful with a big range of each. The class was a very good value for money, and Elena’s expertise, flexibility and approachability was great!
We came away with an amazing finished product and a lot of knowledge about the process of soap making, which can be utilised as your hobby or even as a start to a small side-business if you’re that way inclined. We definitely got out of it as much as we wanted and what we expected, and I would highly recommend this to others as a comprehensive introduction to the soap making process aldrin start to end. Will definitely look out for other classes on offer.

Soap Making Workshop review by Maria Trajkovska - Sydney

Debbi Schulstad Jun 2022

Elena’s class was great. I really enjoyed the class and have come away with 2 amazing smelling and looking soaps. Elena’s knowledge has given me confidence to continue making soaps both for personal use and also to add to my business. Thank you.

Soap Making class review by Debbi Schulstad - Sydney

Diane Gatto Jun 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

great workshop and very pleased with working with the products. Instructor was very knowledgeable and great!. Highly recommend this workshop!

Teresita Flood Feb 2021

The class was enjoyable and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I learned a lot from Elena who knows her stuff.

Erlinda Macrohon Feb 2021

Teacher is knowledgeable.
Give us sufficient notes.
Keep us hands on and make the class interesting.
We had FUN!

Anne Bradbury Oct 2020

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

What a wonderful afternoon. Elena shared the complexities of soapmaking in a straight forward and easy to understand context. She is so knowledgeable. I now feel confident to make my own soap. Great class. Elena gave us lots of inside information and special tips. Additionally, we left with two lots of gorgeous soap.

Soap Making class review by Anne Bradbury - Sydney

Dita Svaldenyte Oct 2020

Great teacher and I really enjoyed soap making class. Very friendly teacher and made everything very clear. All materials were provided. Took home soap that I made with me. Recommend this soap making workshop.

Rui Li Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Elena is a great teacher! She’s very patient and explained the soap making procedures very clearly. I really enjoyed this class.

Alessandra Spiga Sep 2020

Elena showed great knowledge and she carefully went through all the steps of the soap making process which is quite complicate. She also provided a great selections of resources such as oils, butters, dried flowers and essential oils. The lesson was intense and Elena gave us so many great tips. I can’t recommend highly enough this class if you like to learn about soap making . Absolutely worth it☺️

Leandro Varanda Aug 2020

Nice class. The place is really good and Elena is awesome. I got home with my very first soap and I'm really proud of it.

Sandie Tate Mar 2020

I loved this course and learnt so much practical information on how to make really natural and moisturising soaps. Elena taught us how to customise our ingredients to suit the type of soap that would suit our individual needs. For me, my skin is dry so I love being able to add oils to directly help with this.
I have made my own batch of soap since doing the class and was thrilled with the results. The notes we received and also took during the class made doing it myself a breeze.
Elena has a naturally warm manner that puts everyone at ease and before long we were all busy laughing, learning and creating all at the same time.
I would highly recommend this soap making workshop for any age group.

Linda Simmonds Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Really enjoyed the soap making class. The teacher is very nice and very knowledgeable. I learnt a lot about how to make my own natural soap and would also love to book another class with her to learn how to make candles.

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