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10 years experience in teaching macrobiotic cooking

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Soramame aims to provide all those people who are worn out from work, have their hands full raising children, were never very good at cooking and are busy with life, with easy and simple tips for a macrobiotic diet from Australia.
A macrobiotic diet has been popular among people who are interested in their own health but many still think ‘It is good for the health but to take on the yin-yang system sounds too difficult’, ‘Working full time won’t allow me to spend time in the kitchen’, ‘It’s too difficult to do intricate cooking when the children are small’, ‘But I have a partner who loves meat’, and ‘It’s hard to get those ingredients in Australia’. For all those reasons they are unable to learn about the diet.
But don’t worry! If you can change your frame of your mind a little, you can cook simple, healthy and hearty meals based on a macrobiotic diet. And your body will be healthier from inside to out by just eating those meals. Isn’t that wonderful?




Elizabeth Convery Nov 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Japanese Osechi Vegan Cooking Class

Loved it! We made a variety of healthy vegan dishes for a warm-weather version of a Japanese new year's menu. Keiko was a great teacher, showing us how to prepare each dish and explaining the less familiar ingredients. Once everything had been prepared, we arranged the food in lacquered boxes, then sat down to enjoy it together. We received the recipes to take home as well as some great information about the health benefits of the different ingredients we used in the class. I had a wonderful time and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future  + more

Jen Gee Oct 2019

International Pickles & Vegan Poké Making Class

The class was a very enjoyable experience. We made several courses in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and Keiko was so knowledgeable about the ingredients and microbiotics. We've learnt a skill that will last us a lifetime and are very greatful. Thanks Keiko!

International Pickles & Vegan Poké Making Class review by Jen Gee

Chika Otsuka Aug 2019

Red Miso (Aka 赤) Making Class

Fun and informative class. It is a small number class so you can really learn.

Cooking workshop review by Chika Otsuka Sydney

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