Sourdough Bread Making for Beginners

Learn how to make sourdough and enjoy your own homemade loaf

2 hours Class size 1 to 6

label $55 - $60 or 4 payments of $13.75 - $15 Afterpay
(Earlybird price of $55 applies if you book into a public session 5+ days ahead, otherwise $60 per guest when you book for 1+ guests, $55 for 3+ guests)

Learning how to make sourdough bread can be daunting. Despite the simplicity of the ingredients (flour, water and salt), the terminology, and process can mystify.

In this live online class, we will prepare our dough together and in the process, you will discover that you don't need fancy or expensive equipment to make your own bread at home.

After the online class is completed, you will need three-hours to rest and work your dough a couple more times before shaping it and refrigerating it overnight. You will be able to take it out of the fridge the next morning, sit it in a warm place to rise and it will be ready to cook at lunchtime.

During the class, your teacher will show you these steps and you will have the opportunity to practice kneading and the other techniques before the class finishes. You can also follow along with the detailed recipe provided.

I recommend you book a week ahead so you will have time to get your Sourdough Starter. Plus you will get the earlybird discount! Once you book in, I will send you information about where to get the starter and the ingredients and equipment needed.

Knowledge Required
Basic cooking experience (e.g. confidence with how your oven works and how to mix ingredients).
What to bring
- 270g sourdough starter. If you don't have your own, you may be able to get some from a friend or a local sourdough bakery. After booking, you will receive a document with links to order starter online.
- 510g baker’s flour (unbleached if possible) + approx ½ cup more for dusting your workbench. (Alternatives: wholemeal or plain flour)
- ¼ cup rice flour or the same flour you are making the bread with, for dusting your proofing basket
- 270g water
- 13g salt
- Mild olive oil spray or 1-2 teaspoons to cover the inside of the bowl used when proofing.

- Something to knead your dough on such as a clean, smooth kitchen bench. If you prefer, use a wooden or plastic cutting board and place a towel or anti-slip mat underneath.
- Scales (ideally that measure in 1-2g increments)
- A container for water with a capacity of at least 300mls.
- Bowl at least 20cms wide.
- Plastic scraper or spatula or spoon.
- Timer (you can use the one on your phone).
- Proofing basket or any wide bowl to place the pre-cooked loaf into.
- A piece of plastic wrap or a damp, clean tea towel or a shower cap that fits your bowl.

For cooking the following day:
- A lame or scalpel or single edge razor blade or very sharp knife.
- An oven safe dish you can put water into (e.g. loaf tin, small baking pan).
- Baking paper.
- An oven that goes up to 240 degrees celsius.
- Oven mitts that can be used to safely handle items that are 240 degrees celsius.
- Trivet or wire rack.

Sourdough is typically cooked in a very hot oven which has solid walls that reflect a lot of heat and keep steam in. There are a few tricks to replicate this using equipment you may have at home. This list shows alternates starting with the best suited:
- A round cast iron dutch oven that’s a minimum of 26cms wide and 10cms high (such as a Le Creuset or a camping oven); or
- A round clay pot (oven-safe) with a snug-fitting lid that’s a minimum of 26cms wide and 10cms high; or
- One or two pizza stones + (if you have one) a large stainless steel or aluminium pot that's at least 26cms wide and 10cms high; or
- A couple of trays + (if you have one) a large stainless steel or aluminium pot that's at least 26cms wide and 10cms high.
Suitable for

This Live streaming class is a great indoor activity idea for individuals and couples

Your teacher
Caite Adamek
Caite Adamek
(Sourdough This Way)

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I love cooking. I started when I was 13 when Mum taught me a few dishes to cook for our family. I've been cooking ever since! It's a skill and a craft that I've honed over the years. Baking is part of my repertoire and I make bread for my family every week.

Now we have time to learn those long dreamed of skills, let me show you the basics of Sourdough bread making. It may appear daunting, but when you have someone to show you the way - and answer your questions as you go - you will soon find your groove. If you can't have your Mum in the kitchen to show you, my online class is the next best thing.

Verified reviews

Loretta Grace • May 2020

This sourdough cooking class exceeded my expectations [and I had high expectations to start]. Caite was so supportive and helpful. She was able to demonstrate her dough techniques the whole way through this class and also answer any of our questions we had. The class didn't feel rushed and I felt really comfortable and at ease as soon as I joined. If you want to learn to bake sourdough, this would be the number 1 class I would recommend. My first sourdough loaf was soooo good [see pic]. Thanks Caite for such a wonderful class.

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Loretta Grace Sydney
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