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On the lookout for fun things to do in Sydney?

You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re planning a catch-up with friends, a romantic date or just some much-needed time out for yourself, Classbento has got you covered.

Classbento has carefully curated a whole range of creative, hands-on workshops that are perfect for almost any occasion. We’re talking everything from terrarium building and metalsmithing classes to flower crown making and cooking lessons.

The best part? Classbento’s workshops take place all over Sydney every day of the week, from AM to PM, so you and your friends/family/partner/Tinder date will always be able to find a class that suits your busy schedules.

After some experiences and activities that are on the ‘cheap and cheerful’ side of things? No worries! Classbento has workshops starting from as little as $15 per person — bargain!

Keep scrolling for Classbento’s top ten things to do in Sydney…


Here are Classbento’s top ten things to do in Sydney. Think of this as a boredom-beating bucket list…

1.     Terrarium building class: Terrariums are so on-trend right now. Learn about petite plants, get your hands a little dirty and enjoy building and decorating your very own terrarium to take home.

2.     Cooking lesson: Whether you’re learning to cook macarons or macaroni, flex your culinary skills and learn to whip up some brand-new recipes. Nothing tastes quite as good as a dish you’ve made yourself!

3.     Jewellery making workshop: Express your creative flair and learn how to make a unique, wearable memento of your day using various beads, gemstones and more…

4.     Flower arranging course: Whether you’re learning to wire succulents into an adorable little posy or arrange Australian natives into a beautiful bouquet, a flower arranging course is a great way to reconnect with nature and have some fun.

5.     Soap making lesson: Discover how to make natural soap completely from scratch using beautiful, nourishing ingredients — think essential oils and premium botanicals.

6.     Art class: Whether you’re learning about the basics of brush lettering or the wonders of watercolour painting, an art class is one of the best ways to relax, unwind and get those creative juices flowing after a hard week at work.

7.     Tea brewing workshop: Immerse yourself in the history and healing powers of tea, then create your own unique blend. Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a good cuppa?

8.     Photography course: Whether you choose to snap away with your smartphone, a high-end camera or something in between, learn how to unleash the full potential of your device and take some truly fabulous photos.

9.     Metalsmithing class: Learn basic metalsmithing techniques, then create your own unique design — perhaps a nice pendant or a ring?

10.  Flower crown workshop: Get in touch with your feminine side and learn how to make a gorgeous, fresh flower crown of your own! (Yes, there are two flower-related workshops on this list — that’s because flowers are FUN!).

By attending a Classbento workshop, you will be supporting a local small business or artist, and one dollar from every Classbento workshop booking gets donated to Dementia Australia — so you’ll be doing yourself and others a big favour!

Classbento workshops also make really great gifts. Either book a specific workshop or simply purchase a voucher. Classbento will send out a lovely little gift card or you can get the voucher emailed to you as a nice, easy-to-print PDF.

Last but not least, don’t forget to snap some photos of you living your best life at your Classbento workshop and be sure to tag @classbento on Instagram and Facebook!

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