The Art of Making Gnocchi


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Say goodbye to store bought gnocchi as you learn how to make your own!

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 40     label $70 - $149 ($70 for Class only, no box, $149 for Class and box)

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Marina Totta (liquor license number: 36158908) will deliver a Box to you (a craft kit with what you'll need). You must be 18+ years old to purchase this Box. Shipping is free, and it should arrive within 2 to 4 business days for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra; 4 to 9 days elsewhere. We ship nationwide.
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Making good gnocchi is an art! So come and learn how to make the perfect fluffy and soft gnocchi in this live online class with Pasta Journey.

In this step-by-step virtual class, which is perfect for beginners, you will learn how to combine flour and the right kind of potatoes to make soft, silky gnocchi pillows.

During the class, you will make vegetarian sauces that match perfectly with gnocchi: crispy gnocchi with butter and sage or Gnocchi with fresh basil pesto. What makes this dish so loved is its simplicity: Mediterranean flavours and authenticity mixed with fun and easy preparation.

All the secrets to making and storing gnocchi will be revealed during this class! After this class, you won't be able to go back to store-bought gnocchi: they are this good when made properly.

A gluten-free option is available, just get in contact with the teacher.

Discounts applies for groups bigger than 10 people.

Knowledge required
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • Wooden gnocchi board, made in Italy
  • Recipe
  • 1 kg 00 flour
  • Bottle of fine Italian wine to match the recipe
  • A jar of basil pesto
What you'll need
  • Wooden board
  • Bench scraper or sharp knife
  • Ricer or potato masher
  • Ingredients from the recipe that you will receive after booking
Your teacher
Marina Totta
Marina Totta

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Come and learn to make handmade scrumptious pasta that is healthy, pretty and tasty! We will use healthy, seasonal, simple and high-quality ingredients to craft a homestyle meal to nourish our bodies and delight our eyes.

Good food is so much more than just-food. It is about the importance of feeling connected to others. It is taking care of our families by offering them a slow-cooked healthy meal, and enjoying it all together around a beautifully set table.

Especially amongst the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, simple acts like cooking for others, eating together and sharing food still resonate very strongly in our society.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Ashleigh Draffen Oct 2023

didn't include all ingredients - unaffordable sadly for me to participate as I couldn't get the extra stuff

Sharna Stone Sep 2023

Lovely, intimate class with a sudden, surprise fill in teacher (sorry I missed your name).
I was a bit confused by different recipes being sent with different quantities and updated info, so my second batch was a bit soggy as I had done more prep than needed before the class, but the teacher adapted to everyone in the class. Overall, a really good class. Thank you

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Sharna Stone

Masha Luvsan Aug 2023

Thanks to Marina our team had a great fun together. Marina's instruction and interaction with participants were outstanding! The gnocchi we made turned out very delicious.

Wendy Chetcuti Apr 2023

Lovely patient teacher great course teacher very knowledgeable highly recommended to do this class lots to learn

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Wendy Chetcuti

Lina Chami Apr 2023

Great class, was so easy to follow and perfect gnocchi. Thanks Marina enjoy it heaps!

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Lina Chami

Enza Caio Apr 2023

Amazing class
Marina was attentive and very knowledgeable

Highly recommend this class
This was the second paste class that I have done with Marina

Max Taylor Mar 2023

Really nice class - I have managed to make potato gnocci and even sweet potato gnocci with the skills I learned and the fun gnocci paddle. Lots of fun and decent value for money.

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Max Taylor

Rebecca Spinato Jan 2023

I loved this class, it reminded me of when i cooked with my Nonna when i was young so it was really nostalgic for me. Marina gave some great tips throughout the class and the class was small enough to allow Marina to check in regularly with each person to make sure we were all on track. Would recommend this class and will be booking another.

Noa Grinblat Oct 2022

Great preparatory emails.
Super fun, very friendly and extremely clear, useful and successful!
And her accent just made it What's an Italian cooking class without a gorgeous Italian accent Thanks very much

Paul Nathan Oct 2022

Amazing easy Interactive Course! There was only me & Dad & another Mother & Daughter on the Zoom Call/Class.

This made it very easy and we all had our cameras pointing @ the workbench where the food was being prepared.
Got all the tips & tricks and had an amazing lunch afterward :)

Thanks very much! highly recommended A++++++++++++

Thanks again

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Paul Nathan

Paul Cramer Aug 2022

Very patient and clear instructions Excellent. The dish was delicious and so was the wine. Thankyou

Tamara Baylis Aug 2022

Marina has a lovely way of teaching. She is friendly and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful class and the gnocchi turned out perfectly.
Thank you Marina!

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Tamara Baylis

Hugo Degotardi May 2022

Marina was a very good teacher and accommodated all the participants who had different levels of experience. The gnocchi was delicious!

Cooking class review by Hugo Degotardi

Melissa Walker May 2022

Ciao, I’m mi chiamo Melissa.

What a great class. It was paced perfectly and was easy to follow along. I changed the sauce recipe
as I don’t like butter and sage but the Gnocchi itself was delicious.

Thanks Marina for a great dinner.

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Melissa Walker

James Harris Mar 2022

An amazing experience, the instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and guided us through when we had any questions.

They also dealt great with ASL interpreters and had alternatives for when class members may not have had all of the equipment/ingredients needed.

Shawn Phua Mar 2022

The online 1.5 hours Zoom class turned into 2 hours which was interesting - The Art of Making Gnocchi at Home.

Kate Bruce Dec 2021

Marina was great! She was very patient with us. The meal was delicious! Thank you!

Mark Fazackerley Dec 2021

Had a great time and found it very informative, instructive and well designed. The gnocci was even edible!

Julien Francia Dec 2021

Great to engage, very high quality

Ben Goreux Dec 2021

Marina is a lovely person and we had a fantastic time with the team, enjoying gnocchi and a great wine

Ilya Milshtein Nov 2021

Great and engaging experience. Although I didn't receive my package on time I still enjoyed the class and learnt a few workarounds thanks to Marina.

David Laurente Nov 2021

Marina is very knowledgeable and can follow her instructions easy. Very happy with the result of my gnocchi. Thanks Marina .

Kyoko Naudi Nov 2021

Had so much fun making gnocchi and they taste amazing!
Marina is very accommodating and patient… Because we were a group of 4 from 2 separate cameras, she let us made 2 different types of sauce so we get to try different flavours!
Thanks again and look forward to attending more classes!

Karina Keegan Oct 2021

Great class, Marina is excellent at checking in with each student to
See how they are going and giving feedback to help. Really enjoyable afternoon. Thank you

Martin Andrew Oct 2021

Easy to follow interactive session for every level of experience. Thanks Marina!

Liz Pascarelli Oct 2021

Thank you Marina! The recipe and guidance you gave were easy to follow and tasted so good :)

Samantha Conway Oct 2021

The online class was a lot of fun. Marina engaged all people in the class and made sure everyone was keeping up and that there gnocchi was coming together well. A hard thing to do via a zoom link indeed.

Candice Johnson Oct 2021

Fantastic experience, and amazing food!

Matthew Mellas Oct 2021

Great class! Marina made sure she checked in with everyone and have lots of tips and advice.

Cooking class review by Matthew Mellas

Kate Dickenson Oct 2021

Thanks so much. We made a second batch straight afterwards which made for a devine family dinner. Will never buy packet gnocchi again

Cooking class review by Kate Dickenson

Sharon Jenkins Oct 2021

Loved this class, I learnt how to make gnocchi now I just have to perfect it

Finn Stephenson Oct 2021

The recipe was easy to follow and Marina explained well and answered everyone’s questions. The gnocchi was DELICIOUS! Will definitely be making it again!

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Finn Stephenson

McRae Dunbar Oct 2021

Maria is such a great teacher, highly recommend! Made a really fabulous baked gnocchi dish.

Luci Awad Oct 2021

Amazing food and loved the results, the recipe and advice was so helpful! The instructions we were given verbally compared to the recipe differed a few times which made things confusing at times and overall, a few people got lost trying to follow along. Still a great experience but coud use a little more structure for a group as big as ours.

Jess Lay Oct 2021

It was such a great day experience. I would of never attempted to make gnocchi and it tastes so good. A great idea!

Marisa Preyser Oct 2021

That was so much fun! I thought I couldn’t cook but Marina made it easy to
follow along

Nicole Hyland Oct 2021

Great fun way to spend a team bonding session! Loved it! Thank you Marina!

Matthew Mattsson Oct 2021

This is my second class with Marina and found it easy to follow and produce great Gnocchi results for beginners !

Meg Lievre Oct 2021

My 12yr old daughter and I really enjoyed the class. Marina explained the process really well and she checked on everyone's gnocchi at different times.

We absolutely loved the flavour of our gnocchi.

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Meg Lievre

Danielle Schache Oct 2021

Marina was a wonderful teacher! She helped everyone and checked up on each person individually as we went. My gnocchi could have been better but I know exactly how to improve for next time. It was a fantastic class, with a lovely teacher and great food. I would highly recommend

Megan Bohensky Oct 2021

My son & I took this class together and had a great time. Marina explained everything really well and we were able to watch what she did on camera. I’d definitely recommend this class to others.

Anna Vidot Sep 2021

Clear instructions, well explained and I even managed some decent gnocchi! Marina was a great and friendly teacher!

Whendiey Stewart Sep 2021

I absolutely loved this gnocchi class. It was easy to follow and was paced just right. I had a question before the class that I messaged through to Marina and she answered it immediately for me, making the purchase of my ingredients easy and effortless.
I now have a skill that I can transfer to the kitchen easily, and my young children aged 4 & 6 loved eating the gnocchi also. They wanted more, more, more! Winner! Thank you Marina. You provided such a lovely class with such positive, individualised feedback along the way. Highly recommended

Cooking class review by Whendiey Stewart

Aniela Richards Sep 2021

Thanks Marina,
I loved this class and it was great to learn a new skill. Marina was great at explaining each step and demonstrating what we needed to do. Lots of fun and I'd definitely recommend!

Lisa Pichler Sep 2021

This class taught some tricks behind the instructions. The teacher was kind and worked with many people well. I had 3 kids in it that were teens ,which was tricky but we did it and our family of 7 loved the gnocchi, really!

Hannah Lyon Sep 2021

Loved this class! I organised to do with this with family spread out across locked down borders and absolutely loved it. not only did we get to learn how to make awesome gnocchi, but it was also a really great way to spend an afternoon together, even though we're all apart. Marina was a very attentive teacher, and took time to answer everyone's questions. the gnnochi turned out just how i liked it, super soft in the middle and crispy on the outside! it was a lot easier to make than i thought, and she took time to explain why we did each step. Loved it, and would definitely do her classes again.

Cooking class review by Hannah Lyon

Chris Matthews Sep 2021

Amazing tips and really enjoyable! Host was so helpful and fun. Gnocchi was my best ever!

Trish Lawler Sep 2021

Marina was a great communicator prior to the class and her instructions and demeanour were excellent throughout the class. She was very inclusive of all who participated. It was fun and energetic and we all learnt some new skills and had a delicious dinner at the end.

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by Trish Lawler

Bec Wood Sep 2021

Loved this cooking class! Thank you Marina!

Nathan Martinez Sep 2021

Great food and nice and relaxed/fun event. Cooking not too complicated so easy to follow and great to eat. Thanks you, Nathan!

Derick Kavanagh Sep 2021

Thanks Marina enjoyed it and the Gnocchi was yummy!

Dan Cleary Sep 2021

Awesome class Adds another pasta dish to the family repertoire!

Christine Culverhouse Sep 2021

Excellent session. Easy to follow and a lot of fun

Jonathan Lepage Sep 2021

Everyone had fun making Gnocchis, and they were delicious.
Thanks Marina for accomodating the two different gnocchi types in our group.

Yoni Hazan Sep 2021

We had such a lovely time taking this class. I booked very last minute as a present for my partner and Marina and her partner were very kind about it and ensured that everything was organised in time. They even delivered our package themselves despite it being a weekend with lots of traffic in the city! We learnt a lot in the class and had so much fun. We'll definitely be back! Thanks so much Marina :)

Tanem Taskin Sep 2021

Marina's class was absolutely fantastic - she is so knowledgeable and the recipe was delicious. I couldn't believe how easy it was to make gnocchi and it was all because of Marina's skills!

Ellena Keranos Sep 2021

Thank you Marina for making this class very easy to follow and the gnocchi was delicious.

Cooking class review by Ellena Keranos

Anthony Pryse-Jones Sep 2021

Thankyou Marina; we loved it. It was great how you included everyone, explained things, demonstrated things and made the class so enjoyable.

Cooking class review by Anthony Pryse-Jones

Lesa Austin Sep 2021

Marina is a lovely, patient cook and I had lots of fun sharing gnocchi time with my team. I feel confident enough to try and make it myself. Thanks for being a great teacher Marina.

Anthony Pryse-Jones Sep 2021

What a great class lead by Marina. Lovely friendly teaching style who was able to work with everyone in our group doing 2 different recipes. Everyone felt included. Thank you Marina

Arvinder Maini Sep 2021

Excellent it was fun session as this was my first time cooking

Larissa Gorsuch Sep 2021

Such a fun afternoon, Maria is the best teacher, patient and so very knowledgeable, would definitely spend another afternoon cooking with this lovely lady

Chimeta Chimeta Sep 2021

So much fun
Thanks for an awesome cooking class !

Wendy Longe Sep 2021

The instructor gave clear instructions, helpful tips and kept checking on progress which was great. Can't really fault anything.

Nick Polochacz Sep 2021

The class was lots of fun and the team was really impressed. It would have been great to make both sauces.

Betty Vuong Sep 2021

Marina was fantastic in delivering the workshop online. She made sure to check how each student was going and communicated very well during the session. I enjoyed the gnocchi class and I can’t wait to make more in my spare time. Thanks Marina!

Cooking class review by Betty Vuong

Prue. Flower Sep 2021

This was a great class with such a charming presenter. Marina was clear about the steps in the Gnocchi preparation and cooking. Marina was so helpful when I was not quite sure of the process - and the results showed - such fun and so delicious

Vanessa Bridges Sep 2021

Fun and easy way to learn to make pasta!

Bronwyn Peyton Sep 2021

What a fun way to spend a morning and what a wonderful lunch that followed. Marina was very clear in her instructions and made sure that everyone was on task - in an enjoyable manner. Highly recommend.

Amanda Cush Sep 2021

Knowledgeable teacher and inclusive with an on line class. The recipe was good, and I plan to make it again.

James Dalton Aug 2021

I enjoyed this gnocchi making class. Simple instructions were send prior to the class along with a list of required ingredients. Was great to learn how to make them properly.

The Art of Making Gnocchi review by James Dalton

Eleanor Williams Aug 2021

I really loved this class because the teacher was great. Marina showed everything to me in detail and made me really enjoy my food.

Liz Clark Aug 2021

Gnocchi making has scared me for years, but this class made me realize how easy it is. Will definitely be making gnocchi again.

Leanne Solomons Aug 2021

Marina is very passionate about making Gnocchi and took time to give everybody individual feedback. I got some good tips and certainly feel like I would be confident enough to make Gnocchi by myself next time. In the kit we received a Gnocchi board and the recipe for the Gnocchi and two accompanying sauces. I bought all the ingredients, but we didn't make the second sauce during the class~ so maybe just check with Marina beforehand about what ingredients you need to buy.

Cooking class review by Leanne Solomons

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