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At the Crafters Kitchen, we love everything creative! With backgrounds in behavioural psychology, we started running craft classes in 2010 to offer a way for our holistic psychology students to unwind, relax and spend time in creation mode. Since then, we have expanded to offer a range of craft classes in regional areas across Australia and in-person workshops on the Gold Coast.

Scroll down ↓↓ to see what classes are currently on offer, however come back regularly as we are always adding classes!

With our passion for all things craft and cuisine (including new cooking classes on the horizon) we look forward to introducing others to the joys of crafting and even helping them turn their skills into a small business.

For those who can't make it to our in-person workshops, we also offer a variety of DIY craft kits that can be shipped anywhere in Australia and you can join either a live session or enjoy our and pre-recorded step-by-step training videos.

Whether you're looking for a new hobby or just some fun, our craft classes are the perfect way to relax and explore your creativity.





Jaz Alexander Jan 2024

Really enjoyable class definitely learnt a lot of new skills and information
Highly recommend this

Leisa McBride Jun 2023

Amazing caring and thoughtful teacher.
I wasn’t well enough for the class.
Teacher was very understanding and sent me videos
Great value for money, packed perfectly.
Thank you so much, I look forward to making all the goodie’s.

Candle Making class review by Leisa McBride

Teacher's response

Thank you so much, Leisa for your kind words and review! I know that it is hard to do anything when feeling unwell, but so glad that you were pleased with all included in the box and the step-by-step video training. I really do love to share the crafting joy, and can't wait to see all the goodies you create. Feel free to email or message any pics (no rush). Much love, and please reach out if you need anything x

Fiona Shaw Jun 2023

My support worker and myself made few different varieties of products . Soaps scrubs candles and bath salts .

DIY Soy Candles, Soaps, Scrubs and Bath Salts review by Fiona Shaw

Teacher's response

Wow, what amazing creations, you are amazing! Thank you, Fiona, for your wonderful review! We are thrilled to hear that you and your support worker enjoyed making different varieties of products, including soaps, scrubs, candles, and bath salts. It's always a joy to create these goodies, and we hope they bring you relaxation and joy. Much love and please message if you have any questions. x.

Somer Benson Jun 2023

Great easy to follow instructions. Loved the class, made it easy to create, thank you.

Somer :)

Candle Making class review by Somer Benson

Teacher's response

Wow, your creations look so amazing, they should be featured in a magazine! Thank you, Somer, for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you found our class easy to follow and that it made it simple for you to create. It's great to know that you enjoyed the experience. Thank you for joining us! Much love, and please message us at any time if you have any questions x

Brenda Jul 2022

This is one of Trudy's favorite class
We created beautiful candles on her zoom
teacup candles and candle melts.
We also made body Scrubs and the smell is amazing and little soaps
She has a few advanced classes if a lot of people showed interest they wanna do it online
I'm sure that can be arranged in the future if she gets enough interest no matter where you are in Australia.

DIY Soy Candles, Soaps, Scrubs and Bath Salts review by Brenda

Teacher's response

Thank you, Brenda, for sharing your experience on your class experience! You are so creative, and we are so happy that you had a fantastic time creating beautiful candles, body scrubs, and little soaps. Hope you enjoy the dessert making class and please message at any time if you have any questions. Much love and happy creating! x

Kathryn Marangos Jul 2022

Fabulous kit with everything you need. Great informative video to follow and quality products. Highly recommended

Teacher's response

Thank you, Kathryn, for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that our kit exceeded your expectations. We put great effort into creating informative videos and sourcing quality products, so we're glad you found them helpful. Your recommendation means a lot to us – thank you again, and please message us if you ever have any questions. x

Rhiannon Edwards Sep 2021

Everything about the workshop was amazing. The information, the teacher, the location, the ingredients and finished result. It was an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I learned so much that I could do it myself, but I wanna go back and take more friends

Soy Candle Making Workshop review by Rhiannon Edwards - Gold Coast

Julie Thomas Sep 2021

I would recommend Trudy and her team very highly to do the Crystal Soy Candle Making Workshop. We had a so much fun, we experienced professionalism, which we were guided through information that we could consider making products ourselves with full confidence. We can't wait to do another workshop again with Trudy and her team to make our new business a success
Jules & Liv

Gillian Maddigan Sep 2021

Thanks to Michael and his busy support crew Roxy and Trudy.

Well laid out and COVID organised.

Great tips and taste tests.
I have eaten jackfruit vegan dishes before and haven’t been impressed BUT Michael changed my mind with some prep tips and flavour add ons.

Some new combinations and ingredients to add to my repertoire

Alana Arvanitis Sep 2021

This was a really fun and insightful way to learn more about vegan cooking. Michael really went above and beyond to prepare a feast for us! The food was absolutely delicious and very nutritious. I can't wait to cook these dishes more. Loved it.

Lisa Davies Sep 2021

I loved the workshop. Trudy was great enthusiastic teacher.

Vanessa Cutayar Sep 2021

What an awesome workshop, so much info on everything you need to know about candle making with a printout to take home as well so we can make more. So many options for our candles, was so much fun absolutely loved the workshop and my candles. Trudy is an amazing teacher with lots of patience. Thanks so much Trudy for a fantastic afternoon. Highly recommend this class to everyone. Can’t wait for the next one.

Erica Lang Sep 2021

Workshop was well presented with very useful information on tips and tricks

Pip Clayton Sep 2021

Teacher went to a lot of trouble to make the class easy and enjoyable.
She paced the class well interspersed with anecdotes about her life and experiences

Soap Making Class: Homemade Soap and Scrub review by Pip Clayton - Gold Coast

Lauren Cashman Sep 2021

This class was AMAZING I learned so so much in the class and am currently planning to book more classes through her Amazing teaching, clear and concise instructions and happily answered all questions we had during. So so happy with this class Would definitely recommend

Soap Making Class: Homemade Soap and Scrub review by Lauren Cashman - Gold Coast

Julie Livingston Sep 2021

Trudy created a wonderful vibe in her room great personality and it was fun shall be using my soap tonight

Karen Low Jul 2021

This was a FANTASTIC class and I LOVED every moment learning the simple techniques and creating our BEATIFUL dessert candles. Thank you sincerely Trudy for this FUN afternoon, for all your sharing, for your valuable tips, and for the 'hands on' experience making and decorating our AMAZING dessert candles. Was so exciting making the candles and then being creative with the decorations and toppings. It felt like we were whipping up a treat in the kitchen. The candles smell sensational and look so life-like and real, yummy enough to eat and drink. :-)

These beautiful candles would make brilliant gifts and would look fantastic at a children's party or special occasion.

Thank you again for this FUN day Trudy and for the opportunity to make these gorgeous candles. I will definitely sign up again for this fun class and look forward to making more beautiful dessert candles. :-)

Karen Low Jul 2021

Absolutely LOVED this class, thank you Trudy! :-)

The workshop was held in a beautiful space, felt like we were in a spa resort, and smelt divine.
Was a lovely group and loads of FUN and laughs. We all made BEAUTIFUL soaps, bath salts and body scrubs. Was simple to make, no mess and we took home our gorgeous creations. Trudy is extremely knowledgeable and has extensive experience, answering our questions and providing lots of valuable tips and helpful resources.

I definitely recommend this fun class and you can use all the beautiful products yourself, or they would make gorgeous gifts. :-)

Cheryl Rowland Jul 2021

This was the best craft class I have attended this year. The size of the group and knowledge shared was invaluable. Thank you.

Samantha Halter Jul 2021

Soap making and scrub class. Trudy gave us a great experience, lots of laughter, plenty of products supplied, great small classes, would definately do another class again

Soap Making class review by Samantha Halter - Gold Coast

Illy Reitsma Jul 2021

Teacher was lovely. She was pretty knowledgeable for the beginner and people who want to make it out as a small business. she answered all your questions and took time to explain why. class ended a little sooner than expected and would have liked a little more hands on activities (we made 3x candles and 1x melt) but that logistically can be tricky with a larger class (8?ppl) . All In all, walked away with knowledge and confidence to make my own candles.

Sharni Hughes Jul 2021

The class was great. Teacher Trudy was amazing and had great knowledge. I have never done anything like this before, but can’t wait to look into another class.
Thanks Trudy

Soy Candle Making Workshop review by Sharni Hughes - Gold Coast

Patricia Bruce Jun 2021

Absolutely loved it. Great content, tips, and left feeling confident that I could make my own candles.

Candle Making class review by Patricia Bruce - Gold Coast

Whitney Robilliard May 2021

I really enjoyed the work shop, I learnt new things which is great it will help me alot. Thanks Trudy it was a fun afternoon.

Candle Making class review by Whitney Robilliard - Gold Coast

Delphine Grandmaison May 2021

Absolutely loved this workshop, Trudy was very welcoming and whiling to teach during the all session. She prepared some snack, coffee, tea etc and we were feeling like at home with friends. Making the candles was so cool and interesting, I'm so impatient to be able to make my own ones now and I will probably go back for another workshop to get more tips and more fun.
Thank you Trudy

Soy Candle Making Workshop review by Delphine Grandmaison - Gold Coast

Baru Miller Apr 2021

My girlfriends and I had a private class and we couldn’t be happier! We had so much fun and learnt a lot about making good quality soy candles. A very beautiful atmosphere and energy. Trudy is such a lovely lady and she thought of every detail! ❤️

Soy Candle Making Workshop review by Baru Miller - Gold Coast

Karen Low Mar 2021

A huge THANK YOU to Trudy for this brilliant workshop. Was such a relaxing treat walking into the beautiful workshop space that Trudy had created for us, felt like being in a day spa. A lovely group of ladies, we had lots of fun and laughs, and enjoyed all the delicious refreshments provided. Trudy kept it simple and easy-to-follow for us first time beginners and we all made BEAUTIFUL candles, melts and tea lights.

The workshop was interactive, great fun, Trudy shared so much valuable information and provided plenty of helpful tips, and the workbook we received has all the information we need in a simple step-by-step process to follow so that we can easily continue making candles ourselves.

Thank you Trudy for this FANTASTIC workshop and for being such a terrific facilitator and teacher. I had so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed being creative, decorating the candles, and taking home my beautiful creations. I am already very much looking forward to attending your next workshop. :-)

Zel Creswick Mar 2021

Trudy was very bubbly and welcoming with a beautiful set up, the materials provided where lovely and made for adorable candles, We had a fantastic time throughout the class and will defiantly look at attending more.

Candle Making class review by Zel Creswick - Gold Coast

Nailah Seboa Mar 2021

Thank you so much for an amazing class Trudy :)
You made it truly beautiful ,welcoming and a warm atmosphere .I loved being part of a beautiful group of ladies , lots of laughter and so much to learn . Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge , I loved being part of your class :)
Look forward to attending another fabulous class !

Candle Making class review by Nailah Seboa - Gold Coast

Trish Consoli Mar 2021

Trudy was amazing, so knowledgeable and very helpful.
Everything we needed was supplied and we made beautiful candles.
Would definitely recommend to do her class.

Mimi Graham Mar 2021

Very warm and inviting clean environment. The teacher was very professional, informative and a lot fun. I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested to learn candle making and I have no hesitation to attend further classes in the future

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