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Discover and enjoy our hand-picked classes, at a range of unique venues across Sydney. You'll never be out of fun activities to do again.

If you're short on ideas, let our teachers provide the inspiration. If you're a bit lost, use our map to easily find a fun activity near you.

Stretch your vocal cords with our singing classes, or your imagination with your drawing classes. Take the time to smell the roses in our flower arranging classes, or pick up the pace with our juggling workshop.

Indulge in yummy desserts that you make yourself, or Zen out with our meditative block printing workshop. Explore new cultures or re-discover your own, with our calligraphy and language classes.

We've got exciting workshops to suit everyone, all backed up by our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Some are a bit different and quirky, perfect for an adventurer, while others are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Very few of our classes need any existing knowledge, and materials (if required) are provided, so it's easy to jump in and start enjoying

Whether you're looking for something to do on a weekend or weekday, during business hours, at lunchtime or in the evenings, we've got awesome options for you

Banish boredom and give yourself permission to play!

3 fun things to do in Sydney

Fun activities and things to do near me

1. Enjoy a crafternoon

In a world so many consumer goods are mass-produced, some of us are hungry for something different, something unique, something created with a bit more human touch and love

If that sounds like you, why not create some of your own jewellery with our teachers?

Forget having to source all the materials yourself - good jewellery components are notoriously hard to find, and good jewellers don't give up their sources easily

Come to a ClassBento workshop, where everything is provided, and have a lovely crafternoon putting together your favourite components, into a piece that's just so you

Fun activities Sydney

2. Snap a better photograph

In Sydney today, almost everyone has a powerful camera on the back (and front) of their phones

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Will the next photo you take be one that will be cherished forever? Or will it be forgotten in just a few minutes?

Learn to take the perfect photo with our expert photographers. Whether you prefer working with a standalone camera, or whether you're happy with your smartphone's capabilities, our teachers can teach you some invaluable techniques

Photography is one of those skills which is hard to master without doing it in person and getting quick feedback. Our teachers will guide you and soon you'll be producing snaps that previous-you would be envious of

Fun things to do Sydney

3. Fine tune your vocals

There are reasons why many people sing in the shower, rather than outside of it. One of those reasons is that the enclosed nature of a shower, the walls that seem thick, and the consistent drone of falling water, gives the singer a sense of security, a sense that nobody else can hear her or him

That sense of security is often false

Think of what you could do with better vocal skills. Maybe you can (successfully) serenade a loved one. Do your favourite artist justice. Win one of those reality singing shows. Not embarrass yourself at karaoke. The possibilities are endless.

Our expert vocal coaches are patient and won't judge. So get started and let your voice shine

3 unusual things to do in Sydney

Different activities and things to do near me

1. Juggle

Most of us are accustomed to juggling our various commitments, juggling work and play, and other such metaphors.

But most of us would drop the ball if we were faced with physical juggling

Not Stepan Novikov

Stepan, a master juggler, will teach you the techniques you need to keep multiple objects in the air simultaneously, without breaking a sweat

Forget knives, flaming objects, and cats - Stepan will provide you with some dummy-proof things to get you started - nobody needs to get hurt!

Whether it ends up as part of your party tricks arsenal, or just as part of a fun time out with friends or colleagues, juggling will definitely put a smile on your face

Unusual activities Sydney

2. Philosophise

Have you ever grappled with philosophical question?

What is the meaning of life? Are white lies ethical? What is knowledge and how can we know anything?

Let us take you on a fun journey to explore the definition of knowldge, and be a philosopher for a moment

Learn about how philosophers build and defeat arguments, and learn that while believing something true is a good start for knowledge, it's just the very tip of the iceberg

As one of our friends in sunglasses and lots of black once said: "Free your mind"

Unique things to do Sydney

3. Walk the line

Looking for more balance in your life?

Try walking on a slackline

We're not too confident on the real life applications of the skills you'll pick up here (unless you're a circus performer or maybe a high-rise window cleaner), but we are sure that you'll have heaps of fun

Don't worry, you won't be walking between buildings to begin with, or even with any sharp objects underneath. We'll make sure your slackline adventure is nice and safe

So give it a go and be amazed by how coordinated you'll be by the end of the class!

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