Top 10 Experience Gifts for Men 2019

Top 10 Experience Gifts for Men 2019

Sarah Hinds-Friedl

Maybe you’ve been going through all of the options for gifts for men and just can’t find the right fit. Well, with ClassBento’s long list of amazing experience gifts for men, the search is over. Whether you’re looking for birthday present experiences, experiences for couples, or gift options for dads, these fun, creative, tasty, and relaxing experience gifts are sure to please. Here are our top 10 experience gifts for men 2019 in Sydney. 


Cocktail making with Australian native plants

If you’re looking for the perfect experience gift for the man in your life who loves a good cocktail, this is the workshop for you. Over the course of two hours, he’ll learn how to make delicious cocktails using natural ingredients that grow right outside. Not only will your gift recipient learn how to make tasty beverages, he’ll also get the opportunity to taste test some of the best cocktails in Sydney.


Beginner’s pottery class

As an experience gift for him, a beginner’s pottery class is absolutely perfect for every man in your life, whether he would consider himself artistic or not. Pottery is a great hobby for anyone who loves exploring their creativity in a relaxed and supportive setting. This class is broken up into three sessions lasting two hours each, and it’s been designed specifically for beginners. An experienced instructor will be there every step of the way to help workshop participants create something they can be proud of, whether it’s a set of plates, flower vases or pet food bowls. 


Make a ring in a day

It just takes one afternoon to create a great metal ring with this fun workshop. If you know a man in your life who loves metalsmithing and can appreciate a beautifully crafted copper, silver or gold ring, this class has to be added to your list of experience gift ideas. Over the course of five hours, your silversmith in training will learn how to design, hammer, saw, measure, anneal, solder, fill, and polish a one-of-a-kind ring to bring home. He’ll love creating his work of art as much as he’ll love wearing it.


Smartphone Photography

This has long been one of our most popular classes, and it’s not surprising why. With no special equipment other than a smartphone, you can give the gift of photography to a loved one and watch their creativity soar. This is a three hour class that focuses on Sydney’s most beautiful landscapes and points of interest, and your gift recipient will learn valuable skills like composition, shutter speed, and style development.


Barista Course

Know a coffee lover who would enjoy learning how to make a tastier cup at home? Barista courses make wonderful experience gifts for anyone who can appreciate a great cup of coffee. In this three hour class, your coffee lover will learn all the fundamentals of barista training from a trained barista. That includes brew ratios, tamping, grinding and extraction, and even a bit of latte art. This workshop is also open to children, making it right at home on any list of experience gifts for dad to do with the kids.


Screen Printing

If you know a guy who seems to have an endless supply of amazing graphic tees, this workshop is going to be one of the best experience gifts. He’ll love having the chance to design his own image and make it come to life on the textile of his choice. This is a two to four hour class with plenty of guidance and instruction from one of our well-rated screen printing teachers in Sydney. Your gift recipient doesn’t need any prior experience, just a willingness to show up and make some incredible art.


Italian Bread Making Class

You may be looking for experience vouchers for a man in your life, but believe us, you’ll benefit from him learning how to make the most delicious Italian bread you can imagine. Breadmaking is a great way to get creative in the kitchen, learn a new useful skill, and enjoy some tasty treats. Each class lasts two hours, and your gift recipient will not only learn how to make bread, but will also be able to enjoy some tasty cheeses and a perfectly paired glass of wine while they learn. If you’re trying to transform your friends and loved ones into professional-level bakers so that you can constantly snack on fresh bread, this is one of the best experience gift ideas we can share with you!


Speaker Building Workshop

This workshop is wildly popular with tinkerers and builders who love taking on fun new projects. We offer gift vouchers that cover four sessions that are three hours each, and will allow your gift recipient to build their own speaker from the ground up. With the perfect balance of creativity and handiwork, participants of this class learn about speaker component basics, electrical circuit theory, Hi-Fi systems and more.


Sustainable Living: Composting in Tiny Spaces

This class is ideal for anyone in your life who wants to live a more sustainable life. Composting is the latest trend in eco friendly living, but many of us are unsure of how to do that, especially if we live in a small space. In just one hour, your gift recipient will learn everything they need to know about how to compost in any setting, from family homes to townhouses to inner-city apartments. Eco friendly experience gifts are wonderful for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the world.


Portrait Sketching Class

We all have one of those people in our lives with some untapped artistic talent waiting to be explored. That’s what makes these portrait sketching classes the perfect experience gifts for men who just need a little push to become the artist he was meant to be. This two hour class was designed specifically for beginners or anyone looking to hone their skills in a different area of art. Your gift recipient will learn important techniques to create depth and perfect proportions in their portrait drawings.


There are so many experience gifts for him to choose from!

Take a look at our full list of Sydney workshops available and find the best experience gifts for the friend, boyfriend, husband, father, or son in your life.

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