Traditional Kintsugi Two-day Course

Learn the traditional Kintsugi method in two days

2 x 2 hours Class size 1 to 7     label $385

Learn basic traditional Kintsugi techniques at this intensive two-day weekend course for beginners in Brisbane!

In this course, you will be guided by Jun Morooka and learn how to repair pottery using the traditional Japanese Kintsugi method. This technique is perfect to restore your favourite items instead of throwing them away, which contributes to a zero-waste lifestyle while keeping a beautifully restored and now unique piece.

Over the course of the weekend, you will have three Kintsugi lessons that run for one and a half to two hours each lesson, depending on your pace.

The classes will consist of lots of instruction and practical making time. You will leave this intensive Kintsugi workshop in Brisbane with lots of experience as well as the tools, information and written materials necessary to continue to work on new projects at home.

The schedule for each weekend is as follows:

Day one (Saturday)

  • Traditional Kintsugi Lesson one - 12:45 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Traditional Kintsugi Lesson two - 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm

Day two (Sunday)
Traditional Kintsugi Lesson three - 12:45 pm to 2:30 pm

At the end of the course, you will take home your own repaired Kintsugi plate and a certificate of completion.

Please note:
  • We do not recommend this course if you have an allergy to Urushi lacquer.
  • Please let us know if you have any allergies.
  • Plates vary depending on availability.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
  • Lots of knowledge on Kintsugi
  • A repaired Kintsugi plate
  • Textbook
  • Original box for Kintsugi plate
  • Traditional orange cloth for Kintsugi plate
  • Certificate of completion
What to bring
  • Please bring your own apron.
  • We will prepare all materials and a broken plate. You won’t be able to repair your own items during the class.
Session repeats

This class series runs over 2 consecutive days.


The Romero Centre - 8 Dutton St, Dutton Park QLD

Traditional Kintsugi Two-day Course location
Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

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Kintsugi Australia is located in Sydney and the only organisation in Australia completely specialised in kintsugi, offering private and group lessons, repair and kintsugi artistic creations. After completing our course, the students can join the Kintsugi Dojo where they can continue to create their own work of art, and they can improve their technique to become kintsugi masters.

Kintsugi Dojo is available in Sydney studio, and also available when we visit Melbourne and Brisbane .

Beginner’s, Traditional and Kintsugi accessory courses are held in Melbourne every 4-6 weeks and occasionally in Brisbane.

Jun Morooka is a kintsugi master. He is an expert in the Traditional Kintsugi method with natural lacquer (urushi) and gold. He has also developed his own method using modern material, bringing innovation to an ancient technique. He accepts commissions to repair broken pottery and ceramics with kintsugi. (Sorry, but we stop accepting new repairs for a while)

Jun Morooka was born in Tokyo in 1959. He moved to Sydney in 1987 and in 2008 he started to manage a Japanese restaurant called JIPANG. He fell in love with kintsugi after watching a TV documentary. He decided to go back to Japan to train with five kintsugi masters in Kanazawa and Tokyo. In 2018, he established Kintsugi Australia in Sydney.

Jun Morooka teaches Traditional Kintsugi and Modern Kintsugi in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, he exhibited his artwork at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. "Kibou" and "Negai" were displayed in the hospital to show that scars can become beautiful.

In June 2020, "Jikuu" was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Northern Beaches Art Prize - Open Category. The artwork was selected among over 800 entries and was displayed during an online exhibition (31 July - 30 September 2020).

Jun Morooka has appeared on a number of media outlets, such as ABC News and SBS Australia. An audio interview is available on SBS Japanese Radio and a video interview on SBS Australia Facebook page. He was also featured on ELLE DECOR (Spain).

Jun Morooka was invited to give a kintsugi lesson during the TV Show The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on the 17th of September 2020.

Jun and Hitomi Morooka were on the TV show The Livingroom on Channel 10 on the 21th of May 2021.

Jun Morooka were on the TV Show The Sydney Weekender aired on Channel 7 on the 18th of July 2021.

We hold a workshop in the Opera House as part of the 'Antidote' event on 11 September 2022.

We also hold workshops as a council event (such as Wagga Wagga, Orange, Wodonga) , corporate team buildings, and Hens Parties a lot.

Kintsugi Australia Team

  • Jun (Traditional Kintsugi Course, Beginner's Kintsugi workshop and Kintsugi DOJO)
  • Hitomi (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Kumi (Zoon online Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Noriko (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)
  • Miyoko (Beginner's Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessory workshop)
  • Masano (Beginner's Kintsugi workshop)

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Joanne Shambler Nov 2023

An excellent experience. Juno is a wonderful teacher and made the class both enjoyable and a great learning activity.

Melek Fahey Aug 2023

Jun-san and Hitomi-san are very welcoming, and this class was incredibly educational and enjoyable. I highly recommend this workshop, you will love it.

Pottery class review by Melek Fahey - Brisbane

Angie Haswell Aug 2023

Jun san & Hitomi san are joyful, passionate teachers with a deep love and respect for this ancient art. I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate venue and setting of only 6 students. I felt the attention to individuals was perfect as was the instruction on the technique. Given this art form takes many days/ months to "cure" Jun sensei was able to provide some easy to learn techniques for us to take home and build upon. I look forard to creating my next Kintsugi piece and attending "Dojo" to get more knowledge. I will also be booking again to work towards my black belt!

Pottery class review by Angie Haswell - Brisbane

Niina Teale Aug 2023

I really enjoyed this traditional class today.
This is a beautiful Japanese traditional Art.
Now I can start fixing my own stuff
And more practice.
Thank you so much Arigatogozaimasu Jun san and Hitomi san

Penelope Thomson Jul 2023

Great class and thoroughly enjoyed it. The teacher patiently explained the method in an easily understandable way.

Effie Skoufa-Klesnik Apr 2023

Jun- San is an amazing teacher. You know you are learning from a Master who has learnt Kintsugi from great Masters in Japan. Hitomi-San is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing host. I have learnt so much in the Traditional Kintsugi class I now need to practice a lot.

Brenda Lui Apr 2023

Wonderfully insightful and technical workshop on the traditional Kintsugi methods with Jun; I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the traditional techniques of Kintsugi.

Angela Blakely Apr 2023

Enjoyed a weekend doing the Traditional Kintsugi workshop with Jun San and Hitomi San. They welcomed us warmly and gave an inspiring description of the beautiful philosophy and historical tradition of Kintsugi. Their instruction over the course was detailed and patient for our group with no previous experience in this art. Materials and time were provided openly. It was an inspiring workshop.

Pottery class review by Angela Blakely - Brisbane

Tanja Caprioli Feb 2023

I loved this course. It was clear and comprehensive and I now feel confident enough to go and repair some of my precious broken pottery and ceramics. I look forward to doing the modern course and attending the Dojo for ongoing support, embedding my learning, and honing my skills.

It was amazing. If you are interested in Kintsugi, do yourself a favour and attend.

Traditional Kintsugi Two-day Course review by Tanja Caprioli - Brisbane

Francine Boyce Feb 2023

Throughly enjoyed the class and
Teachers were very informative, and I learned a lot.
Great Class

Jenny Stevens Oct 2022

A great 2 days! A well prepared course, excellent teacher and follow up with written materials. Highly recommend.

Laura Dodd Oct 2022

Wonderful experience made by Jun and Hitomi. Step by step taught in the traditional methods of Kintsugi. Class size perfect for 1:1 help if needed. So happy I finally did the workshop and will be back for the master class in 2023. Until then, I will be practising with my kit.

Eliza Sullivan Aug 2022

This was my third kintsugi course with Jun and Hitomi and as usual they were welcoming, attentive and informative. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed the process :)

Pottery class review by Eliza Sullivan - Brisbane

Lydia Wilcox Aug 2022

Jun our teacher was very calm and informative. We were supplied our equipment and were not short of anything. He and his wife Hitomi even offered Kintsugi kits that we could purchase to keep practicing at home. The venue was great with lots of street parking. It was a lovely Japanese cultural experience.

Trish Long Jun 2022

Every thing was very good though I don't feel very confident to do at home without someone to ask for guidance.
I probably need more teaching.
What do you recommend?

Traditional Kintsugi Two-day Course review by Trish Long - Brisbane

Belinda Day May 2022

Thankyou so much to Jun San and Hitomi San. I had a wonderful time at the traditional Kintsugi course. I would recommend it to anyone. I felt like I learnt so much these last 2 days and am so excited to show my son and keep practicing together! It was great we were taught the Japanese words and even were able to write our names in Japanese too! Thankyou again!

Steve Kellermeier May 2022

I did the modern kintsugi course earlier and did this traditional course to compare. They are quite different methods but Jun is extremely proficient at passing on his knowledge. Modern is for those wanting instant gratification while traditional takes patience and is most satisfying, almost therapeutic. As traditional method usually takes many weeks to complete a small piece we only had 6 hours in which to do the same. Therefore Jun teaches the steps and methods and we will use that knowledge to complete our own works. All in all it was value for money considering where you could go wrong wasting time and materials in experimentation. Thank you Jun.

Felicia Gundelach Mar 2022

This was an absolutely wonderful weekend course. Me Jun is an excellent teacher. It was a lovely combination of fun and mindfulness. I can’t wait to do the advanced course when it’s next on in Brisbane. Thank you so much!

Traditional Kintsugi Two-day Course review by Felicia Gundelach - Brisbane

Keith Greenland Mar 2022

The instructor (Jun) and his wife make a great. Communication via texts messages prior and during the course were very useful. The teaching was thorough and supplemented with a comprehensive handout. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

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